Top 10 Of Scott Morrison’s Controversial Moments

Political Review – Scott Morrison’s Controversial Moments

Scott Morrison is the current premier of Australia, and he is widely known as the “conservative pragmatist” of Australia’s Liberal Party. Despite taking a conservative stance more so often, he somehow manages to retain his position within the Liberal Party.

Scott has never been a below-the-radar political personality, he has always expressed himself more clearly and perspicuously. He does not choose expedience over his instinct; he always reveals what concerns him. And, that makes him a politician of multiple shades.

Scott has not been a monotonous personality. He has had his share of controversies. At times, he has been the centre of attention for saying something that tends to create a squabble. Needless to say, it is quite common for a politician to have a good deal of controversial moments.

Top 10 Of Scott Morrison’s Controversial Moments

Here’s the list of deeds that brought trouble to Scott Morrison:

1. Morrison Has Been Accused By His Predecessor Of Conspiring Against Him

It is a no-brainer that Morrison replaced Malcolm Turnball to become the prime minister of Australia. Most people liked the fact that he made Dutton bite the dust in re-election, but does it imply that he had no contribution in overthrowing Turnball’s government? Well, it’s not as simple as it looks.

Initially, it wasn’t Morrison but Peter Dutton who openly challenged Turnball’s position, it wasn’t Dutton who made Turnball’s life miserable despite being a part of his cabinet. Still, Turnball raised a buttload of questions on Morrison’s integrity as Australia’s prime minister. Turnball firmly believes Morrison was covertly conspiring against him.

2. Morrison Defended Hateful Remarks Directed At Gay Couples

When one of his colleagues disapproved same-sex marriage in the parliament, Morrison stood by her side and continued to defend the vexed remarks given by her. As we all know that Morrison adheres to the conservative values of Australia, he cannot see eye to eye with the idea of same-sex marriage. Like all other conservatives, he believes that marriage is a pious bond that can happen between people of the opposite sex.

When he rooted for anti-gay marriage remarks given by his colleague, Gladys Lui, it invited a lot of criticism for him. He had to take it all with a pinch of salt as he had no ambition for rebutting the statement that he made in the first place.

3. Morrison Made Scornful Remarks Against Globalism

Morrison came up with the term “negative globalism” in the first place. He urged all other nations that, according to him, are as sovereign as Australia to reconsider the policies adhering to globalism. He seems to be sternly against internationalism. This statement was largely criticized and despised by people from all corners of the world. Of course, there would be some people agreeing with him on this fallacious statement, but it drew a great deal of castigation too — hence, controversial.

4. Morrison Sought Reclassification Of China As A Developed Country

Scott Morrison has been in dispute with China on so many levels. Once, he even doubted if China is actually a developed country. Chinese customs might not go hand in hand with the Australian or Western customs, but does it give anyone the right to question China’s status as a developed or a first-world nation?

This statement made by him stirred a whole new debate that didn’t do any good to Morrison’s persona. The statement was a bit unnecessary and could have been avoided at best.

5. Morrison Vacationed In Hawaii In The Time Of Crises

The most significant controversy of his entire political career has been his absence at The Lodge when Australia was enduring a mammoth crisis. When the bushfire took place, Morrison was allegedly vacationing in Hawaii with his wife and two daughters. This was perhaps the greatest setback of his political career as he was, by and large, disgusted over this negligence.

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6. Morrison Was Severely Castigated By Turnball For His Conduct

When he was on an unannounced vacation in the moment of crisis, everyone poured scorn on this act of his. On top of the list were his party-mate and ex-prime minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnball, who went totally merciless and besmirched it. He literally said he cannot explain the conduct of Morrison.

7. The Affectees Of Bushfire Showed Him The Mirror-To-Reality

One of the worst moments of his entire life must have been his visit to the affectees of the bushfire. When he reached there, he received a lot of slurring as people didn’t like him showing up so late. When the crisis was at a peak, he was absent from the scene and Australian people had been looking high and low for their premier. That’s the reason, contrary to his expectations, he didn’t get a warm reception when he went to console the survivors.

8. Morrison Got Severely Criticized For His Sports Package Of $100 Million

Morrison had to face the affront when he, along with his sports minister, McKenzie, planned a sports package of $100 million. The National Audit Office spilled the beans about their plans and made them sheepish before the entire nation.

9. Morrison Got Lambasted For Releasing a Video Of Self-Promotion In The Guise Of Bushfire Measures

When Morrison came back from his vacation, he tried to retrieve the reputation he had lost. He came up with more measures that could help control the wild situation. He tried to do it in a way that delineated him as a hero and saviour of the nation, but most, unfortunately, he was too late for a political stunt like this. His attempt to heroize this step taken by him backfired and people on twitter beat the daylights out of him for this kiddish act.

10. Morrison Asked For An Inquiry Into China’s Role In Spreading The Coronavirus

Morrison recently got into hot waters with the Chinese authorities. He urged the WHO to initiate a thorough investigation into the matter that could bring about the hidden facts. Indirectly, he was accusing Beijing of concealing the facts. In response to this statement, the Chinese government threatened to hit them back by stopping Chinese students and tourists from visiting Australia. Australia heavily relies on foreign students for their economy. Hence China calculated it very well and tried to hit them where it hurts the most.

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Top 10 Of Scott Morrison’s Controversial Moments

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