Haunted Places – Australia’s Museums of Ghosts and Horrors

Australian Ghosts and Horrors Museums

Besides Australia’s beautiful landscapes and countrysides, interesting historical sites, striking waves on the charming shores, world-class cuisines, and modern and gorgeous cities, the country also remains at the top for possessing the most haunted places in its vicinity. Those people who have an interest in spooky and weird things, ghosts, and horrors, would love to explore many of Australia’s museums of ghosts and horrors. If you love to visit haunted places, then you must visit these museums in Australia.

1. Fremantle Art Centre, Australia

The Fremantle Art Centre is a museum located on Old Street Fremantle, Western Australia. This museum now stands on a building that was once a psychiatric hospital and its former name were the Fremantle Lunatic Asylum. This museum is one of the most haunted museums in the world. We hear many stories regarding this museum’s “hauntedness”, presence of ghosts and horrors.

Many people reported various experiences like changing positions of pictures in various galleries, hearing weird and ghostly-noises, seeing dark shadows, and apparitions roaming around and vanishing at random. Some have also experienced weird touches by ghostly hands and lips. It is also said that air in the museum is thick and suffocating, causing an indescribable uneasiness.

2. National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, South Australia

National Railway Museum is the largest railway museum in Australia. They developed this museum on Port Dock railway station. We believe it that numerous accidental deaths and murders happened at this station. It is among the most haunted places in Australia. The history and reports revealed that around 21 murders took place at this station.

The most brutal among these murders was the murder of a 16-year-old boy whose head was crushed between the buffers of two trains. Many people reported seeing various dark shadows wandering at the station and on the rails. People have heard phones ringing and crying sounds when no one is around. Many tourists have also experienced objects moving on their own, and temperatures dropping severely low in the museum.

3. Old Melbourne Gaol, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Old Melbourne Gaol was a jail on Russell Street, Melbourne built in 1839 and once held the most dangerous criminals in captivity. They executed around 135 prisoners and criminals in this jail. The most renowned criminal that stayed in this jail was Ned Kelly, and the museum once displayed his skull until somebody stole it. Today, they transformed the jail into a museum as a memorial of the events that happened.

We believe that this museum is now a haunted place, which is full of the restless spirits of the captives and executed men. Many people reported hearing weird and frightening disembodied voices. People who visit the museum have also seen spooky figures wandering around in the doorways of old cells. It is one of the most haunted places in Australia.

4. Maitland Gaol, New South Wales

The Maitland Gaol is another former jail that transformed into a museum located in East Maitland, New South Wales. They constructed it in 1844 and closed in 1998. It is famous as the longest continuously operating jail in Australia. We knew this jail to possess strict policies for criminals like flogging and starving them. The famous backpacker killer Ivan Milat belonged to this gaol. It held many public executions at this jail and the unreported deaths count gives horror. The museum is now famous all over the world for its spooky and weird things, paranormal activities, and ghostly existences.

5. Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Gaol, an 1841 former jail now transformed into a museum, is also considered among the most haunted places in Australia. It is one of the two oldest buildings in Australia. Around 45 prisoners became executed there, including a woman murderer Elizabeth Woolcock who murdered her husband in 1873. It is one of the spookiest Australian museums of ghosts and horrors whose hanging tower, barbed wires, and small stark cells are alone responsible for creating creepy vibes. Besides, we hear many footsteps walking up and down the stairs, running and wandering in the hallways of the cells.

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6. The Migration Museum, Adelaide, South Australia

The Migration Museum, which was formerly a Destitute Asylum from 1852 to 1918, is now among the haunted museums in the world. History reveals that most of the residents of asylum were women, children, and orphans. Many women died from diseases or during childbirths, some terminated their pregnancies and some even killed their babies. Many spooky stories became heard about this museum and it presents many reports regarding the appearance of ghostly creatures.

The paranormal activities, spooky and weird things go on and off all around the museum. A ghost of a man dressed in a blue uniform, which is the same as former asylum residents’ uniforms, are seen many times sitting on the stairs. Another story is about an ex-police officer who didn’t believe in ghosts. He once saw a shadow of a little girl in the museum’s storeroom and after some days they discovered her dead body.

7. Gold Coast Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors, Surfers Paradise, Australia

Surfers Paradise, a seaside resort in Queensland’s Gold coast, has the largest wax museum. Its “Chamber of Horrors” is the most attractive and terrifying place. The wax museum has various sculptures of famous people, animals, and paranormal creatures made of wax. The creepiest of them are the spooky and weird things placed in “Chamber of Horrors”. These include various sorts of torturing devices like “The Flesh Tearers”, “The Disembowlers” and many other things that demonstrate the myriad of tortures. Besides these devices, the chamber also displays some morbidly related documents from Hitler’s Will and the death warrant of King Charles 1st.


The museum is always an interesting place to visit that not only increases our knowledge regarding history but also takes us to the world of imagination. The existence of ghosts and paranormal activities in museums increases the fascination and fame of those places. The above mentioned Australia’s museums of ghosts and horrors present the best reflections of paranormal happenings.

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Haunted Places - Australia’s Museums of Ghosts and Horrors

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