Top 10 Of Anthony Albanese’s Controversial Moments

Political Review – Anthony Albanese’s Controversial Moments

Anthony Albanese has been one of the most renowned and fabled politicians of Australia in the present age. He has achieved a number of things in a very short span, and he certainly looks forward to bagging more. Although he sports a continuously ascending career graph, there is a good deal of things that he may repent. 

 He has been into a number of controversies, and we surely need to shed some light upon them. Here’s a bunch of things he thinks he shouldn’t have done in the first place:

1. Anthony Albanese Called Out The Nationals On Their Lazy Cynicism

Anthony Albanese is the opposition leader of the Australian parliament, and he does not let the people in the government get any kind of leverage, that’s the reason he tries to get on top of them every single time. Be it the Liberals themselves or the Nationals who are in coalition with the Liberals -Albanese does not like to have mercy on either of the two.

In an appeal to NSW country, he openly castigated the Nationals calling their stance ‘’lazy cynicism’’. He found it categorically accurate, so he used it in this context without thinking about what impact it could create amongst the people keeping an eagle’s eye on Australian politics. 

2. Albanese has been told to grow some balls by John Setka

John Setka tweeted something about Albanese, which he might not have liked a lot. It was between the two rivals who did not see eye to eye with each other on some policy, and one of them started hitting below the belt. John Setka passed some rude remarks on Albanese that he took with a pinch of salt. It was plainly because of the unionists walking out on Albanese.

3. Albanese’s Counterblast On The Progressives For Trying To Find Easy Answers To Complex Questions

When the progressives on social media castigated the Labour party for they voted in favour of Morrison’s policy after criticizing it – just to adhere to some sort of expedience, Albanese did not stay quiet. He responded to the people lambasting his party for taking a U-turn. He told them that they’re acting like a bunch of laymen who look for easy answers avoiding all the complexities. Albanese managed to defend his party’s decision at the top of his lungs. He is, after all, a Labour Party stalwart, and he does not shy away from accepting the fact. 

4. Albanese Mocked The Freelance Market Calling It ‘’The So-Called Gig-Economy’’

Albanese has once derided the freelance market and online jobs, for he did not seem to be fond of their way of making dollars. This mockery was not worth any appreciation as people earning from online sources are also hard-working people, and they earn using all the legal means. It was really unlikely of the opposition leader to come up with this kind of jibber-jabber. No two ways about it, he should have respected their way of raking in. 

5. Albanese Has Been Trying To Make His Party Shift To The Centre

Albanese often gets castigated by the people leaning towards the left because they accuse him of trying to push the party towards the centre. His opinion has often been disliked among the left-inclining people because Albanese undoubtedly tries to appease people on the other side of the argument. He so wants to become a populist, and that’s why he seems to be losing the core support his party used to hold. This is likely to cost him something huge, but he doesn’t seem to care.

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6. In Order To Voice His Concern For The Working Class, He Mocked Uber And Deliveroo

Albanese seems to do everything that tends to portray him as a populist. He often remains worried about the issues of the working class or the low-wage workers, to be precise. He does not leave any opportunity to capitalize on his concern. He did something similar in the past when he tried to belittle the efforts of people working at Uber and Deliveroo, and he did this solely because he wanted to gratify the low-wage working class that gets primarily affected by these companies working online. He believed that the workers working on the ground would be negatively influenced by those who work contrariwise. 

7. Albanese Gave a Harsh Comment on Plutocrats That Literally Irked Some People

Albanese seems to be liking socialist economic policies, and he actually despises capitalists to some extent. There was a point when he compelled some people to detest him because of his comments about the capitalistic policies of the country. He named them plutocrats and urged them to watch their actions when they are unjust and inequitable. 

This got him into hot waters with many people of rather high prestige. All the capitalists didn’t approve of the jibe he took at them. They hated this statement given by him — which might or might not have made any difference to Albanese because he is a stern socialist.

8. Albanese Did Not Want To Think Of China As An Enemy

Albanese had never wanted to target China for the spread of the virus. Yes, he does acknowledge the fact that China is partly responsible for the outbreak and the economic loss different countries of the world have been enduring. Still, when the Liberal party wanted to sue China over this negligence, he came up opposing it, and expediency was the reason behind it.

He does not want China to be looked at as an Australian enemy. He believes China is a rapidly developing country, and Australia has a plethora of benefits to cash from their accompany. Hence he did not want anyone to file a lawsuit against China.

9. Albanese Has Been Called Out On By Josh Frydenberg

According to Josh Frydenberg, the Labour Party’s leadership has changed, but their mindset and prime ideology haven’t changed and are not even likely to change.

10. Albanese and Bill Shorten Aren’t On Talking Terms After The Election They Fought Against Each Other

They do not seem to be on good terms because both of them had stood up to each other in the intraparty elections. 

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Top 10 Of Anthony Albanese’s Controversial Moments

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