Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Killing Your Partner During Lockdown

Follow These Top 10 Tips To Avoid A Nasty Fight With Your Partner During Lockdown

Top 10 tips on how to avoid killing your partner during Lockdown. The entire world experiences a global pandemic, and its consequences remain unknown. Most countries locked their citizens at their homes, to stop the increasing number of patients suffering from the virus.

In reality, when you live with your loved ones 24/7 it will surely bring the fights and destroy relationships. Many spouses notice the bad habits now in this lockdown, even after living many years together. In India, a man killed his wife out of frustration, and that’s insane.

There are many things that you can contemplate during this time.

1. Top 10 Tip: Narrating Stories

Narrating stories, a top tip on how to avoid killing your partner. Have you heard about Diamond Princess? No, it has no relation with any mysterious princess or diamonds in an ocean or a historical myth. We talk about the company that owns the ship “Princess Cruises”. Well, this is not our topic but coming to the topic this ship suffered from a recent coronavirus outbreak. When this ship caught coronavirus, all couples became enclosed and locked in their rooms.

This resulted in immense frustration and panic. But this doesn’t happen with Ellis and his wife Kimberly. They utilised their time talking to each other about their experiences of life and they told their stories to each other.

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2. Understand Your Partner during Lockdown

Understanding your partner during lockdown may seem crazy but possible. Emotions and ideas give colours to life and your family. If it designs the whole family system with the colours of love, trust, patience, care, understanding, sacrifice, and responsibility, you form a rainbow of life. We are here to survive, and survival is only possible if we accept others. You must understand yourself before you try to understand your partner, and your feelings must be more regular and energetic. Are your feelings balanced and positive? Attempt to understand your partner, it may prevent you from killing your partner.

Even if you are feeling the tension and pressure intensely, you must not take it seriously and try to focus on other things. Don’t worry since they all are natural things and happen to everybody and can happen to your partner too. Give them the margin to feel what they want. Recollect that there are no wrong feelings, only the wrong actions.

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3. Give Space to Each Other

Remember to give each other space. Not giving space to your partners may increase frustration and fights too. In a balanced relationship, everything relates to proportion and allowing each other the freedom to breathe. This is how you respect each other and this is the best thing you can do as partners.

4. Respect Each Other’s Opinions

Important to respect each other’s opinions, especially during these difficult times. Every man and woman in this world can make opinions and think about different perceptions of the world. Generally, people feel and think differently. So, allow your partner to express their own opinion too. I think both people should try seeing the world from the lens of their partners. To get rid of the couple fights, respect each other and their opinions. A man should try thinking from a woman’s perspective, and the woman should do the same. This can improve understanding on different levels.

5. Avoid Killing Your Partner: Play Games

Avoid killing your partner and play games. This makes you and your partner feel a lot more relaxed. Everyone should play games to combat depression and stress. If you have time with your partners, you can play games and have fun.

I believe that chess is a great mind game to play, but not all people would like it. Search for interesting games on the internet. It keeps your mind busy and lowers the irritation levels.

6. Top 10 Tip: Exercise

Think about exercising and losing weight collectively. There are many exercises specifically for couples. This will decrease the occurrence of couple fights and make both individuals more relaxed.  Exercise with your partner and learn from each other in this way.

7. Enjoy Gardening

Enjoy gardening provides an excellent opportunity to exercise, enjoy your partner and feel less stressed. If you love greenery, you can develop a wonderful relationship with nature.  Ask your partner, to join you during gardening. You can also try kitchen gardening since this is interesting and beneficial. It will not only develop a relationship with nature but will provide you with a piece of great knowledge about vegetables and plant-based foods.

8. Forgiving Your Partner

Top 10 tips on how to avoid killing your partner during lockdown include a focus on forgiving. When we make a mistake, we blame it on external nature and circumstances. When someone else makes a mistake, we blame his/her nature for acting wrong. This is a blatant contradiction that will only produce more and more disputes with your partner. If we simply sort this hypocrisy out and become forgiving, we will feel more content and naturally happier.

If a person lives with you, he/she trusts you and they deserve your respect. You should respect them and forgive them for the little mistakes that all human beings can do. Disputes with your partner will just accelerate your frustration and nothing else but forgiving and love can heal the inner damages to your heart.

9. Family Planning During Lockdown

Top 10 tips on how to avoid killing your partner during lockdown. You have a lot of time now to decide about many things in your life in isolation and among them is family planning. We expect that a big baby boom will come after the quarantine and there is nothing wrong if you become part of it. If you wanted to have babies and have not yet decided, this is good to decide for yourself.

10. Home Maintenance Tip During Lockdown

Among the western nations, Australian men do more hard-work than anyone else, according to some researchers. If men are at home, and they can help their partners, they must do so responsibly. Society developed an idea that only women should undertake indoor tasks and men outside. Men should work too and utilise their energies to assist with indoor tasks. It helps to develop excellent relationships.


Top 10 tips on how to avoid killing your partner during lockdown. As mentioned above, society deals with assorted and complex situations since the lockdown started. This is enough to show that couple fights or any fights or disputes are a serious concern. Since some countries also suffer from poverty, it places extra burdens on the families. We, human beings, don’t like being restricted, and this situation remains stressful.

This can lead to many disputes in our family life and intensify our stress along with anxiety and depression. An intellectual always prepare for all situations and this situation needs to be dealt with differently. You should take everything as positive. Live this part of your life in the best way possible! This is a simple message for all of those who read this article.

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