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The fauna and flora of Australia is quite rich. This place is home to many species of animals that are found nowhere else in the whole world. If you are in Australia and want to see all these animals, you must visit the Healesville Sanctuary.  Also known as the Sir Colin MacKenzie zoo, the Healesville Sanctuary is a one of its kind zoo where you can see the species of animals native to Australia. The sanctuary also holds the history of breeding the native animals.

The Healesville Sanctuary is one of the two places where platypus has been successfully bred. The helmeted honeyeater, which is also an endangered species, is bred here. Present in a natural bushland environment, this sanctuary is very popular among tourists from across the world. For animal lovers, this zoo is like a treat. The place always remains crowded with visitors from all over the world.

Location of Healesville Sanctuary

The zoo is situated in Healesville in rural Victoria in Australia.

History of Healesville Sanctuary

The founder of this amazing zoo is Dr. Colin MacKenzie. In the year 1920, he founded the Institute of Anatomical Research spread in an area of 78 acres (32 ha). At that time the institute was the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve’s part. In the year 1927 the reserve than went into the hands of the Healesville Council and in the year 1934 it became the Sir Colin Sanctuary.

As already mentioned, this sanctuary is a place where the first platypus was bred in the year 1943. David Fleay managed it.

The different paths of this zoo will take you to habitats of different animals. Here you can spot wallabies, dingoes, wombats, kangaroos.  The sanctuary is also a habitat to over two hundred native bird varieties. You can also spot Dingoes here.

In the skies of this sanctuary you will see many beautiful native parrots. You can hand feed the little parrots in the walk-through aviary.  Orange-bellied Parrot and the Helmeted Honeyeater are the most endangered bird species which can be spotted here.

Here in the Healesville sanctuary, you can meet some of the endangered species of Australia.  You can also witness the breeding programs of Southern Corroboree Frog and  Mountain Pygmy-possum.

You can also see the nocturnal species like Bilbies, Bandicoots, Mountain Pygmy-possums and Gliders.

The sanctuary also houses the The Australian Wildlife Health Centre. As many as 1,500 injured and sick native Australian animals are treated here every year. It is also a very important training centre for the future wildlife veterinarians.

The Australian Wildlife Health Centre in Healesville Sanctuary

There is also something for the little children. The Lunar’s Secret Forest is an interactive multi-media program designed especially for little kids. The Fighting Extinction Headquarters is also an amazing activity for kids.  Australian Wildlife Health Centre prepares the little vets and inculcates love and care for animals in their heart. The kids will also enjoy their experience at the Nature Play Space.

Nature Play Space in Healesville Sanctuary

It doesn’t matter is you are an animal lover or not, visiting the Healesville Sanctuary and seeing the native animals is an altogether unique and valuable experience.

Ever visited Healesville Sanctuary?  You can too see some of the endangered species of Australia over here.  Please comment below and share or your experience here.

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