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This Lullaby

She knows how to do it all.Alternatively, does she? Remy has a comprehensive list of rules when it comes to relationships.Never be overly grave. Never allow him to hurt your feelings. A musician should never, ever be your date.But after Remy meets Dexter, it seems as though the rules are no longer relevant.Could it be that she’s beginning to comprehend the meaning behind all those love songs?

Author: Sarah Dessen

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like This Lullaby that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!


Luce is convinced that something—or someone—from a previous existence can assist her in the present. She then sets out on the most significant voyage of her lifetime. ..travelling back in time to really experience her relationships with Daniel. ..and at last find the secret to making their love endure.

Author: Lauren Kate


(2)What I Thought Was True

This summer, Cassidy Somers—Gwen Castle’s Biggest Mistake Ever—is scrounging a living as a yard boy on her lovely island a la Nantucket. She comes from a family of fisherman and housecleaners who maintain the happiness of the island’s summer residents, while he is a wealthy young man from Stony Bay over the bridge. Gwen worries that she will also spend her life cleaning houses, but just when it seems like she will never leave the island or her past, Gwen’s dad offers her some startling advise.

Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick


(3)Since You’ve Been Gone

Prior to Sloane, Emily hardly ever chatted to males, attended parties, or did anything reckless. Sloane, a social whirlwind and the best kind of best friend—someone who forces you out of your shell—enters the picture.

Author: Morgan Matson 



(4) All-American Girl

Samantha Madison is a typical sophomore living in Washington, DC, when she unintentionally foils a plot to kill the president in the middle of buying cookies and looking through CDs. Before she can say “MTV2,” she has been named the UN’s Teen Ambassador and has attracted the First Son’s attention.

Author: Meg Cabot


(5) The Start of Me and You

It has been a year since Paige Hancock’s first boyfriend was fatally injured in an accident. Paige is finally prepared for a second opportunity at high school after stifling her connection to the outside world for two years. well as a strategy. The only approach to persuade everyone that she is back to normal is to first get her old crush, Ryan Chase, to start dating her. The next step is to join a club; after all, it is high school. However, Paige’s well-laid plans are seriously derailed when Ryan’s charming, nerdy cousin, Max, relocates to the area and signs her up for the Quiz Bowl team (of all things!). Will Paige finally be ready to confront her fears and let the life she was destined to live in?

Author: Emery Lord 


Best Books to Read Like This Lullaby

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