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Beach Trips

There is no particular season to visit a beach. You can visit a beach 365 days and at any time of the day. One thing is for sure, the moment you take the first step on the beach, all your worries and stress will vanish. You will feel very relaxed in the atmosphere around you. The wide open sky, the golden sand, the fresh air and the blue water will take you a different world where there is no tension of projects, meetings, deadlines et al. You can just sit and relax.

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Some beaches are serene and tranquil receiving very less crowd, while some beaches are more lively and hustling and bustling with crowd. If you want to enjoy solitude, you can go to serene beaches. If you want to chill and enjoy some adventure sports, there are many beaches for that too. Wherever you go, one thing will not change the beach essentials. There are a few items that you should never forget to carry along with you if you are heading to a beach. Going without them is literally a sin. Have a look at the essential items to carry along on a beach. 

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  • Sunscreen

Let’s start with the most essential thing, sunscreen. Even if it’s not sunny outside, do not forget to carry sunscreen along with you to a beach. If you have applied the sunscreen before leaving the home, then to takes it along because must re-apply the sunscreen after every 3 hours. An SPF 30 will do.

  • Super Fashionable Sunnies

Now that you have protected your skin from the harsh sun, your eyes too need some protection. Carry a super sexy pair of sunglasses. They meet two purposes; one, they protect your eyes and two, they look very stylish.

  • Large Beach Towel

This will also serve two purposes. An oversize beach towel will cover you up after you step out of the water and also, you can spread it on the sand, lay on it and just chill.

  • Snazzy Flip Flops

You can comfortably walk in them all around the beach without the stress of spoiling them. Carry the cutest one.

  • A sexy beachwear and a sarong or a cover-up

A beach is a place where a guy can show off his chiselled six-packs and a girl can flaunt her well-toned body. Carry the sexiest beachwear to the beach. Later you can wear a sarong or a cover- up and sit back and relax in the sun.

  • Portable Waterproof Speakers

Take your music along with you to the beach. If you just want to enjoy some relaxed moment, lay under the sun and play your favourite playlist. You will make great memories.

  • A summer beach tent or a large umbrella

They protect you from sun and give you enough space to stretch your legs and lay down. If go to the market in search of one, you will be spoilt for choices. Pick the one that serves the purpose and look cool.

  • A Waterproof Phone Case

You are on a beach and you head back home without clicking a single picture; this is next to impossible. Protect your phone in a waterproof phone case, click as many as pictures and selfies you want and share them on instagram or snapchat your story. Cool enough!!!

  • Snacks and Juices

If you have a plan to spend the whole day on beach, carry some snacks along. Also keep yourself hydrated by sipping juices or water. Do not forget to carry bamboo cutlery along with you.

  • A large and stylish tote

Of course, to carry all your beach essentials.

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