Orange Moon Over Australia 13/12/2019 Friday The 13th Bad Omen

Orange Moon Looking Down on Australia in Fire Season

This evening as I went to take the bins out in Canberra looking up I couldn’t help but notice a giant orange moon staring back down at me. Immediately I ran inside to put my tin foil hat on and prayed that my family would survive this coming apocalypse. Upon completion of the histrionics I thought would be good fun to do an article and share my images of the orange moon. It was quite a surreal sight, and one I can say is a first for me, in all honesty, it’s quite eerie.

Smoke Over Canberra Australia 12-12-2019
Smoke Over Canberra Australia 12-12-2019

In case anyone does not know, Australia is facing a huge issue at the minute with fires ravaging our lands.  Our water at record lows,  and smoke covering cities like a medieval siege tactic. Our air quality is currently rated shit, thus running and indeed many strenuous outdoor activities have been restricted.  Furthermore, hosepipe bans are in place across large swaths of Australia.

Orange Moon a Sign We Are all Doomed

While obviously, this change in the moon colour is due to the light waves travelling through thick smoke, one could argue this is a bad omen, a sign things are not quite right. As a nation, we have to work hard, think fast and strategise how we can stop these problems worsening. I have a few ideas for this; however,the problem is trusting the government with more of our hard-earned money.  Time and time again, they squander it on vanity projects and waste our dollars on things most people never benefit from.

So Here Are My Orange Moon Solutions To The Problem:

Orange Moon a Sign We Are all Doomed

To be clear, these are just ideas, and they may not work, but I am sick of people just throwing out obstacles and not at least trying for a solution.  

Solution One

We have a one-off windfall tax, buy lots of equipment and do what we can to put out the fires.

Solution Two

We build 5 Nuclear power plants and use the energy to desalinate water, we use that water to revitalise the land and also put out the dam fires. (You cannot use saltwater on the soil, ever heard of salting the earth.)

Solution Three

Mandatory national service all able-bodied people, and huge investment in equipment, plus use ancient aboriginal knowledge to see how they have managed these problems in the past.

Solution Four

Build a bunker the orange moon is indeed a sign of the end times and we are all doomed.

Berejiklian Bushfires in Australia 

Orange Moon Sign it’s Time for Change

Whatever happens its clear we have as people got to do more to prepare ourselves for the future. Our planet is screaming out for help, and incompetent management driven by profit and greed are not helping.

Orange Moon Sign it's Time for Change

I have attached the image to the document for anyone who wants the original file and feel free to use it for education and news but please link back to this article. I provided it as evidence the image is real and not edited, and we do indeed have an orange moon looking down on Australia this night. If anyone wants the RAW image message me I will send via email.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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