10 Hottest Female Cricketers

Top 10 Attractive Female Cricketers You Might Not Know

Cricket has always been one of the most popular sports in the world. While many would associate the sport immediately as a man’s game, cricket has been played by women for many years.  A recent rise in the popularity of women’s cricket has however shone a better light on these amazing athletes who have been living under the shadow of the men’s division.

It may not seem like it but women’s cricket originated as far back as 1745. A report records the first women’s cricket match to have occurred on July 26th in 1745. The match was between eleven maids from Bramley, and eleven Hambledon Each team of the women was said to be sporting an all-white attire that followed the traditional outfit sported by male players.

Unlike men’s cricket, the first women’s club (White Heather Club) wasn’t formed until the late eighteen hundreds in Yorkshire. And it wasn’t until three years until the first-ever women’s team was able to tour England. In other places across the globe, leagues started cropping up towards the tail end of 1894. Australia, Canada, and South Africa each began setting up their own teams. For a long time, the women’s cricket division was managed by the IWCC or International Women’s Cricket Council before it was merged with the ICC or International Cricket Council in 2005. The merger created a consolidated body that helped further develop and manage various cricket leagues worldwide.

Counting Down Some of the Most Attractive Players

Since cricket is thought to be a “gentleman’s game,” seeing females do just as well in the sport has brought attention to women’s leagues across the globe. Of course, aside from noticing how talented female players are in the sport, a lot are paying close attention to all the eye-catching sportswomen. Below is a list of the 10 hottest cricketers.

1. Ellyse Perry


International cricket player Ellyse got introduced to the sport at the early age of 16. Aside from her career as a pro cricketer, she was also a member of the national Australian women’s soccer team. The youngest player to have represented Australia in cricket, this multi-talented lady attracts fans with her amazing skills and beauty.

2. Kainat Imtiaz


Born in Karachi on June 21, 1992, now 29 years old, Kainat is a right-handed cricket all-rounder who has been representing Pakistan since the beginning of her career.  A multifaceted sportswoman when she was still in school, she now focuses her time playing cricket. Kainat plays cricket in various formats (T20, ODIs, and Test matches) as well as in domestic games. Her elegant style and attractive features have caught the attention of many fans, and at the moment she is actively playing for the ZTBL cricket team.

3. Rosalie Birch


An incredible spinner, Rosalie is an equally gifted batsman and former English cricketer. She was part of the English team that brought home that Ashes in 2005, and again in 2008. This natural beauty has played in a total of 7 Test matches, 4 T20I tournaments for England, and 37 One Day International games from 2003 all the way to 2008. Not only did she participate in professional cricket internationally, but she also played for Sussex, and for Devon domestically. Her biggest accomplishment is taking on her cricketing career while studying full-time at the University of Sussex. She completed her education in BA Linguistics in 2006. A combination of beauty and brains, the now-retired cricketer enjoys spending time with her boys.

4. Trisha Chetty

South Africa

Cricketer Trisha Chetty’s debut in the world of women’s cricket was in 2007 in a match against Pakistan. Currently a member of the South African cricket team, this explosive inning opener is popular for her good looks and her incredible cricketing abilities. Along with fellow cricket player Shandre Fritz, Trisha managed to top the record for the highest opening stand ever with a total of 170 runs in the Women’s Twenty20 International cricket game. Her prowess in the cricketing field has brought her team numerous wins, and the adoration of fans who are regularly seen waving “Marry Me” posters in her matches.

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5. Smriti Mandhana


Twenty five year old Smriti is a left-handed Indian cricketer who hails from Mumbai. She was named the Best International Women’s Cricketer in 2018 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. And was once again awarded in the same year by the ICC with the ODI Player of the Year, as well as the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award for her outstanding abilities on the cricketing field. An accomplished international cricket player, Smriti is a young and fresh-faced player with unique looks to boot.

6. Leah Poulton


Popular batsman specialist, Leah Poulton is famous for her aggressive batting skills. Besides her incredibly fit figure and her attractive looks, this Australian cricketer enjoyed a fruitful 6-year career until she retired from the sport. During her prime, she played various cricket formats. A prominent figure in Australian cricket, this former cricket captain went on to coach numerous cricketing teams.

7. Sarah Taylor


Born in 1989 this English rose also happens to be an incredible wicket-keeper. From 2006 until her retirement, Sarah participated in 10 Test matches, 90 T20 Internationals, and 126 ODIs for the England team. Since retiring from international cricket in 2019, Sarah has been focusing on her mental health and anxiety issues. She remains an active domestic cricketer who plays for North Diamonds, Sussex, and Welsh Fire teams.

8. Sara McGlashan

New Zealand

Retired cricket player, Sara used to participate in ODIs and T20s for the New Zealand cricket team. Sara, who is the sister of men’s cricketer Peter McGlashan, played both national and international cricket during her time in the sport. The Auckland Hearts, ACT Meteors, and the Sydney Sixers are just some of the domestic teams she has played for as a right-handed batsman. Talented and beautiful, this women’s league cricketer is one of the most recognized faces in the New Zealand cricket circuit.

9. Laura Marsh


Pembury-born and former cricketer Laura Marsh began her cricketing career as a medium-paced bowler who later found more success after transitioning into off-spin technique. She was part of the cricket team that managed to retain the Ashes in Australia in 2008, and again in 2009 in England. Nicknamed “Boggy,” 34 year old Laura can wow any man or woman with her beauty and her sporting abilities. Since retiring from all forms of cricket she now works as a marketing consultant, with some cricket coaching duties on the side.

10. Isobel Joyce


Representing Ireland is Isobel, an Irish cricketer for the women’s league. Isobel isn’t the first cricket star in her family, other players in her brood include her siblings Ed, Cecelia, Gus, Dominick, and her husband John. Former cricketer who played various formats, she along with her twin sister Cecelia joined the Railway Union team, a field hockey squad who dominated the sport. These days the gorgeous right-handed cricketer now works as a coach and an occasional commentator.

Final Thoughts

Women’s cricket still has a long way to go before it matches up to the level of interest that men’s cricket garners. Despite the growing popularity, however, there is still some inequality that remains especially when it comes to game winnings and awards that men cricketers receive. Nonetheless, if there is anything good that has come out of the growing popularity of women’s cricket, it’s the inspiration it provides young girls and the encouragement to take up any sport even those that are dominated by men.


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