Australian Labor Party Key Policies 2022

Australia Election 2022 Key Policies From Labor

Labor and Anthony Albanese have a plan for a better future.
It is imperative that Australia has a leader who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get things done. Nevertheless, Scott Morrison refuses to accept responsibility, goes missing, blames others and can’t admit his mistakes after nearly a decade in office. Australians have been held back by Morrison’s mistakes from the bushfires to the vaccine rollout and not securing enough rapid tests.


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It is time for Australia to move forward.

Labor and Anthony Albanese will achieve the following goals with your help at the 2022 federal election:
Make Medicare more accessible to people. Increase the number of university places and Fee-Free TAFE programs in the state to improve local jobs. Better conditions and pay will also improve job security. So working families can get ahead, we should make child care cheaper. Work with Aussie businesses to invest in manufacturing and renewables so that we can create more jobs here in Australia. In a Labor-led country, everyone will have the opportunity to succeed. 
Please read below for more information about Anthony Albanese and Labor’s plan for a better future for Australians.

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Key Policy 2022 Pledges Australia Labour Party

Making it easier to see a doctor

Health care demand continues to rise – we need more GPs and better access to other health care professionals. In the absence of this, seeing a GP will become more challenging, and the fees for seeing one will be even higher. Taking pressure off our hospitals can only be accomplished by fixing primary care.

It is important to have a secure job that pays the bills. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In Australia, 1.7 million people are unemployed or seeking more hours. The majority don’t qualify for a home loan, cannot get sick leave, and are unable to advance in their careers. ahead. A Labor leader will deal with job insecurity and low wages directly. Labor also invest in the skills Australia needs to drive future economic growth. ‘Labor’ will provide Australians access to fee-free TAFE, increase university places, and address the skills shortages holding back our COVID-19 comeback.

Labor’s Plan for Cheaper Child Care

Parents are unable to work because of the high cost of early childhood education. The cost of child care is prohibitive for almost 73,000 families, preventing their children from having the same opportunities to learn and preventing women from working the hours they want.

Making things in Australia must be a national pastime. We have seen the results of almost a decade of overseas manufacturing and neglect of Australian workers: fewer jobs, missed opportunities, and a nation left vulnerable to Coronavirus. In its comprehensive plan, Labor aims to create jobs, invest in education and training, bring industry expertise back home, and boost national productivity. Our manufacturing industry will be rebuilt under an Albanese Labor government, and we will build a future made right here in Australia.

Supporting schools, TAFEs and universities

From early learning to universities to TAFEs, Labor believes that a good education will open doors to a lifetime of opportunity.

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Labor’s Powering Australia plan aims to create jobs, reduce power bills, and reduce emissions through the use of renewable energy. Under this plan, renewable energy will be more affordable for Australian homes and businesses.

Lower Taxes

Labor’s legislative tax cuts will benefit all Australians with incomes above $45,000 under an Albanese Labor Government. A $420 increase in the low-and-middle-income tax offset will also help Australians cope with the cost of living this year, according to Labor. After a difficult few years for Australia and the world, Labor will provide certainty and clarity on taxes for Australian working families.

Labor’s Better Deal for Small Business

The Albanese Labor Party will implement a Better Deal for Small Businesses, ensuring that they are paid on time, reducing transaction fees at the point of payment, and making the government work for them.

National Security

According to Labor’s national security policy, there are three key principles:

  1. Ensuring Australia’s sovereignty
  2. Standing up in the face of external threats
  3. Creating sustainable growth, secure employment, and a unified community for Australia’s economic prosperity and social stability.

Safer and More Affordable Housing

In public housing, Anthony Albanese was raised by a single mother receiving a disability pension. As a result of a safe and stable environment, he was able to receive a good education and start off on the right foot. He understands how important it is to have a roof over your head. More social housing needs to be built, existing housing needs to be upgraded, and homeownership needs to be made accessible to all Australians.

Aged Care

During an Albanese Labor government, practical measures will be taken to ensure older Australians receive the aged care they deserve:

  1. Registered nurses on-site 24/7
  2. More carers with more time to care
  3. A pay rise for aged care workers
  4. Better food for residents
  5. Dollars going to care

Equality for Women

Women in Australia don’t want special treatment; they just want equality.

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Women’s Safety

Violence should not be tolerated in Australia. Women between the ages of 14 and 45 in Australia suffer more serious injuries, disabilities, and deaths from domestic violence than any other cause. The average number of women killed each week by their current or former partners is one.

First Nations

A Labor government will renew our national commitment to reconciliation by fully implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart and working with First Nations people in genuine partnership for better outcomes, starting with the implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Protecting our Unique Environment

Environmental protection is a proud tradition of Labor. In government, Labor protected the Daintree, Kakadu, Great Barrier Reef, Franklin and Antarctica. Landcare and the largest marine park network in the world were created by us.

National Anti-Corruption Commission

Labour-led government by Albanese will create an independent and powerful anti-corruption commission.

Better support for people living with disability

A Labor government will ensure that no Australian with a disability is left behind – from ensuring the NDIS works for those who need it, to coordinating support for all 4.4 million Australians with disabilities.

An Equal and Inclusive Nation

Labor believes that everyone in Australia has the right to live life without discrimination. The anti-discrimination law framework in Australia was primarily designed by Labor. In order to keep that framework useful, accessible and high-quality, we will continue to defend and enhance it.

By investing $200 million per year in disaster prevention and resilience, an Albanese Labor Government would improve Australia’s disaster readiness. A Federal Government that plans ahead and invests to protect Australians who face bushfires, floods, and cyclones every year deserves their protection.

By providing the ABC and SBS with five-year funding terms, an Albanese Labor Government will provide certainty for the national broadcasters. Labor has pledged to fund the ABC for five years, in addition to its previous commitment that an Albanese government would reverse Scott Morrison’s cut of $83.7 million.

Labor’s New Youth Engagement Model

Albanese Labor is committed to providing young Australians with strong and formalised participation in government and policymaking.

Over the past decade, the Coalition has cut funding and outsourced significant parts of the Australian Public Service (APS). Employees of the APS have been attacked on wages, conditions, and job security by a government that does not value or respect the role they play in delivering public services to the Australian people.

Fixing the NBN

With full-fibre NBN access to 1.5 million premises, an Albanese Labor Government will provide more Australian families and businesses with quality, high-speed internet.

Labor’s Plan to Future-Proof Australia’s Water Resources

As part of Labor’s Water for Australia plan, a National Water Commission will be established, as well as the National Water Grid Investment Framework will be widened to finance a wider range of water supply projects.

Labor 2022 Election What They Stand For

That’s a lot of policy and with some really good points made. time will see if they get elected and how many they actually implement, but certainly some vote winners in there. Comment below and share your opinion.

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