Lone Goat Gallery – New South Wales

The Lone Goat Gallery is located at Lawson Street, Bryon Bay in Australia. This gallery provides for an independent contemporary exhibition space for all the artists as well as event organizers in order to exhibit their events. This gallery also facilitates several innovative programs that attract the visitors as well as the artists from the region of Australia. There are a number of facilities available at the Lone Goat Gallery. It provides you for one full exhibition room, a verandah, a kitchen, 12 tables as well as 80 chairs. This one is a primary use art gallery.

About The Lone Goat Gallery: –

The Lone Goat Gallery came into establishment in the year 2013. It was established under the auspices of 355 committee structure of the Byron Shrine Council. The gallery consists of six volunteer members as well as one Councilor. These entire members together act as the Managing Committee of the Lone Goat Gallery. This gallery has been housed in the 5-star library building. This building is called as the Green Rated Byron Bay Library Building. In the year 2015, the Lone Goat Gallery was approached by the Lismore Regional Gallery in order to act as their satellite gallery. This was done to exhibit the selected works from the Archibald Prize Touring Exhibition of 2014.

The Managing Committee: –

The Managing Committee at the Loan Goat Gallery has Margaret White as its chairperson. The vice-chairperson of the gallery is Jay Pearse. The secretary of the gallery is Mr.Prue Regan. The treasurer of the gallery is Mr.Howard Sedgemen. The curators of the Lone Goat Gallery are Helen Sheean and Turiya Bruce. The councilor representative of the gallery is Alan Hunter. The gallery also includes other volunteers.

Lone Goat Gallery: The hub of art: –

The Loan Goat Gallery provides for space to any artist or an event management team who look forward to organizing their events in order to showcase the art of these artists. Further, the gallery also provides various innovative programs in order to attract the people towards it.

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