Why Australia Is One Of The Safest Countries In The World To Visit

10 Reasons Why Australia is Safe to Visit

Australia is the 6th largest country and the only continent country in the world is known to be one of the major tourist destinations of the world for as long as we can remember. Millions of people visit Australia every year to cherish the natural wonders and the developed cities of Australia. Australia is a very safe country overall. There is a larger chance in Australia to being bitten by an animal rather than encountering any crime. The crime rate in Australia is very low. Major threats in Australia include an encounter with a deadly species other than human and natural disasters. It is ranked as the 10th safest country in the world in the ranking of 162 most dangerous countries.

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1. Crime Rate

After 2000, the crime rate in Australia is very low and is further declining. It can be said that the Australian crime rate is among the lowest in the world. From previous years, the petty crimes are decreasing, as revealed by the data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The breaking and entering someone’s home has reduced by 64%, vehicle theft has reduced by 69%, street robbery has reduced by 63% and other stealing offences have been reduced by 37%.

2. Laws for Guns

There are strict laws for guns in Australia. The country passed laws for gun reforms, two decades ago and since then the results are very favourable. The laws in Australia prohibit keeping firearms and banned keeping rapid-fire long guns entirely. Due to these reasons, mass shooting and homicides have been reduced a lot, although it is a common problem in many First World Countries. Gun-related deaths are also on the decline after these reforms. It can be said that the country possesses efficient gun laws for reducing crime rates.

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3. Road Safety

Road safety is highly considered in Australia. Australian roads are known to be the 15th safest roads in the world. According to statistics, the Australia roads are considered as 10 times safer as compared to the roads in the United States of America. Road accidents kill only 10.3 people for every 100,000 people in Australia. Moreover, in Australia, there are only 5 deaths per 100,000 pedestrians and drivers. So drive safely in Australia, because if you do not follow road rules, you might be fined heavily, no matter either you are a local or a tourist.

4. Strong Economy

Australia is among one of the countries which are known to be the largest mixed market economies in the world. It surely is the envy of the developed world. The economy of Australia can be said as unbeatable. Moreover, the labour market in Australia is very strong and hence attract a lot of talent from the international world. The Australian economy has a growth rate of 3.1%, making it a continuously growing economy. A stronger economy, more jobs, stronger buying power, opportunities, managing basic needs, and satisfied citizens is what makes Australia an economic giant in the world.

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5. Liveable Cities

The cities in Australia are livable, by which we mean that these cities provide all the necessities of life. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s rankings, Melbourne is known to be the most livable city in the world for six straight years. Among the top ten livable cities in the world, two other cities of Australia, Adelaide, and Perth, are also positioned. Canberra and Brisbane also make it to the top 20 and top 30 livable cities in the world respectively. The livability of cities is measured based on safety, security, economic stability, political stability, and low crime rates. Australian cities are topping all of these yardsticks.

6. Corruption

Among the things which make Australia one of the safest countries in the world, is corruption. Australia has always remained one of the least corrupt countries in the world, supported by data. Transparency International reveals that the country’s corruption rate is less, which is very praiseworthy. Australia is the 13th least corrupt country in the world. There are more than a hundred countries in the world, and being in top 20 least corrupt means something. The corruption rate in Australia is as low as 9.62 in the past 20 years.

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7. Mugging

Mugging or kidnapping are just very rare happenings in Australia. So if you are planning to move to Australia, you should not worry about the mugging. But still, you should avoid places which are not lit properly and deserted areas. Although you are rarely prone to any such incident, if you encounter any such situation, remember to hand over your belongings rather than resisting the mugger. Pickpocketing is also very rare in Australia. But what is better than to remain vigilant for all these kind of things, especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

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8. Travelling Women

Australia is also a very safe place for women travelling. If you are a woman and are travelling alone in Australia, you are not likely to encounter any problem. However, stay vigilant and use common sense if you come across any such problem. For women, according to the Global Wealth Migration Review 2019, Australia is the safest country in the world. And Australia has earned this spot in the list, the second time in the row.

9. Scamming

Although scamming is also not seen in Australia, however, you should be vigilant for scams. If you are a tourist, be cautious when you are receiving change, negotiating for any ride or anything. Also remember one thing, do not ever pay for anything upfront.

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10. Transport Risk

Public transports and taxis are also considered to be very safe in Australia. However, driving on roads is sometimes dangerous because there are many wild road animals and drunk drivers you might encounter.

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Australia is country worthy of visiting, not only because it has natural wonders and adventures awaiting, but also because of the reason that it is safe to travel. Besides the points mentioned in this article, there are many other reasons people visit Australia. This multicultural country is a perfect place for immigrants and you might enjoy your stay in Australia without worries.


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