10 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

You Can a Tell Whether a Relationship is Failing or Not With These Signs

Sometimes, things are just not as they used to be. Seemingly nothing has changed between the two of you, but something doesn’t feel right. Is your relationship doomed?

1. You’re Neglected

This one doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is over – your partner just might be swamped with work, or stressed. Or not. You’ll eventually know if you’ve been dumped, right?

2. You’re “expelled”

Even the smallest future plans and events don’t seem to include you anymore. Or less and less. It could start with something simple, like your partner not calling you to a BFF’s birthday party.

3. You Don’t Argue About Anything

Some would disagree and say this is an ideal relationship, and for some, it might be. But for others, it’s a sure sign that there’s nothing left between you two, not even to fight about.

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4. You Argue About Every Little Thing

Yup, we got the other way around covered as well. There’s no escaping our list. Anyway, if even the smallest flaws or mistakes start a fire, maybe best just to put it out for good.

5. No Sex

Well, this one is just too obvious. If it’s been weeks or months, why are you even still bothering? Depending on how old you are though – if you’re in your 50’s that’s nothing to worry about.

6. Pure Boredom

When you’re alone with your partner, you’re always looking for something else to do, because you don’t know what to talk about. Or you’re always looking for a group hang out instead of “one on one”. Done. Bye.

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7. Avoiding Home

Doesn’t that tell you something? Probably that you don’t want to see your partner.

8. You Suddenly See Everything

You see the flaws that weren’t even there before, or you didn’t see them as clearly. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes “love at first sight” lasts just as long. Happened quickly and ended quickly, like first sex

9. Disrespect

This is a fundamental problem, and it’s usually mutual. If you see this sign, either call it quits while you can still stay friends, or maybe try seeing a therapist. Again, depending on age. You’re sure as hell not gonna see a couple’s therapist in your early 20’s. Chillax.

10. Your Partner Loves The Bottle More Than You

Not shaming alcoholics here, but just say’in – if you spend more time with the bottle than your partner, clearly something huge is missing in the relationship.

Have you seen some of these signs yet? If not, congrats! If yes, well, better luck next time

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