10 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Port Campbell

Ten Things to do in Port Campbell

If you look for 10 cool and unusual things to do in a small coastal town, visit Port Campbell. The landscape offers one of the most beautiful sceneries alongside the Great Ocean Road. The environment presents rich historical attributes and majestic environmental sceneries. Apart from visiting diverse historical places, visitors can enjoy unique geological features and viewpoints. The article below attempts to provide the visitor with 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

1. Lord Ard Shipwreck Museum

Visitors who enjoy historical and shipwreck landscapes should take a visit to the Lord Ard Shipwreck Museum. The museum provides the tourist with the means to access a maritime history environment and associated landscapes. Diverse heritage objects available for display allow individuals to learn and experience the Port Campbell shipwreck history firsthand. The artefacts displayed at the museum include iron barque and vessels. A visit to the Lord Ard Shipwreck Museum presents an opportunity to investigate and explore the old age ship routes known to Port Campbell. I give a visit to the Lord Ard Shipwreck Museum a number 1 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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2. View London Bridge

Since the collapse of the London Bridge in 1990, the natural rock arc view allows a person to enjoy history combined with nature. Since a portion of the bridge collapsed in the sea, it provides scenic features to the visitor. The mystique outlook of the London Bridge visible from the shore reminds humanity of the strength embedded in the waters we see. A visit to the London Bridge provides a unique experience to the foreigner or local visitor attending a local breather. I give view London Bridge a number 2 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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3. Visit the Grotto

Take a few steps down and visit the Grotto. The Grotto experience allows a person to sense the tranquillity of nature. During a careful climb down, especially during high seas and strong winds you reach the Grotto. It allows a majestic scenic environment unique to the Australian coastline. The noise of the waves and seabirds presents the sound of nature and peace. Easily reachable via the Great Ocean Road, the Grotto offers a mystique beauty environment. I give a visit to the Grotto a number 3 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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4. Lord Ard Gorge

If you enjoy geological formations, Lord Ad Gorge offers what you need. The area displays diverse outlook places and paths that allow visitors to explore the park or surrounds. Lord Ard Gorge comprises a fencing area to adhere to required safety rules. Access to the beach area gives visitors’ entrance to the charming scenery and geological history. The park allows for the use of wooden steps to reach the small shoreline area. Lord Ard Gorge presents an opportunity to gain insight into the rock formations and crashing of the waves unique to the Australian coast. I give Lord Ard Gorge a number 4 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

5. 12 Rocks Café and Beach Bar

Travellers who look for interesting eating places should visit the 12 Rock Café and Beach Bar in Port Campbell. The venue offers diverse kinds of seafood and caters for vegetarians or vegans. The relaxing environment allows the tourist to feel at home and socially meet different people. The restaurant provides an excellent place to start your holiday and become familiar with the surrounding environment. If you love food and socialising this restaurant offers what the visitor needs. I give 12 Rock Café and Beach Bar a number 5 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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6. Razorback

The Razorback outlook areas form part of the Island Archway loop and offer fascinating sceneries for the hiker lover. The geological features associated with the natural landscape provide an opportunity to walk, visit and view the natural scenery. The scenery areas comprise places to rest and take a breath after a good walk. The Razorback viewpoints between the different walk paths offer an excellent hiking opportunity for the adventurer. I give a visit to Razorback a number 6 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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7. Great Ocean Walk

If you enjoy hiking next to the beach, the Great Ocean Walk offers an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent shoreline. The hiking trail starts at Apollo Bay village and directs west towards the geological features named 12 Apostles. The beach environment permits for significant sceneries related to cliffs, many beaches, bordering forests and wildlife. A walk next to the beach provides a visitor to gain first-hand hiking experience at the coastline. I give the Great Ocean Walk a number 7 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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8. Surfing in Port Campbell

If you a surfer that enjoys a different enjoyment, Port Campbell offers some good activity venues a visitor can enjoy. Port Campbell’s jetty comprises an area suitable to meet the surfer lover conditions. The sea conditions provide the breaks required when looking for energetic surfing environments. The surroundings provide excellent opportunities for surfing during south-west or north-east direction waves. I give surfing in Port Campbell a number 8 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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9. Trike Rides

People who look for an unusual way to see Port Campbell and areas, the trike rides offer something different. Visitors can book trike rides at a privately owned company and experience a different transport opportunity. If you stay within 30 minutes from the Port Campbell area, you can ask for collection where you stay. The trike rides come with safety gear and all the goodies you need. This opportunity allows a person to enjoy the magnificent scenery while travelling on a trike. I give the trike rides a number 9 on the list of 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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10. Apostle Whey Cheese

If you enjoy something different from beaches, walks and sand, a visit to a cheese farm may provide the traveller with interest. The Benson dairy farmers offer an opportunity to enjoy many kinds of dairy tastes at Apostle Whey Cheese. The venue easily accessible by taking a drive on the Great Ocean Road allows you to find this lovely place without trouble. I give Apostle Whey Cheese a number 10 on the 10 cool and unusual things to do in Port Campbell.

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