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10 Things to do In Newcastle NSW 

Newcastle Australia Top Ten. If getting yourself lost in nostalgia and mesmerizing nature is your plan for the upcoming vacation, Newcastle in Australia is the place to be. Yes, you may have seen many natural beauties and historical landmarks, but a blend of two – is rare and when it occurs, it becomes a real treat to the mind and the soul. You can relish the soothing natural beauty and also experience the thrill of walking down the lanes of history. And that is exactly what Newcastle offers to its visitors.

Newcastle Australia Top Ten – Australia’s Second Oldest City

Being the 2nd oldest city in Australia, Newcastle has seen centuries of historical development mix with the natural glory of the city to give rise to the bohemian culture, that coexists with the surf culture of the city. So, if enjoying the flavours of both worlds is your goal this vacation, then Newcastle ought to be your first choice of destination. With something for everyone, Newcastle has been a major tourist attraction for people who want to live within the city yet enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the beaches and the trance of a very different culture. If you are unsure about what exactly to do and to see while you are in Newcastle, then here is a simple guide on the Top 10 places that must be included in your list of ‘must visit’:

Newcastle Australia Top Ten – Centenary Antique Center:

Let’s begin with something interesting for the history buffs, connoisseurs and laymen too. Yes, the Antique Center will cater to the desires of all. Whether you just want to marvel at the creations or enjoy the rich history/story associated with each item on display, you will find the Antique Center to be the best place to be at. Beautiful decorator items, art, gifts, vintage jewellery and much more are put on display and your time will undoubtedly be well spent.

Getting there

The Antique Center is at quite a distance if you are travelling from Newcastle Airport. A cab ride would take about half an hour and cost somewhere between $60-$70. And if you are staying in popular hotels like the Novotel, the Clarendon, the Crowne or the neighbouring areas, the cab fare will cost around $4-$10 and the drive will take around 5-10 minutes. So, you can practically take a walk any time you want a tour of the Antique centre.

Newcastle Australia Top Ten – Fighter World:

Most places in Australia have one of these and Newcastle has its own too. Yes, an aviation base that has been developed into a museum for the thrill and knowledge of all. Fighter World brings to you the fantastic story of Australian aircraft with a variety of displays, from uniforms to engines and from aircraft parts to life-saving systems – everything that you can know about the long history associated with the Australian Royal Air Force. Things become more lively and attractive, even for the layman, with the guided tours and a fantastic café.

Getting there

The Fighter World is closer to the Newcastle airport and the cab ride would cost approximately $10 while if you are driving to the museum from any of the hotels in downtown Newcastle, the cost would approximately be $50-$70.

Top 10 things to do in Newcastle Australia

Maitland gaol:

Functioning from 1848-to 1998, the Maitland Gaol has a terrible yet sympathetic history. A history of around 150 years, a history marked by whippings, deaths, the struggle to survive, they hope to be free and the incessant prayer to God for a ‘death’ relief. The buildings have been expanded throughout their functioning and bear marks on the lives of the inmates. A visit to the gaols will make you go soft on your knees and would inevitably be the experience of a lifetime.

Getting there

The goal is quite far from the Airport in Newcastle and if you are driving, the ride will take around 30-40 minutes. A cab ride would cost you around $80-$90.

Newcastle Australia Top Ten – Blackbutt Reserve:

If you are too emotionally moved by the visit to the gaol, it’s time to shake off that sullenness and get refreshed. Yes, that’s what the Blackbutt Reserve is famous for. You may have been to the various wildlife reserves across the world or even in Australia, but this is a bit different (actually quite different.) Yes, you not only get to be acquainted with the flora and fauna but do it differently. With wildlife exhibits, nature trails, playgrounds for children, educational tours, and much more, the Blackbutt Reserve will put you directly in the laps of nature and its magnificent creations. And the best of all? It’s free for all! What could be better?

Getting there

The reserve is located very close to the CBD and would take approximately 15-20 minutes to reach from hotels like the Crowne, the Clarendon, etc., with the approximate fare being around $30. If you are arriving from the Airport, the cab fare would be about $70-$75.

  • Kooragang Wetlands:

Relax, unwind yourself, take walks with your special one, have a picnic with your family or fish by the riverside – you can do it all here at the Kooragang Wetlands. Get away from the noise of the city and get yourself lost in the 15 Kms long boardwalks or the Hunter Estuary region. The Kooragang Wetlands is a pleasant and rewarding escapade for all – tourists, locals, birdwatchers, nature lovers, anglers, cyclists and all and sundry.

Getting there

Top 10 things to do in Newcastle Australia

Not far away from the CBD, the Wetlands can be reached in about a 20-minute drive with cab fares summing up to around $30.

Bar beach:

When it comes to beaches, Australia is endowed with too many – each pleasing and attractive in its way. Newcastle, too, has its share of beaches – family beaches, secluded ones, surfing beaches and so much more. If you consider a family beach in Newcastle, then it should be the Bar beach. From children to hang gliders, the beach offers all sorts of relaxation and pleasurable activities you could be looking for. Enjoy a quintessential time with your family – right here at the Bar Beach.

Getting there

The Bar Beach is within easy reach from the CBD Newcastle and a 5-10 minutes drive can take you there. The cost would be around $5-$10.

Newcastle Australia Top TenNobbys Beach:

Another popular beach attraction of Newcastle, the Nobbys Beach is usually favoured by families and those getting into the surfing game. Not only that, you can witness the aerial acrobatics of a large number of kite surfers, here at the Nobbys beach too. A few minutes’ walk from the beach will also take you to the Nobby’s Lighthouse and the Harbor Breakwall.

Getting there

A 10-minute drive, costing about $15 as the cab fare can take you to the beautiful, high profile Nobbys beach.

Newcastle Australia Top Ten Skydiving:

If you are thoroughly relaxed and soothed, then its time that you enjoyed some of the best thrills that Newcastle has to offer. And if you want to get into action again, try Skydiving – the adventure sport that will be the experience of a lifetime. The thrill of the free fall, the adrenaline rush and the spectacular views of the beaches and the city below – a feeling that can only be experienced not explained. Do it all in Newcastle.

Newcastle Australia Top Ten Civic Theatre:

Once you have recovered from the thrills and the goosebumps of Skydiving, it’s time to turn cultural and enjoy some of the best theatres, concerts and plays at the Civic Theatre. With a magnificent historical background, the Civic Theatre has witnessed numerous popular events being held all year round, for the pleasure of the locals and the tourists.

Getting there

The theatre is located in the CBD Newcastle and is a 10-minute drive from the popular hotels in downtown Newcastle. The cab fare is approximately $5 while it costs about $60- $70 from the airport.

Newcastle Australia Top TenShopping:

No returning from a place without souvenirs! And why opt for those age-old boring postcard photographs when you can buy some creative and unique from the various markets in Newcastle. The Olive Tree Market, the Elephant Shop, the Healing Haven Markets and many more are ready to surprise you with their unique offerings – from jewellery, art, the work of contemporary artists, lifestyle products – you get it all, ready for a quick pick.

So, if you are already planning on a vacation, let it be Newcastle this time and you sure will return with forever fond memories.

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