What To Do in Canberra in October

Enter October- What To Do in Canberra?

Just like September, October is a great time for Canberra’s social life. There’s something for everyone: from concerts and art performances/exhibitions to festivals and markets. If you want to know full information regarding What To Do in Canberra in October then read this article carefully.

For Australia, October means the middle of spring. This means that everything is blossoming, the temperatures are high, and it’s quite pleasant to be outdoors. Most of the city’s locals go to nature or at least out on the fresh air to catch some sun and enjoy springtime.


We have already written about this amazing spring festival, because it starts in September and spreads through a period of one month. This means that it lasts until mid-October.

It’s held in Commonwealth Park, where you can see a real kaleidoscope of colors and different sorts of flowers.

This festival is really a synonym for spring in Canberra. It provides the city with great music, food and art as well. To visit some of these events included in Floriade, just go to Commonwealth Park anywhere from 15 September to 15 October.

Labour Day Australia 7 October

In 2019, Labour Day in Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales is celebrated on 7 October. It’s a celebration of the achievements of the Australian labour movement. The workers involved fought for the eight-hour workday, worker rights and empowerment. Nowadays, Canberra citizens celebrate Labour Day as a public holiday, which means that most people don’t work (some shops and bars are still open).

Ocsober Australia

Similarly to Movember in the US and some other countries, Ocsober is an Australian initative that aims to promote a month-long alcohol abstinence period among Aussies. It’s done through the month of October, so if you’re in Canberra during this time, avoid all the attractive pubs with great beer (at least this month!).

Halloween in Canberra 2019

Halloween is a popular American holiday celebrated on 31 October. Just like the rest of the world, it had huge success in Canberra as well. You can find Halloween parties all over the city, in bars and pubs and public spaces as well. If you’re ready for some spooky fun, find your perfect spot for Halloween in Canberra 2019!

Theatre Plays

Canberra has one of the richest theatre scenes in Australia. In October 2019, there are many exciting plays scheduled to play in the country’s capital. There Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in Canberra Theatre Centre, West Side Story, The 39 Steps…

Murrumbateman Field Days

Murrumbateman Field Days are a fun event for the entire family held in October near Canberra. Murrumbateman is located about 50 kilometers from the capital, so it’s only a short drive away. At the festival, you’ll be able to find different fun activities such as helicopter rides, wine, food, antiques, and special activities for children!

If you are a parent, we definitely recommend Murrumbateman Field Days for a day trip with your kids. They will have a chance to see a lot of different educational things, while they’ll also have an amazing time. For children, there’s bubble soccer, face painting and farmyard with animals. If you want to know more then checkout our previous articles.

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