The Top 5 Donald Duck Comics You Should Read Right Now

Donald Duck has been a beloved character in comic books for decades, and there are many classic and entertaining stories to choose from. Here are five top Donald Duck comics that you might want to consider reading:

“The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” by Don Rosa:

This critically acclaimed comic series explores the rich backstory of Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck’s wealthy and adventurous uncle. The series delves into Scrooge’s early life, his rise to riches, and his various escapades around the world. It’s not only a fantastic Donald Duck comic but also a captivating exploration of Scrooge’s character.

“The Carl Barks Library” by Carl Barks:

Carl Barks is often considered one of the greatest Donald Duck comic creators. His stories are known for their humor, creativity, and engaging plots. The Carl Barks Library collects his classic stories, including “Lost in the Andes,” “The Seven Cities of Cibola,” and “Christmas on Bear Mountain.”

“The Don Rosa Library” by Don Rosa:

Don Rosa, inspired by Carl Barks, continued the tradition of creating fantastic Donald Duck stories. His library includes iconic tales like “The Son of the Sun,” where Scrooge and Donald explore Incan ruins in search of treasure, and “The Black Knight Glorps Again,” featuring time-traveling adventures.

“DuckTales (2017)” by Various Authors:

This comic series ties into the popular “DuckTales” animated TV show reboot. It features Donald Duck, his nephews, and various other characters on new adventures. The comics capture the spirit of the show and offer fresh and entertaining stories.

“Donald Duck: The Complete Sunday Comics” by Carl Barks:

This collection gathers Carl Barks’ Sunday comic strips, which often featured longer and more elaborate stories than the daily strips. It’s a great way to enjoy longer Donald Duck adventures and appreciate Barks’ storytelling skills.

Remember that availability may vary based on your location and whether you’re looking for physical copies or digital versions. These comics offer a mix of humor, adventure, and heartwarming moments that have made Donald Duck a beloved character for generations. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of Donald Duck comics, these selections should provide you with plenty of enjoyable reading material.

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