Worst Double Dates Ever

Top 5 Worst Double Date Experience

Have you ever been to double date? Then you already know how messy it can get. If not and you’re planning on going, read this first. It might change your mind. Or at least help you learn what not to do.

1. It Isn’t A Competition

Don’t overdo the romantic stuff with your partner just to show you’re a better couple. Because then the other couple will probably try to do the same thing. And the whole date turns to a competition – who can make out longer? Trust us, no one will actually have a good time. Get a room!

2. 1 on 1 conversation

Don’t forget, you’re not on a date, you’re on a double date. Make it a group conversation and, if that’s not happening, try and involve everyone yourself. If you just talk to your partners, what’s the point of a double date? So, eye contact with everyone and let the drinks come. Which brings us to the next no-no.

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3. Don’t Get Wasted

This might imply, and it might not – depends on your group. If both couples get drunk, who knows, you might even have a blast. Or it can be a total disaster. Especially if it’s your first double date. But if you’re the only one that got drunk, you’ll definitely ruin it for everyone else. But, hey, at least you’ll have a good time. Probably.

4. Don’t Underdress

Even though it’s not a competition, a first impression is always important. So, don’t dress for the Red carpet, but also don’t go in your sweat pants, okay? Just dress nicely, so the other couple doesn’t think you’re a hobo. Unless that’s your targeted style. It’s a thing now, really, and not as cheap as you would expect. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

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5. Total Awkwardness

The other couple is lovingly holding hands, giggling, looking at each other with passion, while you and your partner sit still. This is not a competition thing, it’s a simple realisation that the other couple has better chemistry. It will bum you out though. You will stare into the vast emptiness and think: “Why the hell did I agree to this in the first place?” Eventually, your lack of chemistry will be so visible that the other couple will feel awkward and probably just call it a night.

Now, do you still wanna go on a double date? You do? Great. Come back after and tell us everything that went wrong, so we can make a part 2.  

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