Donald Trump to Reverse Obama Executive Orders Immediately After Inauguration

Obama’s Executive Orders to be reversed by Donald Trump  Immediately after Inauguration

Donald Trump is ready to start his duties as President on Friday immediately after the inauguration speech.

As the countdown to his inauguration nears an end, Mr.Trump has told his supporters that he will sign “very meaningful documents” of Friday.

His much-hyped comments come at a time when the next House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has confirmed that Donald Trump will sign several executive orders on Friday. Spicer said that the President-elect is “still working through which ones he wants to deal with tomorrow versus Monday or Tuesday.”

But Donald Trump is not just planning to do the signing blindly. As explained by Spicer, he is being “briefed on some of the orders he wants to do and the sequencing thereof.” The House Press Secretary explained that more activity will be seen on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to Trump’s aides, the next President of the United States will sign ceremonial and logistical executive orders on Friday. He has also allowed room for a possible policy-oriented action within his 12 hours in the Oval Office.

Trump to Reverse Obama Executive Orders

Advisers are ready for a variety of announcements on Friday, the weekend and the next week. Among the hot heels that Trump wants to quickly cool down include Obamacare, immigration, war on ISIS and a ban on most of Obama’s executive orders.

The Obamacare will is one area that Trump is expected to concentrate most in first days at work.

And even though Trump had signaled starting his work on Monday and not earlier, his aides dispute that.

While being interviewed by Germany’s Bild and UK’s Times of London, Mr. Trump said that he considers Monday to be his Day one and not Friday or Saturday. “I don’t want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration,” he said.

This is a notion that his aides have quickly dispelled. Spicer said that the Trump administration will hit the ground starting Friday and proceed into the weekend.

His aides will begin moving into the White House ones he is sworn. But its reported that some aides will watch the entire speech from the West wing.

Mr. Trump promised to make changes to the executive orders. “If I get elected, many of those executive orders that he signed, the first day, they’re going to be unsigned,” he said in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

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