Secret Gems to do in Canberra

Easily Missed Canberra Locations for Day Out

Canberra might be famous for being the Capital of Australia, but there is so much more to this city than public servants and politicians arguing with each other. This place has been overshadowed in the past, due to lack of awareness among the tourists about all the fun and exciting activities one can be a part of in Canberra!

Here is a List of Some Secret Gems to Do in Canberra

1. Pretend to be a Giant at The Cockington Green Gardens:

These gardens have not only won tourism awards, but also the hearts of many tourists around the globe. Packed with treats for the eye, these gardens have successfully replicated an old English village, entirely with miniature buildings. They have set the mood right by decorating the outskirts of this city with landscaped gardens. You can even jump aboard the miniature steam train, how cool is that?

Cockington Green Website

2. Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View at The Mt. Ainslie Lookout

Who does not enjoy a bird’s eye view of a city so magnificent and gorgeous? This place is one of the best tourist spots for people with all sorts of interests. Not only does the view from this place include mesmerising sights of the ANZAC Parade, the War Memorial, and the Parliament House, but there are plenty of walking tracks for nature lover tourists who like to embark upon adventures on their foot. There are picnic areas too, for people who like munching while exploring beautiful places.

3. Explore the Peaks of Black Mountain:

The Telstra Tower rises 195.2 meters above the summit of the Black Mountain. This place offers a breathtaking view of the entire city. While in Canberra you will notice that you can see this Telstra Tower from all of Canberra. Grab a coffee, and rejuvenate at this prime spot by having a beautiful view around you. This view might be accompanied by voices of kookaburras and leaping kangaroos. How exciting can this place get?

4. Make your Own Trinkets at Canberra Glassworks:

The Canberra Glassworks in a studio and gallery, which focuses individually on the modern art of glass making. The souvenirs this place has to offer are simply unique and breathtaking. You can see live shows of artists creating magical masterpieces with their hands out of glass. If you fancy, you can also make your masterpieces at a glass-making workshop!

Canberra Glassworks Website

5. Relive the Past by 50,000 years:

The Old Royal Canberra hospital was demolished back in 2001, to create space for the National Museum. This Museum is not only a work of the best architecture but is also home to the world’s most extensive collection of Aboriginal bark paintings and stone tools. This place might captivate your interests because here you can see the heart of legendary racehorse Pharlap and come across more than 50,000 years old Australia’s Indigenous heritage. This is one of the best places where you can get to know all about Australia’s history and heritage!

The National Museum of Australia

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