Majestic Cataract Gorge – Tasmania

 The Cataract Gorge is a beautiful river gorge of Australia. This gorge is located in Launceston in Tasmania. And the distance is approx 1.5 kilometres from the city centre. This place is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia. This gorge is one unique natural formation which attracts a lot of tourists towards it as an out of its natural and picturesque environment. Undoubtedly, the natural phenomenon of the Cataract Gorge cannot be found in any other city. This gorge embraces a number of picturesque views. A number of activities can be performed here. His gorge is worth exploring

The History of The Cataract Gorge:

This site has an interesting history. The Cataract Gorge was firstly discovered by a European visitor, William Collins. He discovered this entrance in the year 1804. Interestingly, this gorge also entertains another pathway addressed as the King Bridge –Cataract Walk. Originally, it was built by the volunteers in the early 1890s. This pathway runs along the north bank of the gorge. The floodwater of the Cataract Gorge could rise high up to 12 meters in the beginning. The gorge also used to entertain a suspension bridge and a power station. Unfortunately, the bridge was washed away in the floods.

Explore the Beautiful Gorge:

You can make the most out of various activities provided by the Cataract Gorge. There is a First Basin on the southernmost part of the gorge which comprises of a swimming pool as well as a café. This pool is surrounded by extensive greenery and bushlands. The locals address this place as Launceston’s Beach. Apart from this, the Cataract Gorge also comprises of a restaurant, rolling lawns, a chairlift across the river, a footbridge as well as peacocks that can be viewed at the dusk. This place is the most alluring reserve in Australia.

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