Weekend in Perth – Australia

Enjoy a Weekend in Perth, Australia

Welcome to Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, one of the most laid-back, vibrant and energetic spots in the entire world. Surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean, Perth is a perfect travel destination for those who crave natural experiences, cultural activities and photogenic cityscapes.

Known as one of the most relaxing places in Australia, Perth is often described as a perfect blend of “urban cool with raw natural beauty”. With beautiful sandy beaches, perfect weather year-round and ecstatic vibes, there are many reasons to visit Perth at least once in a lifetime.

This weekend Perth itinerary will take you on an exciting journey across the city’s most buzzing and comforting places you can possibly visit while you’re there.

1. Saturday


To start your weekend off on a positive note, head straight to King’s Park. Biking, jogging or even walking in the world’s biggest city park will boost your energy like the pleasant feeling you experience with your first sip of coffee in the morning.

The main highlight of this magical place is the Botanical Garden. As you continue the walk, you will find yourself awestruck surrounded by the many vibrant species of plants. Take your time to stroll around the park to appreciate their beauty as it can be a very calming and relaxing experience. If you have your camera with you, don’t forget to photograph the stunning scenery!

If you get hungry during your visit at King’s Park, have a stop at Zamia Cafe located in the breathtaking setting of Synergy Parklands. Fortunately, it is open 7 days a week serving coffee, breakfast and lunch. Treat yourself with a freshly made smoothie, buttermilk pancakes or honey, toasted hazelnut and fruit granola.

When you’re ready to continue on your adventure, head directly to the Western Australian Museum. It’s worth taking the time to get to know Perth’s heritage and distinctive natural history. If you enjoy walking, plan on spending at least 40 minutes to get there or for a more convenient option, it will be a 23-minute bus ride using the local transportation.


Once you arrive at the Western Australian Museum, take a moment to reflect on the State’s cultural and art acquirements collected over the past 120 years. This historical building will help you to get a better understanding of Western Australia’s history and culture, which will enable you to treasure your stay in Perth that much more. You don’t need to be a history nerd or an art connoisseur to enjoy this venue. An open-minded and curiosity is all you need.

If you feel like exploring a bit more art, treat yourself to a visit at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. It’s a perfect place for anyone who is interested in the rare and compelling Aboriginal art.

For lunch, stop at Bivouac Canteen & Bar. This creative tavern is filled with intriguing art on the walls, delectable meals and blissful coffee. Treat yourself with some favourites such as the Saudi half roast chicken with tahini and dill pickles or if you prefer plant-based, go with the Barbarian charred eggplant with dates and garlic. If you still have some room for dessert, try their mouth-watering chocolate & walnut truffles!


Set aside your evening for the best part of your Perth experience – the Swan River cruise. By far, it’s the most beautiful and enjoyable way to see the twilight skyline, one of the highlights of the city. This scenic cruise takes 2 hours and 45 minutes and it will show you the best parts of Perth and Port City of Fremantle. Bring your camera if you’d like because with or without it, it will be an experience you’ll never forget!

After the cruise, head over to Balthazar, a unique restaurant that serves the city’s best lamb shortloin with caponata including one of the local’s favorite desserts in the area – halls suzette cheesecake with apple and calvados sorbet.

2. Sunday


Sunday morning is a perfect day to explore Fremantle – the Southwest part of Perth, well-known for its captivating beaches, local markets, quirky shops and the laid-back atmosphere.

Start off your day with a walk to Perth Central Station. On the way, grab your favorite coffee and a morning snack from La Veen Coffee – Heritage and enjoy it during your easy 30 minute train ride to Fremantle.

When you finally arrive at Fremantle, consider renting a free bike from Fremantle Visitor Center. It’s a fun and proactive way of exploring the majority of the area!

First, cycle to Fremantle Market which is only 300 metres away. The market is open only on the weekend so make the most out of it while you can. It’s packed with souvenirs, fresh food stalls and some far out artwork you can purchase and take back to display at home. Wanderl down the market with your bike and wallow in the laid-back atmosphere. The locals are quite talkative and hospitable so you might as well have a chat with them and perhaps learn something new!

If you are feeling hungry during your visit at the market, stop for a bite and drink. The locals will recommend trying one of the many fresh sandwiches and pastries along with a refreshing juice or smoothie that you can find just about anywhere.


After you’ve had enough of the local buzzing market, continue on and cycle another 850 metres with your bike to the Fremantle Prison. This is an enormous and significant cultural attraction of Western Australia that has been welcoming visitors since 1850.

Here you will immerse yourself in rich history which may absorb you for hours. If you want to get the most out of your visit, you will want to book one of the tours. The Tunnels Tour is the most thrilling and adventurous. You will be able to explore a labyrinth of tunnels built by prisoners 20 metres below the jail!


After your brilliant adventure in the Fremantle Prison, it’s time to relax. Grab your bike and cycle just 5 minutes to Bathers Beach. This seascape is absolutely wonderful, where the ocean meets the rich heritage of Fremantle.

Store your bike safely and stroll down to the sandy beach taking in the fresh air. Meditate or listen to music if you’d like, or whatever helps you feel relaxed and grounded!

Before heading to the train station, treat yourself with a delicious dinner at Bathers Beach House which is only three steps from the beautiful beach. One of their signature dishes is the grilled barramundi with chips and vegan pumpkin orecchiette with red wine, shallots and baby spinach. If you’re thirsty, top off the day with a glass of ale, it’s your last day in Perth after all!

When you’re ready, drop off your bike at the Fremantle Visitor Center and head back for the train station to Perth before it gets too dark.

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Now that your weekend in Perth is over, rejoice for having this unparalleled experience and come back as soon as you can because there is plenty more to experience. The city awaits your next visit.

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Weekend in Perth - Australia

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