Top 10 Museums to Visit in Australia

Ten Australian Museums to Visit 2020

Australia has some of the world’s best museums which offer locals and tourists a wealth of historical, artistic, scientific and cultural importance. A single step inside any one of these is the best opportunity that you have to open your mind to amazing Australia. Among other areas, you will be able to get a better understanding and love for our Australian and Aboriginal culture, sporting achievements, military and maritime history.

Visit Our Top Museums in 2020 in Australia

1. Temora Aviation Museum

The Australian historic military aircraft collection is the best way to learn everything about the efforts or the countrymen and women who supported the country during conflict times. The Temora Aviation Museum is a flying museum with a larger collection of aircraft like Cessna 0-1G Birddog, 0-2A, DH-115 Vampire, Tiger Moth, etc. The 2020 Aircraft Showcase includes flying displays from 10:00 pm until 4:00 pm, while you can witness the Anzac 2020 Aircraft Showcase on April 25, 2020. Throughout 2020 in Temora, NSW, you can watch airshows and displayed aircraft.

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2. Scienceworks

In Spotswood, Victoria is Scienceworks where you can learn everything about applied technology, heritage and industry in Melbourne. Travel into deep space with the excellent Lighting Room, Planetarium, the science behind Sportswood and the Pumping Station to name a few.

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3. National Sports Museum

The National Sports Museum is open every day from 10:00 am to 5 PM. You will experience the Aussie history in sports including holograms and interactive experiences of James Bird and Shane Warne. It also features more than 3, 500 artefacts like Olympic Medals, Melbourne Cup trophies as well as the Australian Football Hall of Fame and Cricket Hall of Fame of Australia.

4. Australian War Museum

All member of Australia who dies during war times is commemorated in the research centre, war museum and shrine. A Roll of Honor is inside the Hall of Memory where you can witness over 102, 000 Australians and an Unknown Australian Soldier. The War Memorial also has an outdoor Sculpture Garden and you can tour the exhibitions daily.

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5. Nicholson Museum

The Nicholson Museum is on the University of Sydney’s campus grounds and holds the Southern Hemisphere’s largest antiques collection. Here you will see the incredibly impressive collection of artifacts from Europe, the Middle East the Mediterranean and ancient Egypt. Artifacts you will encounter include a 6, 000 B.C. plaster skull, a 1st century A.D. mosaic glass inlay, a hand axe that is more than 250, 000 year old and found in France as well as special exhibitions that include objects coming from the Nicholson’s collection.

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6. Hyde Park Barracks Museum

While it certainly isn’t a cheerful or fun museum, the Hyde Park Barracks Museum which was built in 189 has housed some tragedy and danger. It is a Georgian style building that has been an immigration depot, housed convicts, been a women’s asylum as well as a courthouse. The everyday objects ranging from that era amounts to more than 100, 000 historic things like stockings, shirts, aprons, button, hammocks, etc.

7. Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse is where you can take your young children too as one of Sydney’s top interactive museums which used to be an old power station. It houses the tram system and here kids are entertained by arts and crafts studios, etc. Excellent exhibits include the world’s oldest steam engine which is three story’s high steam engine still in working order. Top exhibits include exhibits like how electricity, light and gravity work as well as detailed innovations in steam travel, space travel and nuclear science.

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8. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

A tourist hot spot in Sydney’s heart is the Museum of Contemporary Art and do yourself a favour and visit it when in Sydney. Here is more than 4, 000 authentic works by Australian artists that range from paintings, sculptures, photography and more.


In Tasmania, the Museum of Old and New Art is known as MONA and another must-see museum. It is rich in Australian culture and known worldwide with an abundance of locals and tourists travelling to Tasmania specifically for the purpose to check out MONA. It includes constantly changing exhibits from sought-after artists around the globe.

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The gallery of modern art in Queensland is massive and has more than 18, 000 artworks. It is spread across two buildings and when you notice the style and architectural differences of the building’s exterior you will be able to see which building houses contemporary pieces and which one has historical works. If you want to see all of it, be sure to have more than one day as the amount of art is far too much for a single day’s viewing.

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Final Thoughts

When you are looking at the top 10 Museums to visit in Australia in 2020 you have more than a thousand options for top museums. These museums are spread across 1, 276 places across Australia with more than 425 historic sites, 768 social history museums and 83 other museums. Check out our top choices for you before you visit the rest.



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