What to Do in Canberra in February

Enter February – What to Do in Canberra?

As opposed to January, February in Canberra is a bit cooler (weather-wise) and there are more opportunities to spend time in the outdoors. This month marks the end of the summer season in Australia and Canberra, so it’s a chance to have one last summer blowout before going hygge in the autumn.

In this event guide for Canberra, we’re presenting some of the most interesting events you can attend during February:

Festival: National Multicultural Festival

For all those who would like to enjoy other cultures, there’s the Canberra National Multicultural Festival. This is a colorful happening in February which gathers cultures all over the world for folk and traditional performances. Some of them are performed by local artists and Australians, while some representatives come from across the world to perform at this amazing event.

This event is truly a fantastic portrayal of Australia’s openness and a tribute to ethnic cultures and celebrating differences.

Royal Canberra Show

This exciting event is held in the Canberra Exhibition Park, starts on February 28 and lasts a couple more days. It’s centered around pet contests, but there are so many activities during the festival that they are hard

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