10 Technologies to Become Mainstream in 2020

Ten Trending Technologies Expected for 2020

During the post-modern ages, the global world progressed at different technology levels. Some technologies advanced to a higher popularity level than others. Technology development aligns with human needs and expectations. Diverse growth and new inventions form part of generational innovations or thinking. The article below attempts to highlight the ten trending technologies expected for 2020.

1. Facial Recognition

Strange as it is facial recognition commenced to play a critical role in all levels of society. Our initial exposure to the trend focused on futuristic videos or magazines but recently changed to something real. Facial recognition started to form part of your mobile phone, laptop, and even available at your local bank. Apart from technology and mobile companies who themselves integrate facial recognition into their equipment, it developed into something more significant. Various well-known companies in different sectors started to implement facial recognition at workplaces. The ability of a system to allow access to an employee assisted with controllable management at workplaces. Apart from the practical side of technology, it supports security. In a world known to experience increased technology trends, the need for security methods started. Facial recognition I see as one of the number 1 trending technologies expected for 2020.

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2. Robotics

Significant research invested in robotics by diverse technology companies has shown an upward trend since 2018. Using robotics in everyday lifestyle started to shape the technology trend into something more practical. Using robotics in diverse industries, for example, the health sector, automotive industry, infrastructure, agriculture and mining environments exploded. Using robotics to manage daily home tasks started to become a reality.

Progressive research has shown the use of robotics in courier services, grocery deliveries and digital health care. Although the use of robotics presents highly debatable discussions, the trend is forming. One of the key discussions relates to the use of robots in large-scale labour-intensive environments. Humankind’s fear of losing employment opportunities because of robotics developed into intensive global discussions. Still, the use of robotics presents a significant opportunity to assist people in different sectors. I, therefore, give robotics a number 2 on the trending technologies list expected for 2020.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A person can find AI everywhere and technology materialises as part of all aspects of daily life. The significant research to develop intelligent machines becomes part of continuous computer science innovations. Computers and machines that can think, plan, learn, read, or innovate may provide the answer to various humankind complexities. Already, the fundamentals of computers embedded in mathematical and logical thinking presented wide-open opportunities to humankind.

Expanded possibilities exist related to security, eye reading, international or national security, increased health diagnosis, help to the vulnerable and complex illness sicknesses. Globally, each country started planning its own AI strategies. AI started to become the new race for the best innovative technology. The development and use of AI developed into a necessity. I give AI a number 3 on the list of ten trending technologies expected in 2020.

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4. Voice Technology

During many years’ technology focused on a visual approach, but an added invention started to develop. Using voice technology in computers, mobile phones, communication network systems and laptops progressed significantly. Still, your laptop offering a voice option seems strange but offers some practicalities. Society growth resulted in increasingly busy lives. The technology aims to make people’s lives practical. Using voice technology can assist a person to research or implement diverse tasks significantly easier. How much more relaxed when a person can ask your phone a research question instead of typing?

Globally, people commenced to travel beyond the ordinary and the use of an online language translation program started to become a necessity. How many times do we need to ask a basic question in a foreign country without knowing the correct words? The innovative voice technology environment I expect to grow intensively. The idea forms part of a practical and easier approach to deliver on your daily tasks. I give voice technology a number 4 on the list of ten trending technologies expected for 2020.

5. Edge Computing

Edge focused on computing infrastructure existent in close vicinity of data sources commenced playing a critical part in trending technology. Some examples relate to industrial machines, large-scale alternative energy equipment and manufacturing industries. Edge computing provides an opportunity for the machine to analyse and store data. Continuous growth in industry technology requires clever machine thinking aligned with cloud-based usage.

This option becomes highly significant in the automotive environment or extractive industries. Because of the increasing pressure on industries to become more clever thinking, Edge computing increasingly requires improvement and growth. I give Edge computing a number 5 on the list of ten trending technologies expected in 2020.

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6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT forms part of a wide range of technology talk and can easily become a generic term. IoT offers a network who comprise the ability to connect diverse devices, use IP identifiers and gather data. Although it sounds simple, the complexity of IoT covers a wide range of computer technology sciences. IoT receives a unique character because of the ability to communicate and use digital technology to communicate. IoT focuses on digital and smart thinking. Because of the enormous effect on the business environment, the growth in IoT becomes extensively important. The role of IoT in connecting humankind needs to systems allow for continuous improvement environments. IoT receives a number 6 on the list of ten trending technologies in 2020.

7. Smart Watches

Smartwatches changed in a significant new technology format since the original digital innovations. Initially, we thought of smartwatches to assist with a reading of heart rate, pulse, and activity levels. Smartwatch technology progressed to a level where individual use commenced to align with health sector objectives. Apart from your smartwatch sending data to your health profile, it can also assist with keeping your activity levels up to date. Smartwatches transformed into a method of communication, staying up to date with news events, climate changes, environmental disasters or financial stock changes.

Increasingly diverse companies attempt to align their innovative thinking with smartwatch technologies. In the business world, smartwatches offer a practical method of keeping your clients up to date, schedule meetings, or planning your work diary.

The continuous growth in the smartwatch environment allows the technology to receive a number 7 on the list of ten trending technologies expected for 2020.

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8. 5G

The term 5G technology forms part of many executive board meeting discussions. Data use and management aligned with 5G forms part of extensive growth in technology development. Implementing 5G opens diverse opportunities in the network environment and data transfer opportunities. In a global environment where increasingly we look for speed and quick work responses, the continuous improvement of data use, storage and transfer become increasingly important.

Mobile network companies invest high-level efforts and funding in this trending environment. I give 5G a number 8 on the list of ten trending technologies expected for 2020.

9. VR

Using VR as part of a gaming component, communication or creative technology method plays a key role in technology development. VR commenced to grow and reach high levels of increasing practical use. For example, the creation of alternative realities allows researchers to understand the working of the brain. VR plays a significant role in the scientific environment.

Increasingly, VR technology presents different opportunities in the tourism market. It allows an individual interested in historical features and artefacts to visit these sites via VR. It provides an opportunity to access sensitive archaeological sites and limit the human impact in these areas. The many investments and growth in the VR technology environment permit the invention to receive a number 9 on the list of ten trending technologies expected for 2020.

10. Drones

Globally, communities look for new methods to work smart. Drone usage in the developing world increased to complex levels of technical support. Drone technology allows clever ways of understanding diverse natural, cultural and infrastructure landscapes. Different drone shapes and sizes developed by the technology industry provide clever ways for diverse industries to operate smartly.

Drone development aligned with data collection, analysis and transfer opened a world of clever surveying. Other usages aligned with image collection and scientific analysis of areas unknown to humankind increased drone technology popularity. Continuously the drone technology progresses to higher scientific requirements. I give drone technology a number 10 on the ten trending technologies expected for 2020.

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Final Say

Ten trending technologies in 2020 summarise popular technology growth during 2020. Trending technologies diversify between facial recognition to drones. Technology forms part of humankind’s ability to grow and develop. Each technology type increases its trends aligned with society’s needs. Some technology trends related to industry growth, business modelling, or computer science innovations impacted various development formats. Diverse technologies are continuing to develop and align with new methods of smart thinking. The development of new technology types aligned with innovative thinking continuously allows for new technology investments. Without technology growth, society cannot progress to higher levels of scientific intelligence. It becomes important to continuously identify new technology methods to assist the health sector, automotive industry and computer science environment. Internationally and nationally, the use of technology forms part of the government and diverse industries approach to grow and reach higher achievement levels. Some technologies receive greater investments than others, but overall it focuses on digital and smart thinking. Technology trends change continuously.



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