Australian Liberal Party Key Policies 2022

Australia Election 2022 Key Policies From Liberal Party

The Liberal Party have had some time to get things right now, yet they have left the country wanting. With Scott Morrison at the helm, they have often left themselves open to ridicule can turn things around. Also to be fair they have had to deal with a ridiculous pandemic and while state governments often made a lot of tough choices so did the Federal one.

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Liberal Policies in a Nut Shell 2022

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More Australian Jobs

With nearly 1.9 million new jobs created since 2013, the Coalition has become the largest party in British history. After overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Recession, our labour market has shown remarkable resilience. In the wake of the pandemic, Australia outperformed all of the major advanced economies when it came to job creation and economic growth.

Plan for Forestry

In Australia’s plan to increase agriculture’s value to $100 billion by 2030, the forestry sector plays a crucial role. Only the Coalition Government has a plan to help the industry achieve this goal.

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Strengthening Australia’s World Class Health System

Health is of utmost importance to the Coalition Government. Because of this, they have invested record amounts in Australia’s health system, making it one of the top three systems in the world-saving and protecting lives in the face of a global pandemic. In 2022-23, they plan to invest $132 billion in health portfolios, which will grow to $140 billion by 2025-26. This investment guarantees Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), record hospital funding and more mental health support, more doctor support, and more medical research.

Housing and Home Ownership

Australians have always dreamed of owning their own home. With a range of support to help home buyers, the Coalition Government is committed to this goal. A strong record of prioritizing homeownership has been compiled by the Coalition. Australian retirees benefit from having their own home to maintain their living standards. 85% of renters want to own their homes one day. Owning a home offers individuals and families a sense of stability and security.

Resource Management

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s resources sector has played an important role in powering Australia’s economy. Over 60 per cent of Australia’s exports come from this sector, which accounts for around 10 per cent of Australia’s GDP. Nearly 280,000 people are directly employed by the industry; 1.1 million people indirectly are supported, as well as many local communities and businesses in regional Australia.

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Western Australia

Australia has a strong economy under the Morrison Government, leading the world in virtually every measure – economic growth, job creation, and debt levels. With unemployment in the state falling to 3.4 per cent, the best result in more than 13 years, WA has already overcome the biggest shock to the economy since the Great Depression.

Keeping Australians Safe on our Roads

As part of their commitment to keeping Australians safe on the roads, they have committed to:

  1. Upgrades to key regional roads are included in the Roads to Recovery Program, which will cost $7.2 billion
  2. To maintain and improve our key freight corridors, 5.8 billion dollars will be allocated to the Roads of Strategic Importance Initiative
  3. Supporting the Road Safety Program with $3 billion to improve road safety in regional and urban areas
  4. The Black Spot Program will provide $1.33 billion for safety work on roads where crashes are known to occur
  5. The Bridges Renewal Program will provide 900 million dollars for bridges across the nation to be upgraded
  6. In the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program, 650 million dollars will be invested in getting trucks and their drivers on safer roads and improving productivity.

Lower Taxes

In order to ensure Australians keep more of their earnings, to foster small businesses and help them grow, and to increase investment and strengthen productivity, the Morrison Government is delivering lower, fairer and simpler taxes. Morrison’s re-election means he will keep tax hikes under control. Taxes below 23.9 per cent of GDP won’t lead to unfair burdens on Australians or harm economic growth.

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Youth Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

In the event of a re-elected Coalition Government:

  1. Provide Alice Springs with additional CCTV capabilities ($600,000).
  2. Encourage diversionary activities in Alice Springs ($3.9 million).
  3. Encourage more patrols in the community more often ($4 million).
  4. Increase employment in the region.
  5. Developing more Safe and Secure Places for Young People (up to $2 million).
  6. Provide a new mental health service, Head to Health ($3.4 million).

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