Critical Analysis Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Detailed Analysis Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Brief Synopsis

Red queen takes us to a fantasy setting where the world is divided into two groups depending on their blood colour. The silver blooded are gifted with amazing powers (imagine x-men with the abilities of Dracula) and live in pure luxury. On the other hand, the red-blooded suffer from extreme levels of poverty. What’s more, they are treated as inferiors by the silver blooded.

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Mare Barrow, 17-year-old Red girl, discovers that she possesses an ability that not even the silvers have ever seen before. That throws off the book into a chaotic adventure that I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Critical Analysis of the Book

Red Queen is an amazing novel that manages to merge the world of electrifying drama together with science fiction powers. The character of Mare is such a marvel to discover and unravel. She is so much more than what we are left to believe in the beginning. I found myself saying ‘I freaking love this girl’ a couple of times as I read the book.

About the Author

Victoria Aveyard is a young American writer. Born in 1990, Massachusetts, Victoria is known for her Red Queen novel. She developed her interest in writing at a very young age and has been writing ever since.

What Makes it So Scary?

The Reds are more or less like the human race we have today. And the idea of oppression is always a concept we are all scared of. Since the Silvers also end up fearing the powers of Mare, they declare her in public the long-lost princess who’s now engaged to the Silver prince.

Now, this is the part that kept my nerves on edge. Despite knowing that her life might be in danger if she was discovered, Mare helps a secret organization, Red Guard, to bring down the Silvers. You have to read the book to really understand what I mean.

What Makes it Readable? 

Victoria writes a compelling story that really captivates the audience. Trust me on this, you will want to read the next book once you start on this series. This novel will get you to care about the characters and play around with your emotions. And that’s exactly what I want in any novel.

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