7 Books Like Can’t Hurt Me You Should Read Next

Self-Help Books Similar to Can’t Hurt Me

Sometimes it’s simple to become distracted and allow unfavorable ideas to intrude. However, if you wish to rectify that, you’ve either already read or have wanted to read David Goggins‘ Can’t Hurt Me.

Goggins describes his transformation from an obese, miserable mid-20s male to a record-breaking athlete in this popular book.

He imparts his knowledge on how to get beyond challenges, especially those we create for ourselves, and how to develop a more optimistic outlook that will support our aims.

Once you’ve read Goggin’s autobiography and are looking for similar novels, you’ll adore these thought-provoking alternatives to Can’t Hurt Me.

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Simon Sinek’s – “Start with Why.”

If you enjoy Can’t Hurt Me, starting with Why is a fantastic alternative. It requires a “why?”-first approach to both business and life.

Author Simon Sinek draws from success stories to identify a theme uniting them all. Before they even started, they all questioned why they were doing and making what they were.

This novel challenges you to think about your actions and how they will help you achieve your goals. This book is educational and inspirational, comparable to Can’t Hurt Me. It offers a straightforward, easy method for altering your appearance and outlook on life and work.

R.K. Jones’ – Don’t Give Two Shits

One will learn to give a crap about the only thing that matters—the things you can control—by reading Don’t Give Two Shits. Either we take life by the horns and ride the wave, each decision paving the way for the next, or we let life ride us.

Don’t Give Two Shits will give you back control over your life by drawing on universal truths, psychological principles, and physical principles. It is possible to retrain our ideas and how we view the world. The mainstream is interested in getting you addicted to blind terror.

How so? Because fear drives consumerism, and fear sells. Your life will become more open to possibilities if you wake up, get to know yourself, and care about your choices. You might not have even considered some of these options yourself.

Start creating your pathways and learn to be more than the sum of your socially created neuroplasticity.

Build a future filled with optimism and desire, and accomplish what you were born to do, not what you have been educated to do, by filling your head with the things you want.

Don’t Give Two Shits can help you find yourself by deprogramming your brainwashing and opening your mind and loci of control to a future in which you are in charge.

Chris Voss’s – Never Split the Difference: Negotiating Like Your Life Depended on It

Alternatively, another book is comparable to Can’t Hurt Me both in terms of the author’s history and the book’s beneficial recommendations. Chris Voss is a former FBI agent who specialized in negotiations for most of his career.

The content in this book is entirely based on experience, and it has a strong connection to reality. Voss takes to everyday negotiations the information that enabled him to be successful in his negotiations.

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Phil Knight’s – Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Nike Creator

This book, written by Nike’s CEO and founder Phil Knight, describes how the renowned corporation was founded.

This book, comparable to Can’t Hurt Me, is fantastic if you seek motivation for beginning and expanding your business. Knight has never been a well-known public personality, but in this insightful book, he shares for the first time the background of Nike.

When he first started his business, there were difficulties and trials. However, the ties he had with his business associates, employees, and partners are what he emphasizes most. They developed it into the recognizable brand we know and adore today using their mutual passion.

When you’re seeking a book to inspire you to dream big and reach new heights, recommendations suggest this book.

It’s a quick, engaging read with a compelling structure. Shoe Dog would appeal to you if you loved Can’t Hurt Me.

Nick Vujicic’s – “Life Without Limits.”

The inspiring tale of Nick Vujicic, born without all four limbs due to a rare disease, can be found in Life Without Limits.

He describes how, despite his struggles, his impairment eventually allowed him to create a beautiful life. He attributes his ability to live a free existence to his religion and his infinite outlook on life.

This book, like Can’t Hurt Me, demonstrates how developing a positive outlook and a strong sense of faith can improve a difficult story. The book is a fantastic autobiography packed with wise counsel and strong faith. It will assist you in seeing your own life as being limitless.

You might also enjoy these novels like The Alchemist, about living life without boundaries, if this book sounds enlightening to you.

Ryan Holiday’s – “The Obstacle In The Way.”

Ryan Holiday demonstrates in this straightforward book how we may make the most difficult times in our lives become our greatest triumphs.

He discusses how to use this idea in your life and the incredibly straightforward math underlying it. The book is jam-packed with real-life accounts of famous people, historical figures, and influential people in the present.

The book is easy to read and provides functional structures that you may use immediately. This book will significantly alter your life if you’re looking for something similar to Can’t Hurt Me.

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Cal Newport’s – Deep Work

The main topic of this book is how to increase your focus and deep work to increase the productivity of your work. This excellent book by Cal Newport offers suggestions for enhancing your working style.

The novel is structured into two sections: the first discusses the importance of enhancing deep work, and the second offers a serious, actionable method for enhancing your focus and deep work.

This is an important book to read if you want to boost the efficiency of your work and how you use your time. It is a book like Can’t Hurt Me in that it offers concrete suggestions for building an entirely new kind of work-life balance.


The best seven books comparable to Can’t Hurt Me range from informative biographies to motivational self-help books. These wise books will undoubtedly help you improve the quality of your life.

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