Why did Andrea Leadsom Quit Conservative Party Contest

The Reason Behind Andrea Leadsom to Leave Conservative Party Contest

Why did Andrea Leadsom quit the Conservative Party Contest? Mrs Leadsom’s team assembled at 11 am, thinking they were to plan for her next campaign. But what met them was a bombshell. Their leader had decided to quit the conservative party contest.

Andrea Leadsom paved the way for Theresa May by pulling out of the race to become the next Conservative leader. She said that her decision was informed by having interests of the country at heart.

She warned that a campaign for nine weeks will continue to destabilize Britain at a crucial time such as this.

Best Interests of the Country

Ever since Brexit happened, the expectations for a brighter future are high. But the present atmosphere is filled with uncertainty due to a lack of a better understanding. This kind of short-term misunderstanding does not favour business development. That may have triggered Leadsom’s decision to step download.

She said: “Business needs certainty; a strong and unified government must move quickly to set out what an independent UK’s framework for business looks like.”

Leadsom’s Decision Praised

The home secretary’s campaign was chaired by Chris Grayling, who had all but kind words for Andrea Leadsom. He said that Leadsom proved her decent nature by taking such a critical decision.

“What a principled and decent politician she is and how willing she is to put the interests of the country before her own. She is a true public servant.”

On the other hand, Leadsom said that the 84 MPs who supported her showed the confidence they have in her. She went on to praise her opponent saying that the country needs strong leadership.

But even after stepping down, the Leave campaigner is confident of a brighter future. She believes that better things await the UK after leaving the EU.

However, some of her supporters were left in shock. One of them is Edward Leigh, an arch-Eurosceptic MP. He arrived a few minutes after the speech was delivered, seemingly confused by the announcement.

Mr. Leigh said that they would be happy to have had a leader who campaigned for leave. He continued to note they will hold May on her words “Brexit means Brexit.”

Owen Paterson, former environment secretary, was equally perplexed by Leadsom’s decision. He said that he has no doubt Leadsom would have won.

Theresa May- the New PM

Theresa May the Minister. She has so far shown herself so-what in tune with the British electorate, however, has been no doubt impeded by a civil service who are PRO EU.

Theresa May has presented herself as the right leader to unite the Conservative party. After her Birmingham speech, Michael Gove did not hesitate to express his support. He said that May’s speech was a courageous one, full of great dignity. Gove went on to urge his supporters to ensure Theresa May quickly becomes a leader.

Boris Johnson also jumped in with his support. He had dropped out of the race after Gove put his leadership abilities to doubt. In his speech, Boris said that Leadsom is “brave and principled.” In addition, he said that May will make a great party leader, pointing out she is aware Brexit means Brexit.

May has to be decisive, sure of herself and comprehensive in her version of Brexit. Sitting on the fence is not an option. Leadsom bowed out much to the horror or many following the post Brexit race. However, May must now show the British people real leadership and be prepared if necessary to deal with the EU under World Trade Organization rules.

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