Best 100 Dystopian Books of All Time


Top 100 Greatest Dystopian Books of All Time

For some time now, dystopian storylines have become a box office hit in movies and top-rating shows on television. These thought-provoking screenplays are most often coming from the creative narratives of numerous books or novels written by notable authors that continuously stir the readers’ imaginations.

Probably, at this point, some of you are wondering what dystopian books are? Hence, let’s get a bird’s-eye view of what this genre in literature is all about.

So, what are dystopian books? Let’s look into their origin.

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What is Dystopian Literature?

Dystopian books are a type of creative or imaginative writing crafted by talented minds depicting a community, often referred to as a “bad place.” These are the plots of a script, which characterize an undesirable or terrifying society. In other words, these stories are prose literature deep-rooted from dystopia or utopia that has gone wrong.

Now, you surely have a better idea of what these books or novels are, and by saying so, here are the top 100 best dystopian books of all time.

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1. 1984

Reigning in TIME Magazine’s top 100 English novels for almost a decade is George Orwell’s spine-chilling book “1984.”

George Orwell’s spine-chilling book "1984."

Known for his brilliance and expertise in dystopian-inspired lucid prose storylines, this remarkably awarded and highly praised novel tells a story of what an ultimate tyrannical society is all about in a world reshaped by wars. That is why “1984” tops the list as the true embodiment of what a dystopian fiction should be, according to various authors, publishers, and media outfits.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 237 pages

Goodreads rating – 4.18/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.25/10

For The Latest Price – 1984

2. Brave New World

Coming on the second spot is another much-vaunted dystopian novel written by one of the most notable authors in the dystopian literature genre, Aldous Huxley, and now, adapted on the small screen, as an upcoming series after its 1998 TV film airing, “Brave New World.”

1998 TV film airing, “Brave New World.”

The story follows anticipation in the world of modern developments in classical conditioning, psychological manipulation, reproductive technology, and sleep-learning procedure. It’s a powerful and compelling book that made it to the list of “Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels.”

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 288 pages

Goodreads rating3.99/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.20/10

For The Latest PriceBrave New World

3. The Hunger Games

The highly acclaimed trilogy that made a worldwide buzz in the silver screen is a top-selling novel series in several online bookstores, including Amazon.

The highly acclaimed trilogy - The Hunger Games

Written by the award-winning author Suzanne Collins, the book series revolves around the people in the twelve remote districts of the ruins of North America under the strict ruling of the Capitol’s autocracy. It follows the life of the 16-year-old teen named, Katniss Everdeen who bravely stepped in to save her sister from playing the dreadful game set by the Capitol of Panem.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 374 pages

Goodreads rating4.33/5

Dystopian Books Rating9.18/10

For The Latest PriceThe Hunger Games

4. The Giver

1994 Newberry Medal awardee “The Giver” is another all-time favourite dystopian novel. This wildly praised book by Lois Lowry tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy named Jonas, who will eventually untangle the secrets of what seems like a perfect utopian community.

"The Giver" is another all-time favourite

The plot twist of the narrative left the readers tongue-tied as the young man unravels the dark side of what everyone thought was a perfect world.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 208 pages

Goodreads rating4.13/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.13/10

For The Latest PriceThe Giver

5. The Handmaid’s Tale

Another dystopian novel that has also received an enormous response by the readers and award-giving bodies, such as the “Canadian Governor General’s Award, is “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which is now a top-rating long-running television series.

"Canadian Governor General’s Award, is “The Handmaid’s Tale,”

Creatively written by Margaret Atwood, the book’s narratives tell a story of a woman who tries to resist a totalitarian theocratic law of a Christian theocracy regime that ousted the US government.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 314 pages

Goodreads rating4.11/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.10/10

For The Latest PriceThe Handmaid’s Tale

6. Divergent

The trilogy that also put the moviegoers and readers at the edge of their seats is the box-office hit “Divergent.” Veronica Roth pivots the sttoy in a post-apocalyptic dystopian city of Chicago.

The box-office hit “Divergent.”

It primarily follows the lives of the teens as they get sorted into one of the five different societies of the ruins of Chicago in the quest to remove any threat of rebellion. It primarily circulates in the life and journey of the 16-year-old girl Beatrice “Tris” Prior.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 487 pages

Goodreads rating4.20/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.89/10

For The Latest PriceDivergent

7. Fahrenheit 451

A Ray Bradbury masterpiece, “Fahrenheit 451,” is another classic all-time favourite dystopian book. Its riveting storyline depicts a dreadful community setting, where the totalitarian government made books illegal, and “firemen” burned the ones they find.

A Ray Bradbury masterpiece, "Fahrenheit 451,"

Fireman Guy Montag is one of the people tasked to burn the books they found, as a part of the literary censorship law, who will eventually quit and commit to preserving literature. The novel won several prestigious awards, including a hall of fame and a distinct “Retro Hugo Award” for being one of the only four best books ever chosen by the respective giving body.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 227 pages

Goodreads rating3.99/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.85/10

For The Latest PricFahrenheitFahreinheit 451

8. Ender’s Game

Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” is a best-selling and crowd favourite dystopian book that tells the story of a young boy and other children in training involving progressively gruelling games to prepare them in the fight against the hostile aliens that are invading the world.

Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game"

This prestigious “Hugo Award” winner became a blockbuster hit when made into a film.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 324 pages

Goodreads rating4.30/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.82/10

For The Latest Price Ender’s Game

9. The Maze Runner

James Dashner’s dystopian fiction novel, “The Maze Runner,” is also a well-received book series that became a major box office motion picture hit.

James Dashner’s dystopian fiction novel, “The Maze Runner,”

The story takes its course in the lives of the teens thrown at an open space in the middle of a massive maze with Thomas as the main character who got recognized as a runner due to his distinctive stance and persuaded the other teens of a way out.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 384 pages

Goodreads rating4.02/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.80/10

For The Latest Price The Maze Runner

10. V for Vendetta

Another high-rating dystopian novel that made huge waves in the box-office scene is the book by Alan Moore entitled “V for Vendetta.”

V for Vendetta - high-rating dystopian novel

It’s a terrifying tale of how an ultimately oppressive government suffocates people from living by taking away their freedom. With the extreme suppression, one person rebels against it. It showcases V’s exceptional agility and intelligence. Thus, redeeming the power of the human spirit to fight back and stand up for their rights.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 296 pages

Goodreads rating 4.25/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.79/10

For The Latest Price V for Vendetta

11. Gulliver’s Travel

The famous story of “Gulliver’s Travel” drew mixed reactions from some readers between it as a dystopian and utopian literature. There are some elements of dystopia within its utopia, which the Irish writer Jonathan Swift was trying to portray.

The famous story of “Gulliver’s Travel”

Due to its gripping and one of a kind storyline and interesting characters, the novel tells the four-part journey of Lemuel Gulliver’s voyages became an instant success and still talk about today.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 306 pages

Goodreads rating3.57/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.75/10

For The Latest Price Gulliver’s Travel

12. Legend

A fast-rising author is making a buzz with her first-ever dystopian book “Legend” that hwhicharnered a favourable response from many readers.

The first-ever dystopian book "Legend"

Marie Lu, who admitted her love for dystopian literature, tells a story of how the lives of two fifteen-year-old teens, June and Day, who came from contrasting societies in a country that is in a constant war called “Republic,” get intertwined by a tragic accident. However, in a mind-blowing twist of the plot, they discover the truth behind their nation’s horrifying secrets.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 305 pages

Goodreads rating4.18/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.73/10

For The Latest PriceLegend

13. Animal Farm

Another George Orwell classic masterpiece is this highly rated “Animal Farm” dystopian book that is a scornful satire of a browbeaten society’s unintelligent stride to tyranny or dictatorship.

From the title itself, animals represent the main characters of this thought-provoking novel that got mistreated and fought to create an ideal place of equality, justice, and progress.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 122 pages

Goodreads rating3.94/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.70/10

For The Latest PriceAnimal Farm

14. The Road

This “2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction” novel by Cormac McCarthy details the journey of a father with his son for several months across a land wretched by an unknown catastrophe that destroyed the civilisation with interceding phases of life on earth before the tragedy.

"2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction" - The Road

The film adaptation of the book also became an instant hit.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 241 pages

Goodreads rating3.97/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.68/10

For The Latest PriceThe Road

15. Wool Omnibus

Wool’s Omnibus edition is a collection of its five books ininne volume. The story receives a good reception from readers and reviewers.

Wool’s Omnibus edition

Hugh Howey’s “Wool – Omnibus Edition” gives you the spine-chilling and mind-boggling experience as the human race claws for survival while they’re on the edge of what could be perhaps the worst dystopia’s environment where unkindness is seemingly winning.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 509 pages

Goodreads rating4.23/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.65/10

For The Latest PriceWool

16. Lord of the Flies

William Golding’s post-apocalyptic novel “Lord of the Flies” is also ranking as one of the all-time classic favourites of readers worldwide.

William Golding's post-apocalyptic novel "Lord of the Flies"

The remarkable Nobel-prize award-winning author plots the story at the break of day the of the next world war, focusing on the catastrophic attempt of stranded boys to form their society in the abandoned island.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 182 pages

Goodreads rating 3.68/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.53/10

For The Latest Price Lord of The Flies

17. The Stand

The multi-awarded and well-celebrated author Stephen King will not have the “King of Horror” for nothing.

One of the best dystopian books, "The Stand,"

He proves his brilliance in writing one of the best dystopian books, “The Stand,” where he centres his plot on a pandemic that has killed almost all the human race in the world. Others would describe the book as a depiction of how the world will end.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 1153 pages

Goodreads rating4.34/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.50/10

The Latest Price The Stand

18. Delirium

Delirium - dystopian trilogy

This dystopian trilogy from the beautiful mind of Lauren Oliver is a “New York Best Seller” novel that tells a story about Lena Haloway, a young orphan girl who defies the odds against the government’s totalitarianism rule of imposing love as a disease called “Amor deliria nervosa” or “the deliria.”

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 441 pages

Goodreads rating3.98/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.48/10

For The Latest PriceDelirium

19. The Time Machine

A well-received novel by H.G. Wells, “The Time Machine,” is a classic masterpiece that narrates the story of a scientist named as the “Time Traveller” who journeys back in time and future dates for specific purposes and selections using the “time machine.”

“The Time Machine,” is a classic masterpiece

The book has been in many adaptations, including a box-office film.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 118 pages

Goodreads rating3.89/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.46/10

For The Latest PriceThe Time Machine

20. Oryx and Crake

Another Margaret Atwood’s great work is “Oryx and Crake,” which focuon ses the story of Snowman or Jimmy, who struggles to survive in a world destroyed by the plague with only “Crakers” as his company.

While he journeys the post-apocalyptic world, he continues to mourn the loss of his best friend, Crake, and get haunted by the memories of the beautiful and mysterious woman he and Crake loved named Oryx.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 389 pages

Goodreads rating4.01/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.40/10

For The Latest PriceOryx and Crake

21. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The inspiration for the box-office hit film “Blade Runner,” Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” follows the life of the bounty hunter Rick Deckard.

Award-winning novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”

Rick retires or kills escaped androids that pretend to be humans in a post-apocalyptic society that sits in the ruins of San Francisco after a global nuclear war.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 244 pages

Goodreads rating4.09/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.37/10

For The Latest PriceDo Androids Dream of Electric Sleep?

22. Uglies

This novel may not have received numerous awards, but Scott Westerfeld’s dystopian book “Uglies” is quite a crowd favourite. Many readers expressed positive responses to the novel that mainly focuses on the story of a teen girl who is about to turn sixteen years old and is waiting to go on an operation to become pretty from being ugly named Tally.

Scott Westerfeld's dystopian book "Uglies"

Yet, she discovers the dark side of what she thought the world of beauty.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 425 pages

Goodreads rating3.86/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.33/10

For The Latest PriceUglies

23. Never Let Me Go

“2017 Nobel Laureate in Literature” recipient Sir Kazuo Ishiguro turned heads with his gripping and mysterious storyline of a beautiful love story and a biting critic of people’s arrogance.

Never Let Me Go - mysterious storyline

Also, keeping a careful examination on mofality on how other humans treat the powerless and different in the community.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 288 pages

Goodreads rating3.82/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.25/10

For The Latest PriceNever Let Me Go

24. Matched

Ally Condie created a dystopian plot in a tightly restricted or controlled society where the officials will decide on how a person’s life goes from choosing a life partner at seventeen to finding work and when to die in her 2010 novel “Matched.”

Matched - a dystopian plot

The story centres with 17-year-old Cassia Reyes, who will also uncover the Society’s secrets.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 369 pages

Goodreads rating3.66/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.22/10

For The Latest PriceMatched

25. World War Z

Before the book even became a worldwide success on the big screen.

Worldwide success in the big screen, “World War Z”

“World War Z” of Max Brooks caught the attention of many readers across the globe for its startling fight against people who seemingly turned into zombies in the post-apocalyptic world caused by a fictional virus outbreak that originated in China.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 342 pages

Goodreads rating4.01/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.20/10

For The Latest Price World War Z

26. Unwind

Neal Shusterman’s “Unwind” sets three runways, Risa, Lev, and Connor, to fight for their survival in a coming period of society where unwanted teens get salvaged and dissected for their body parts.

Unwind - masterpiece in the “Second Civil War” background

The author concentrates his masterpieon in the “Second Civil War” background, where reproductive rights are the focal point of the fight.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 337 pages

Goodreads rating4.18/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.18/10

For The Latest Price Unwind

27. A Clockwork Orange

This 1963 all-time classic favourite by Anthony Burgess centres its story with a violent fifteen-year-old gang member named Alex.

“A Clockwork Orange” frightful narrative

“A Clockwork Orange” plots its story of a nightmare where the outlaws or gangsters take over the society after the night. It entrains the frightful narrative of the good and the bad, and what human freedom means.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 213 pages

Goodreads rating 4.00/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.13/10

For The Latest Price A Clockwork Orange

28. The Fourth Sage

Stefan Bolz, an independent author, took people in an edge of the seat ride with his novel “The Fourth Sage,” which follows the life of a fifteen-year-old boy named Aries Egan. The teen lives in a nameless city where no government and school exist.

The community is under the control of a cold-blooded Corporation that sets people’s code of living with its “Moral Code” law, and anyone who violates or deviates from it will get punished by either imprisonment or death.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 414 pages

Goodreads rating4.08/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.07/10

For The Latest PriceThe Fourth Sage

29. Shatter Me

This dystopian thriller literature receives an honourable mention for the children or young adult genre at the “Arab American Book Awards” in 2013.

Tahereh Mafi gives her fans a bit of spellbinding and spine-tingling story of a seventeen-year-old girl named Juliette Ferrars that has a powerful touch to paralyze and kill as she can take the energy of any living organisms.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 338 pages

Goodreads rating 3.96/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.02/10

For The Latest Price Shatter Me

30. Watchmen

Another Alan Moore’s masterpiece that also made a global hit in theatres is the “Watchmen,” which is a “Hugo Award” recipient that tells a story of the fall of super-heroes afflicted by all-too-human flaws and who are getting stalked by a secret assassin.

With that, the idea of a superhero gets exposed.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 416 pages

Goodreads rating4.36/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 9.00/10

For The Latest PriceWatchmen

31. The City of Ember

Jeanne DuPrau’s award-winning novel chronicles the dystopian underground city that’s on the brink of falling. About many years ago, the Builders created “The City of Ember” to make room for everything that people need.

 Award-winning novel chronicle "The City of Ember"

However, as the time comes to pass, the storerooms are almost empty, blightghts infected the crops. Corruption began to engulf the entire city, and worst, darkness is starting to break. 

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 270 pages

Goodreads rating 3.86/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.87/10

For The Latest Price The City of Ember

32. Slaughterhouse-Five

Prestigiously chosen as one of the 100 best books of all time, “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is a great piece of dystopian literature novel.

100 best books of all time, "Slaughterhouse-Five"

This classic masterpiece follows Billy Pilgrim’s life journey from his childhood years to the world after World War II. The story travels back in time to the character’s captivity and survival.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 275 pages

Goodreads rating4.08/5

Dystopian Books Rating8.84/10

For The Latest PriceSlaughterhouse Five

33. The Long Walk

One of Stephen King’s masterpieces under his pseudonym Richard Bachman is “The Long Walk,” which revolves around the extremely demanding and exhausting walking contest that the totalitarianism and militarism government conduct annually.

“The Long Walk” masterpiece

A hundred teen boys join this competition to run in a maintain distance and speed. If one slows down and fails to keep up three times within every 30 seconds, he will get shot by the soldier.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 245 pages

Goodreads rating4.11/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.82/10

For The Latest Price The Long Walk

34. A Canticle for Leibowitz

A Hugo award-winning classic novel that sets the bar higher for being among the well-achieved, powerful, and perpetuating dystopian books of all time is “A Canticle for Leibowitz.”

Perpetuating dystopian books of all time is "A Canticle for Leibowitz."

Author Walter M. Miller, Jr. plots down the story after a nuclear war in a Catholic monastery where all the significant scientific knowledge remains of men were preserved until the world is ready for it again.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 334 pages

Goodreads rating3.98/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.79/10

For The Latest Price A Canticle for Leibowitz

35. We

Set in a futuristic world, Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We” tracks down a story where everyone and everything is under surveillance by a single security controller where people marched in uniformed steps alongside each other and distinguished not by names but by numbers.

We, set in the futuristic world

An outlined logic runs the entire “One State” society and defines people’s behaviour through formulas and equation as its vital law.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 255 pages

Goodreads rating3.93/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.76/10

For The Latest PriceWe

36. Cloud Atlas

The third book by David Mitchell, “Cloud Atlas,” entails six interlinked stories that bring the readersono a gripping ride from the distant South Pacific to the post-apocalyptic future of a Hawaiian island.

The third book by David Mitchell, “Cloud Atlas,”

Due to its worldwide phenomenon, the novel also received a good reception on the big screen.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 509 pages

Goodreads rating4.02/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.73/10

For The Latest PriceCloud Atlas

37. The Darkest Minds

Alexandra Brackens’ 2012 novel “The Darkest Minds” brought so much attention to the readers as it follows around the life of a young girl named Ruby, who realised that something has changed inside her after she woke up on her tenth birthday.

The Darkest Minds

She found herself in a supposed “rehabilitation camp” set by the government, which she later learned that it was a brutal place for children like her who possessed terrifying abilities.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 488 pages

Goodreads rating4.19/5

Dystopian Books Rating8.69/10

For The Latest PriceThe Darkest Minds

38. The Trial

Another classic novel is “The Trial,” which is one of Franz Kafka’s notable works that follows the life of a man, named Josef K, who got arrested and indicted by a distant and impenetrable authority.

The Trial thought provoking

What makes the entire story distinctly beguiling and thought-provoking is the fact that the crime that the main character supposed to commit was not revealed to him and in the story.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 255 pages

Goodreads rating3.97/5

Dystopian Books Rating  8.67/10

For The Latest PriceThe Trial

39. The Passage

The award-winning author Justin Cronin wrote this spellbinding dystopian novel “The Passage, “which starts in the foreseeable future and details what the apocalyptic society, and then, it continues to the post-apocalyptic world, where zombies or vampire-like beings are ravaging the city after getting infected a highly contagious virus.

Spellbinding dystopian novel - The Passage

Considered as one of the creepiest books ever, it consists of eleven different parts.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 766 pages

Goodreads rating4.04/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.61/10

For The Latest PriceThe Passage

40. Battle Royale

It’s the first novel and dystopian book from Koushun Takami that tells the story of how junior high school students get forced to fight against each other until death in a program operated by the “Republic of Greater East Asia,” a fictional totalitarian Japanese government.

“Battle Royale” a box-office hit

Due to its success, “Battle Royale” became a box-office hit film and manga series.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 617 pages

Goodreads rating4.23/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.58/10

For The Latest PriceBattle Royale

41. The Knife of Never Letting Go

This dystopian novel by Patrick Ness follows the life of twelve-year-old Todd Hewitt, who escapes from his town, the Prentisstown, where everyone hears other people’s thoughts after he uncovers a secret of its past.

The dystopian novel - The Knife of Never Letting Go

The story continues to narrate Todd’s journey as he flees from the town, entangled with different characters and situations.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 479 pages

Goodreads rating3.98/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.54/10

For The Latest Price The Knife of Never Letting Go

42. I Am Legend and Other Stories

One of the classic dystopian book favourites is Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend and Other Stories,” where the super blockbuster film gets its inspiration.

I am Legend and Other Stories - classic dystopian

The story narrates about the journey of Robert Neville in a world swamped by vampires, thirsty for his blood, as he is the only man living on earth.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 317 pages

Goodreads rating4.0 /5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.50/10

For The Latest PriceI Am Legend

43. Cinder

Vaguely entrenched from the all-time classic “Cinderella” story is Marissa Meyer’s debut novel “Cinder.” It is the first book in Meyer’s “The Lunar Chronicles,” which is set in a futuristic “New Beijing” city that got released.

Cinder - All Time Classic

It details the life of a teen cyborg named Linh Cinder, who needs to fight against the villains from outer space to survive.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 400 pages

Goodreads rating 4.15 /5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.46/10

For The Latest PriceCinder

44. Blindness

One of the most popular books by “Nobel Prize” winner Jose Saramago is the “Blindness” that tells a story of a city that gets hit by a “white blindness” epidemic, which doesn’t exclude anyone.

Blindness that tells a story

The government holds the blind captive in a vacant mental hospital where the most dreadful thing can happen to them.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 326 pages

Goodreads rating 4.12 /5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.43/10

For The Latest PriceBlindness

45. Neuromancer

This first “Nebula Award” recipient is one of the most notable works of William Gibson, who earned praises for his remarkable cyberpunk stories.

Neuromancer Gibson's first novel

“Neuromancer” is Gibson’s first novel and the initial release of his “Sprawl Trilogy,” which takes place in a futuristic setting, following the life of failed computer hacker Henry Case who gets hired for one final task that will bring him up against a potently powerful artificial intelligence.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 292 pages

Goodreads rating3.90/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.40/10

For The Latest PriceNeuromancer

46. The Windup Girl

Acknowledged as one of “TIME” magazine’s top ten best fiction books for 2009 is Paolo Bacigalupi’s masterpiece, “The Windup Girl,” which tells the story of a beautiful yet strange creature Emiko in the 23rd-century setting of Thailand.

“The Windup Girl,” which tells the story

It starts with the character Anderson Lake, who met Emiko while in a quest to obtain the reward of lost calories in history.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 359 pages

Goodreads rating3.75/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.38/10

For The Latest PriceThe Windup Girl

47. Anthem

The setting takes place in an undetermined future when the human race enters the “Dark Age,” where technological advancements involved careful planning, and the idea of one’s identity or individualism gets eliminated.

human race enters the “Dark Age,"

The story follows “Equality 7-521,” a brilliant young man who excels in his scientific studies and will, later on, rebel against the council.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 105 pages

Goodreads rating3.63/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.34/10

For The Latest Price – Anthem

48. Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson’s gripping dystopian novel “Snow Crash” covers almost all kinds of subjects. It tells the story of a pizza delivery man who is also a hacker in the real world named Hiro Protagonist.

Dystopian Novel "Snow Crash"

However, in the “Metaverse” world, he is a hero fighting against a virtual enemy, who is trying to strike down by spreading “infocalypse.”

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 438 pages

Goodreads rating4.03/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.32/10

For The Latest PriceSnow Crash

49. The Selection

The first of the five-book series of Kiera Cass, “The Selection,” tells the story of thirty-five girls vying to get selected to escape from the life that was set up for them when they were born.

The Selection

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be taken into the world filled with dazzling gowns and sparkling gems and to live in a palace and fight their way to the heart of the dashing, debonair Prince Maxon.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 336 pages

Goodreads rating4.14/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.30/10

For The Latest PriceThe Selection

50. Life As We Knew It

Susan Beth Pfeffer’s first published book, “Life As We Knew It,” is a highly acclaimed novel that portrays the life of sixteen-year-old Miranda.

Life As We Knew It

It follows the journey that Miranda, together with her mother and two brothers, have to go through after a meteor strikes the moon, bringing it nearer to the earth.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 337 pages

Goodreads rating3.89/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.29/10

For The Latest PriceLife As We Knew It

51. Ready Player One

This debut novel by Ernest Cline is one of the all-time favourite dystopian books by many readers, including us.

"Ready Player One,"

“Ready Player One,” takes us in an adventure with the protagonist character Wade Watts as he searches for the Easter egg in virtual reality game that will lead him to inherit the wealth of its creator.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 374 pages

Goodreads rating 4.27/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.26/10

For The Latest PriceReady Player One

52. Under the Never Sky

Veronica Rossi’s first-ever published novel and the beginning of a trilogy that enthrals us with how two teens who came from different worlds find each other’s support as they both fight to survive.

Under the Never Sky

Aria, who lived in a sheltered world, but have to go out to the wasteland to find her missing mother. As she embarks in her journey outside of her world, she met the wild and savage Perry, who could help her to stay alive in her search.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 374 pages

Goodreads rating 4.00/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.24/10

For The Latest PriceUnder The Never Sky

53. The Gunslinger

Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger” is the first volume of the series “Dark Tower” that centres on the life of Roland Deschain. He is the last gunslinger who’s been out chasing his nemesis, often referred to as “the man in black,” for over many years.

The Gunslinger

The storyline infuses various fictional genres that makes it more intriguing.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 231 pages

Goodreads rating 3.95/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.20/10

For The Latest PriceThe Gunslinger

54. Angelfall

Another must-read dystopian book is “Angelfall,” which is one of the first books of Susan Ee’s “Penryn & the End Of Days” trilogy series.

The dystopian book "Angelfall"

It narrates how seventeen-year-old Penryn Young tries to get back her sister, who got taken away by warrior angels invading San Francisco Bay to bring apocalypse to the world to end the reigning terror brought by the gangsters and superstitious beliefs.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 288 pages

Goodreads rating4.15/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.18/10

For The Latest PriceAngelfall

55. The Host

This stirring Stephenie Meyer’s novel sets in a post-apocalyptic world where parasitic aliens called “Souls” invaded the earth to possess the human bodies as their hosts. It details the crisis Wanderer, a Soul, has to overcome when Melanie Stryder’s consciousness refuses to surrender her body.

The Host

Yet, in a twist of events as Stryder remembers her memories, they ended up finding the man they both loved.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 620 pages

Goodreads rating 3.84/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.15/10

For The Latest PriceThe Host

56. Gone

Michael Grant shares a thought-provoking plot in this novel “Gone,” where everyone, who is fifteen years old and above, disappears in a snap, and the only remaining humans are the twelve years old and below.

Provoking plot - Gone

Together with the disappearance is an impenetrable barrier enclosing the entire town and is hot to touch with the dwellers getting supernatural powers.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 560 pages

Goodreads rating3.86/5

Dystopian Books Rating8.13/10

For The Latest Price Gone

57. The House of Scorpion

Sets in the future, which mostly happens in a country called “Opium,” is where the storyline of “The House of Scorpion” revolves.

The House of Scorpion set in the future

Author Nancy Farmer tells the story of a drug lord’s young clone Matt, who struggles his way to exist and find his identity, gets threatened by vicious characters.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 380 pages

Goodreads rating4.10/5

Dystopian Books Rating8.10/10

For The Latest PriceThe House of The Scorpion

58. Cat’s Cradle

“Cat’s Cradle” is a classic dystopian literature favourite written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. It tells the story of one of the atomic bomb founding fathers Dr Felix Hoenikker, who left a fatally lethal legacy that can end the lives of the human race.

Dystopian literature - Cat's Cradle

The narrator tries to find the location of this deadly chemical called “ice-nine” that is capable of putting the whole planet into stone-cold ice.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 306 pages

Goodreads rating4.16/5

Dystopian Books Rating 8.09/10

For The Latest PriceCat’s Cradle

59. The Children of Men

Described as “wonderfully rich” by “The New York Times” Caryn James, “The Children of Men” dystopian book of P.D. James centres the story on human extinction that is the result of mass infertility followed by many.

The Children of Men a wonderfully rich story

It sets in the United Kingdom, which shows a steady decrease in population, and details the small resistance group who disagrees with the concept of the masses.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 241 pages

Goodreads rating3.68/5

Dystopian Books Rating – 8.07/10

For The Latest PriceThe Children of Men

60. Wither

"Wither" a future time story

The first of Lauren DeStefano’s three-story series entitled “The Chemical Garden Trilogy,” set in a future time, “Wither” portrays a narrative of how scientists successfully engineered a flawless generation of human beings, who are illness and health disorder-free, but with an appalling consequence to pay, as it created a virus that plagued the generation’s children and offsprings.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 358 pages

Goodreads rating3.80/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.05/10

For The Latest PriceWither

61. The Chrysalids

Entitled “Re-Birth” in the United States distribution, this John Wyndham’s dystopian novel talks about the post-apocalyptic world where all abnormalities, mental or physical, get purged following a ritual.

Dystopian novel The Chrysalids

With that, the main character David Storm, together with his friends who have telepathy, has to hide their abnormalities, and in the process, fight their way to escape after getting revealed.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 200 pages

Goodreads rating 3.93/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.02/10

For The Latest PriceThe Chrysalids

62. VanWest The Past

Coming first from the “VanWest” series is the riveting storyline of “VanWest The Past” by Kenneth Thomas.

VanWest The Past discovery of a dark past

It is about the Enforcer’s discoveries of his dark past and distinct ability, as he sets out to travel through time under the order of the totalitarian “Universal Council” to put an end to a group of rebels or renegades, who try to change the past.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 195 pages

Goodreads rating4.94/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 8.00/10

For The Latest PriceVanWest The Past

63. The 5th Wave

This Rick Yancey’s masterpiece is the first of his book trilogy series that follows the teen Cassie Sullivan as she tries to endure in a devastatingly alien-invaded world.

The 5th Wave masterpiece

“The 5th Wave” begins when Cassie starts to journey the lonely streets of the highway as she runs from these human-looking aliens.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 457 pages

Goodreads rating4.05/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.99/10

For The Latest Price – The 5th Wave

64. Shades of Grey

From its name, Jasper Fforde’s first book of his “Shades of Grey” series tells the story of how one’s ability to see or perceive the higher quality of colour gets better social standing in a dystopian world of Chromatacia.

Shades of Grey social standing in a dystopian world

Eddie Russet, on the other hand, can only see the shades of grey, which sets him in the low-level class, and along his journey, he uncovers the dark truth of their government.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 400 pages

Goodreads rating4.14/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.97/10

For The Latest PriceShades of Grey

65. Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand’s final novel and best work, “Atlas Shrugged,” depicts how private businesses are suffering in highly increasing troublesome laws and regulations in the dystopian government of the United States.

Atlas Shrugged - fighting all the obstacles

With that, a couple, who are in the railroad and steel industry, have to fight all the obstacles that block their way, including the looters.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 1168 pages

Goodreads rating3.69/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.95/10

For The Latest PriceAtlas Shrugged

66. The Running Man

Another masterpiece by the brilliant mind of Stephen King that he has written under his famous pseudonym Richard Bachman.

“The Running Man” game show

It follows the story of “The Running Man” game show where all the contestants, including the main character Ben Richards, can go everywhere in the world and get chased by killers, named as the “Hunters,” employed to take them down.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 219 pages

Goodreads rating3.87/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.94/10

For The Latest PriceThe Running Man

67. Across the Universe

Across the Universe - chronicles of life

One of the trilogy book series of Beth Revis, “Across the Universe,” chronicles the life of a seventeen-year-old girl named Amy Martin, as she joins her parents as frozen cargoes aboard the huge “Godspeed” generation spaceship, set to wake up after three hundred years on a new or different planet.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 399 pages

Goodreads rating3.77/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.90/10

For The Latest PriceAcross The Universe

68. Ship Breaker

Another dystopian book at its best by Paolo Bacigalupi is “Ship Breaker,” which tells the story of teen Nailer who scavenges copper wires to complete his quota as part of the light crew.

Ship Breaker - a dystopian book

Hit by a stroke of luck, he discovers a merchant navy vessel with a beautiful and rich girl, as a sole survivor.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 326 pages

Goodreads rating3.74/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.89/10

For The Latest PriceShip Breaker

69. The Day of the Triffids

A classic favourite “The Day of the Triffids” by John Wyndham tells a post-apocalyptic world setting that happened after most of the people became sightless in a meteorite shower.

The Day of the Triffids

However, Bill Masen is one of the few saved from getting blind, and to continue to survive, he must fight against the “Triffids” that are killing people.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 228 pages

Goodreads rating4.02/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.87/10

For The Latest PriceThe Day of The Triffids

70. Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard’s first novel, “Red Queen,” outlines a world where people are either red or silver. Those people in Red are the commoners, dominated by the elites in Silver, who have superpowers like gods.

Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard's first novel

Belonging in the Red side is seventeen-year-old Mare Barrow, who eventually discovers her lethal power while working in the “Silver Palace.”

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 383 pages

Goodreads rating4.06/5

Dystopian Books Rating – 7.85/10

For The Latest PriceRed Queen

71. The Forest of Hands and Teeth

“The Forest of Hands and Teeth” is Carrie Ryan’s first novel released.

Unexplained - The Forest of Hands and Teeth

It sets out an unexplained catastrophe that turned people into undead, cannibalistic, and mindless creatures roaming around the forest to destroy a group of survivors in a walled village hidden deep in the woods.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 310 pages

Goodreads rating3.59/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.83/10

For The Latest PriceThe Forest of Hands and Teeth

72. Feed

A dystopian genre with a cyberpunk taste is M.T. Anderson’s book “Feed,” which is also the unstoppable command in the story that triggers the infectious virus to spread out and take over the human bodies and minds.

Cyberpunk dystopian genre - Feed

It centres on issues concerning the exploitation happening in the corporate and advertising world.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 599 pages

Goodreads rating3.85/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.80/10

For The Latest PriceFeed

73. Red Rising

Red Rising - set in future Mars

Set in future Mars, “Red Rising” by Pierce Brown tracks down the life of a lowborn miner named Darrow, whom his classmates referred to as “The Reaper” due to the blade he brings around as his weapon, and who is in a quest to destroy the Society by infiltrating the ranks of its Golden elites.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 382 pages

Goodreads rating4.27/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.79/10

For The Latest PriceRed Rising

74. The Dispossessed

The Dispossessed - dystopian book

Ursula K. Le Guin, who brilliantly wrote “The Dispossessed” dystopian book, tells the story of the brilliant physicist Shevek, as he makes an important decision to act on finding the answers to break down the walls of his planet filled with hatred.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 387 pages

Goodreads rating4.22/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.75/10

For The Latest PriceThe Dispossessed

75. This Perfect Day

From the award-winning author Ira Levin, “This Perfect Day” plots a world controlled by a central computer UniComp that keeps every person on the earth in check, so everyone remains fulfilled and helpful “Family members.”

This Perfect Day - award winning author Ira Levin

And so, people’s place, food, partner, and offspring are under the prying eyes of UniComp.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 368 pages

Goodreads rating4.02/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.73/10

For The Latest PriceThis Perfect day

76. The Man in the High Castle

This spine-chilling Hugo-award-winning novel “The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick tells the story of the United States in 1962 when slavery is once again made legal.

The Man in the High Castle - award winning novel

Also, when a few of the Jews who survived hide under false names, as Japan and Nazi Germany now occupy the country, a result to the war America lost two decades ago.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 259 pages

Goodreads rating3.62/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.70/10

For The Latest PriceThe Man in The High Castle

77. Parable of the Sower

Octavia E. Butler’s dystopian novel “Parable of the Sower” follows the life of Lauren Oya Olamina, a young woman who possessed the ability to feel all the sensations she sees to which Butler termed as “hyper empathy or sharing.”

Parable of the Sower - dystopian novel

The story sets in the 2020s, where society is vastly a post-apocalyptic world.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 345 pages

Goodreads rating4.16/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.68/10

For The Latest PriceParable of the Sower

78. The V Girl: A Coming Of Age Story

The V Girl - post-apocalyptic future

Mya Roberts takes us to a new story of romance in a post-apocalyptic future setting in her novel “The V Girl: A Coming of Age Story,” where the main character Lila Velez tries to lose her virginity before the troops visit her and forcedly take it away from her in a nation that makes sexual slavery legal.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 340 pages

Goodreads rating4.02/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.66/10

For The Latest PriceThe V Girl

79. The Adoration of Jenna Fox

“The Adoration of Jenna Fox” by Mary E. Pearson, tells us the story of a seventeen-year-old girl, who got told that her name is Jenna Fox, as she woke up from a year-long coma after a tragic accident.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

While recovering, she gets baffled about whether or not she remembers her past, and if those memories are hers.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 266 pages

Goodreads rating3.69/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.65/10

For The Latest PriceThe Adoration of Jenna Fox

80. Enclave

Enclave - dystopian novel

Ann Aguirre’s dystopian novel takes us at the edge of our seats as she tells a story about the ruins of New York City after struck by plague and war, and that the majority of the communities are now living in the underground “Enclave” territories with life expectancy becomes lesser and not more than the early ’ 20s.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 259 pages

Goodreads rating3.92/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.64/10

For The Latest PriceEnclave

81. The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer

The Diamond Age - dystopian novel

Neal Stephenson’s creates a dystopian novel that is either a coming-of-age-story or moral growth of the main character, and in this case, “The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer” follows the life of Nell, a young girl living in a future world where nanotechnology reigns and affects all aspects of everyone’s life.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –499 pages

Goodreads rating4.19/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.61/10

For The Latest PriceThe Diamond Age

82. The Postman

David Brin tells us a story of a man who wanders around the deserted countryside of Oregon and finds a uniform from the “United States Postal Service,” which he decides to wear and claims that he’s a mail carrier.

The Postman

Hence, “The Postman,” and with it, he starts to give people hope for their nation’s road to recovery.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –321 pages

Goodreads rating3.89/5

Dystopian Books Rating 7.59/10

For The Latest PriceThe Postman

83. The Forever War

This “Nebula Award” recipient talks about a reflective story of human soldiers who are out fighting against the Taurans, an entire alien race, in an interstellar war.

“The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman

“The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman follows a reluctant enlisted Private William Mandella into an elite Military to defend the earth from the aliens.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –278 pages

Goodreads rating4.15/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.57/10

For The Latest PriceThe Forever War

84. Station Eleven

Station Eleven - A literary piece

A literary piece by Emily St. John Mandel, “Station Eleven” narrates the story of a Hollywood star, together with his supposed saviour, and a wandering group of actors, who roam around the neighbourhood of Great Lakes region in a post-apocalyptic world, trying to risk everything for their love for humanity and the art.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –336 pages

Goodreads rating4.04/5

Dystopian Books Rating 7.56/10

For The Latest PriceStation Eleven

85. Incarceron

Catherine Fisher’s dystopian novel “Incarceron” details the story of people living in prison and the struggles that those who live both inside and out of the prison experience.

Incarceron - dystopian novel

Like the main character Finn, who is a prisoner in the area and a prison child. He struggles to find freedom from the walls of the prison that he lives.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –458 pages

Goodreads rating3.64/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.54/10

For The Latest PriceIncarceron

86. The Martian Chronicles

Classic dystopian book - The Martian Chronicles

An all-time classic dystopian book favourite that’s written by Ray Bradbury, “The Martian Chronicles,” accounts for the details of human colonisation to the red planet Mars after fleeing away from the automatically destroyed and deserted Earth, and the conflict that came about between the human invaders and the native Martians.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –182 pages

Goodreads rating 4.14/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.52/10

For The Latest PriceThe Martian Chronicles

87. Swan Song

The “Swan Song” by Robert R. McCammon tells a story of an ancient evil that is roaming around the deserted American landscape after getting destroyed by nuclear war.

Swan Song - deserted American landscape

He is the scarlet-eyed man, who is out to feed on the dark desires of his followers while he yearns to find and kill the child Swan.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages –956 pages

Goodreads rating4.28/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.50/10

For The Latest PriceSwan Song

88. The Plague

Albert Camus shares a chilling tale of people’s relentless horror and survival in confronting death brought by “The Plague” with the main character Dr Bernard Rieux helping the community in fighting and stopping the spread of the epidemic.

 "The Plague" with the main character Dr Bernard Rieux

By doing so, Dr Rieux treated the first victim of the plague.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 308 pages

Goodreads rating4.00/5

Dystopian Books Rating  – 7.47/10

For The Latest PriceThe Plague

89. Alas, Babylon

Alas, Babylon - Cold War

Set in the late 1950s during the peak of the “Cold War” between the Soviet Union and the United States, “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank tells the story of a citizen in the small town of Florida, Fort Repose named Randy Bragg who received a warning from his Air Force officer brother Mark that there’s an imminent nuclear attack.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 323 pages

Goodreads rating4.08/5

Dystopian Books Rating – 7.45/10

For The Latest PriceAlas, Babylon

90. The Testing

The Testing - post apocalyptic world

This Joelle Charbonneau’s 2013 novel “The Testing” outlines a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear war where admission in the university becomes extremely restricted or exclusive and follows the life of a high school student named Malencia “Cia” Vale who gets entangled in a dangerous competition as she tries to enter the university.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 325 pages

Goodreads rating4.05/5

Dystopian Books Rating 7.43/10

For The Latest PriceThe Testing

91. Blood Red Road

Moira Young’s novel tells about a story of Saba, who has spent her entire life in a shrivelled wasteland perpetually devastated by sandstorms, the Silverlake.

Blood Red Road

“Blood Red Road” centres on Saba’s journey as she embarks to get her twin brother Lugh back after four cloaked horsemen took him away and discovers her skills along the way.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 459 pages

Goodreads rating7.40/10

Dystopian Books Rating6.7/10

For The Latest PriceBlood Red Road

92. On The Beach

On the Beach

“On The Beach” by Nevil Shute tells a story of a world destroyed by the nuclear attack of the “World War III.” Seemingly losing hope of his family’s existence, Captain Towers receives a weak Morse code signal that’s coming from around the area of Seattle, hoping for any sign of life.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 296 pages

Goodreads rating 3.94/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.39/10

For The Latest PriceOn The Beach

93. The Dog Stars

Peter Heller narrates the survival of the main character Hig after a flu pandemic killed everyone he loves.

The Dog Stars

While living in the hangar of a deserted airport together with his dog, he receives a random transmission coming through his radio that gives him hope of a better life outside his area.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 320 pages

Goodreads rating3.92/5

Dystopian Books Rating 7.35/10

For The Latest PriceThe Dog Stars

94. The War of the Worlds

Another dystopian novel favourite is “The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells that details the conflict between the human race and the extra-terrestrial or alien civilisation.

The War of the Worlds

The unnamed male narrator shares his experience with his brother of the Martians invading the earth, which begins a few years back before the invasion happens.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 136 pages

Goodreads rating3.82/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.32/10

For The Latest Price – The War of The Worlds

95. Cell

Stephen King Classic - Cell

Adding to the list of Stephen King’s classic is the “Cell” that follows a struggling graphic artist named Clayton Riddell, who is desperate to get reunited with his young son as almost everyone turned into mindless savage creatures after a mysterious cellphone signal broadcast over the global mobile network.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 449 pages

Goodreads rating3.65/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.29/10

For The Latest PriceCell

96. Birthmarked

Dystopian world - Birthmarked

This passionate book about a dystopian world from the brilliant mind of the author Caragh M. O’Brien entails the story of family and loyalty.

It follows the life of the sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone, who lives outside the walled Enclave, tries to rescue her parents held captive inside the confined territory.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 361 pages

Goodreads rating3.89/5

Dystopian Books Rating – 7.25/10

For The Latest PriceBirthmarked

97. Planet of the Apes

Pierre Boulle created this gripping tale of three explorers from Earth visiting a plant that’s orbiting Betelgeuse star where great apes are the superior beings in intelligence and civilization, and humans are of less kind, treated like brutally like an animal.

Worldwide success - Planet of the Apes

Hence, “Planet of the Apes” become a worldwide success in many adaptations.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 268 pages

Goodreads rating3.95/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.22/10

For The Latest PricePlanet of The Apes

98. The Minority Report

Another Philip K. Dick’s piece, “The Minority Report,” plots the story of three mutants in a future society who can see all crimes before they even happen.

The Minority report - future society

These “precogs,” plugged in a powerful machine, let the “Precrime” police division arrest suspects before they can do the actual crime.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 103 pages

Goodreads rating3.83/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.19/10

For The Latest PriceMinority Report

99. The Supernaturalist

Eoin Colfer’s dystopian novel follows the life of the orphaned boy, Cosmo Hill, who gets rescued by the “The Supernaturalists.”

The Supernaturalist

When Cosmo became fourteen years old, he joined the group in their mission to destroy the blue monsters called “Parasites,” which are sucking the life out of the human bodies and are creating chaos throughout the “Satellite City.”

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 267 pages

Goodreads rating3.86/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.15/10

For The Latest PriceThe Supernaturalist

100. The Gate to Women’s Country

Sheri S. Tepper’s best book to date, “The Gate to Women’s Country,” focuses on a nation where women lead the society.

The Gate to Women's Country

Sets after the holocaust and feminist dystopia world, Tepper tells a story of how women divided men into closed military detachments, while they take over every other government functions.

Genre – Dystopian Literature

Pages – 315 pages

Goodreads rating 4.05/5

Dystopian Books Rating7.10/10

For The Latest Price – The Gate To Women’s Country


Overall, there is a multitude of dystopian books worth reading to list. For today, let me leave you a hundred of the best dystopian novels that I have read personally and also firmly believe you will love too. These are just some of the incredible, outrageous, thought-provoking end-of-the-world and post-apocalyptic storylines that will bring you at the edge of your seats.

Each of the books listed offers unique knack and gripping plots. Novels like “1984,” “Hunger Games,” “Fahrenheit 451,” and “Ender’s Game” will give you that eye-opening moment of how evil and unjust absolute totalitarianism affects the people, especially those who are not in power. The suppression of a person’s freedom to live and do what he wants to do shouldn’t be a privilege but a right.

In contrast, shielding people from the real world is also as dreadful as oppression. That’s what the “Giver” gives us. “The Selection,” “Shades of Grey,” and the “Uglies” showed us how media misrepresentation and consumerism significantly impact people’s perception of beauty and social status.

“The Road,” “Oryx and Crake,” “World War Z,” “The Passage,” and “The Plague” allowed us to understand how precious life is, and that in a snap, everything can change. Understanding the context of the narratives is also an eye-opener that we all can relate today with the current situation of the world.

And then, there’s “The Postman,” and “Under the Never Sky” that prove to us how hope, faith, and love can turn everything around despite all the tribulations in life.

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Fun Fact

Is Lord of the Flies dystopian?

Because Lord of the Flies gives the characters as dwelling in a nightmarish, oppressive society because of to their inherently wrong natures, it’s also an instance of dystopian fiction.

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