Melbourne Zoo

Up for some fun, friends ? Wait, before you start having some crazy party ideas, allow me to enlighten you to an another aspect of fun and frolicking – bonding with our natural brethren ! (What, you don’t get on well with your siblings ? Eh , who was talking about them anyway) The plumage of diverse and natural fauna on mother Earth is worth having an experience of. And what better haven for such activities than a zoo ! And what better zoo for the exotic experience than the ‘Royal Melbourne Zoological Garden’ .

Location of Melbourne Zoo :

Commonly called the ‘Melbourne Zoo’, the Garden is located 4 km north of the centre of Melbourne. Easily accessible via train routes ( Royal Park Station), and tram routes (55 & 19), the zoo is visited in large numbers by both domestic and international tourists.

Melbourne Zoo

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History of Melbourne Zoo :

Originally modeled on London Zoo, its Australia’s oldest zoo, opened on 6 October 1862, on the 55-acre Royal Park site. Originally, a recovering zone for domestic animals suffering due to long overseas voyage, the import of more foreign exotic animals for public display, commenced in 1870. Subsequently, picnic areas, garden and other features developed with the Seal Enclosure, opening on December 2009.

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Features of Melbourne Zoo :

Depicting wonderful plumage of color, life, and vibrancy, the Melbourne Zoo, has been organized in various bio-climatic zones, each catering to the needs of animals and birds from respective environments (there’s no place like home, we say). Animals & Birds from each part of the world makes it a hit among visitors and schoolchildren alike.

Interest in watching the land’s ‘Big Boys’ might take you to the ‘Trails Of The Elephants’ – housing 5 adult elephants and 2 elephant calves, these mighty, serene creatures will make you gush with their cute antics. The ‘Orangutan Sanctuary’, displays Sumatran Orangutans, Siamangs, and other hybrid siblings of these beautiful and naughty animals.

The ‘Asian Rainforest’ zone, houses exotic and unique Asian species of creatures ranging from tigers, monkeys, to otters, & Asian birds. African rainforest zone houses an African lot of our natural brethren, the native Gorillas, Hippos, Giraffes, and other. The zoo boasts of an aviary, too – ‘Great Flight Aviary’, home to spoonbills, cockatoos, brolga and other birds of varying breeds which are a visual and educational delight.

The ‘Lion Park’ is an exhibit consisting of 4 male lions, adjoining a reserve for wild dogs (too much canines ! isn’t it ?). For a more thrilling experience visit ‘The Reptile House’, and admire Melbourne Zoowith a tint of fear, the beauty of the majestic snakes ranging from Boas to Cobra, and other species, natives of almost all continents.

The aquatic reserve offers a glimpse into aquatic life helping us study and admire creatures like seal, penguins, rays, etc. The Australian outback is scanned by the proud & exotic natives like Kangaroos, Koalas, Ostriches etc.

The zoo apart from such an extended family, also hosts other unique and marvellous creatures like tapirs, meerkat, porcupines, platypuses, pumas, macaws, marmosets, mandrills, lemur, wombat, echidna, pelicans, caracals etc. of multi and diverse nativity. If by now you’re craving to know more of our natural family and bond with them, plan your next trip to ‘The Melbourne Zoo’.

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Have you been to the zoo and experienced nature like never before ? Well, its time you enlighten us with your comments below or by sharing your memorabilia here.

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Main Image Source: Pixabay

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