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If your dream destination for the upcoming holiday is a place that is imbued with the vibrancy of city life while nestling some of the great natural beauties, then the Western Australian Capital city of Perth is your place to be. Whether you are a native or hail from some other part of the world, you surely must have heard the name of Perth. Yes, Perth hosts one of the most popular cricket grounds of the world – a name that’s well-known not only to the cricket fans but to others alike. While the cricket grounds may be one of the important attractions of Perth, it is, in no way, the only one.

Perth attracts tourists from countries across the world due to the great city life, man made marvels, laid back neighboring islands, fine dining and of course, the fabulous wildlife offerings of being an Australian city. Perth is indeed the ideal choice if you are looking to make the best out of your vacation – have some fun, wonder at the beauty of nature, marvel at the achievements of humans and be amazed with the creations of the Almighty. So, if you are planning a holiday, let Perth be your pick this and you can be assured that you will bring home some of the best memories of your life.

That being said, with a whole lot of attractions and things to do in Perth, it actually becomes quite a dilemma for the tourists what to visit or do and which to give a miss. In order that your vacation is planned out smoothly and includes all the most important ‘must visits’ of the city, here goes a list of the Top 10 things to do in Perth:

Top 10 things to do in Perth Australia

  1. Perth Zoo

While most people start off with the beaches or the islands worthy of a visit in Perth, its better that you start off with the Perth Zoo that’s located close to the CBD and offers an all family entertainment trip without the long rides to the islands. Perfect way to start relaxing and unwinding yourself! Like all other major zoos in the Australian cities, the Perth Zoo, too, is endowed with its own vast collection of unique as well as common wildlife species from across Australia and the world too. While the wallabies, wombats, koalas, kangaroos, etc form the Australian zoo culture, the Pygmy marmosets in a South American environ, giraffes in the Savannahs of Africa, organutans in their Asian Rainforest habitats, etc. form the ‘world’ zoo culture.

Reaching there

The zoo lies in the close proximity of downtown Perth and can be reached via various transportation modes like buses, trains, cars, bikes and even the ferry. A drive from the Perth Airport takes around 30 minutes with an approximate fare of around $50-$60.

  1. Mary’s Cathedral

If you are a fan of old architecture or of history, the St. Mary’s Cathedral should surely be your next stop – a church that took almost three centuries to be built! Believe it or not, that’s the truth and evidently, the result has indeed been a beauty to behold. A splendid, Neo Gothic style church that has undoubtedly been the point of attraction in Perth. The church was consecrated in the year 1865 and has ever been a symbol of structural beauty and a sanctuary of peace.

Reaching there

Reaching the cathedral from the Airport is just about a 20 minute drive with cab fares around $50. If you are staying in the CBD in hotels like the Pan Pacific, Parmelia, Hyatt Regency and the like, you can either walk down to the cathedral or take a cab ride of around 2-5 minutes.

  1. The King’s Park and Botanic Garden

The fantastic city planning in Perth makes a perfect example in the Kings’s Park and the Botanic Gardens. Sprawled over an extensive area in the city’s center, the King’s Park offers a perfect blend of a fantastic surrounding of neighboring bush lands and the Swan river with the beautifully crafted sectional landscapes that adorn the park. With some of the best and entertaining facilities built in for both adults and kids along with the best views of the city and the hills, a day at the park can be the best to start unwinding yourself or enjoying activities that cost almost nothing. You can cycle or walk along the trails, make tree top tours or simply spend your time lazing around while your kids get the best fun at the kids’ sections. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to enjoy a city life without falling prey to the humdrum lifestyle.

Reaching there

The Park is located very close to the CBD and you can avail free bus rides to the park. For convenience, you may also take a cab from the CBD and a 15 minute journey, costing about $30 will take you to the park.

  1. Hillary’s boat harbor

Much like the Circular Quay or the Sydney Harbor, the Hillary’s boat harbor, too, is one of the major attractions of the city of Perth. This extensive marina is one of the best representations of the vibrant city life of Perth and has some of the best shops, restaurants and family activity centers. The marine museum here is one of the best attractions that you oughtn’t miss. With a huge collection of manta rays, sharks, dolphins, sting rays and so much more, the Aquarium surely makes it to the Top 10 list. You may also opt for a cruise to the nearby Rottnest Island.

Reaching there

The Harbor is located at a distance of about 20 Kms from the CBD and will cost about $60 for a cab ride of about half an hour. If you are arriving from the Airport, the cab fare will amount to around $80-$90.

  1. Aviation Museum

Whether you like Avionics or not, the Aviation museum must evidently be on the list of the to-do list of anyone visiting Perth. The numerous exhibits, including aircrafts, flight systems, uniforms, etc. make up an interesting display that takes anyone through the long and rich history of technological achievements in the field of aviation. From Avro Lancaster to a prized Catalina, you can be a part of the glorious leaps in the history of Avionics.

Reaching there

The museum is located at a small distance of about 15 Kms to the south from the Perth city center and takes about 15 minutes for a cab journey costing about $50. The ride from the Airport will take a little longer, about 30 minutes, with an average cost of around $65.

  1. Beaches of Perth

Perth, like other coastline cities of Australia, is endowed with its own share of beautiful beaches that ought to be on any Top 10 list. Whether they are strands like the Cottesloe that speak of bustling city life or the inlets like Point Walter, Crawley or Como that are ideal family picnic spots, a visit to one or many of these beaches is a must do for all visitors. Apart from those mentioned above, you can also choose the Port beach, City Beach, Rockingham beach or Trigg Point as a part of your itinerary in Perth.

Reaching there

The beaches in Perth are located close to the city center and you can easily hire cabs to reach any of them conveniently.

  1. Swan River

If you are looking for some activities during your vacation, the areas along the Swan river would be the best spots to hit. From riverside parks to hiking trails, the waterfront of the Swan river offers it all. You can breathe in some fresh air or give your limbs a natural healing treatment – all along the Swan river waterfront. Not only that, the Swan river is also the ideal spot for activities like kayaking, swimming, sailing and  angling, along with cruises that take tourists to the popular vineyards of the Swan Valley.

Reaching there

The city of Perth lies on the banks of the Swan river and the riverfront can be reached from various parts of the city with easy commutes via cabs.

  1. His Majesty’s Theatre

Built more than a century back, the His Majesty’s Theatre, locally known as ‘The Maj’ is one of the best symbols of the history and culture of the city of Perth. Built in the Edwardian style, this historic throwback speaks of a unique yet elegant addition to the Australian culture on the lines of the British.  Its majestic construction with beautifully crafted marble, wood and velvet bearings along with the mosaic that offers a rich blend of red and gold will surely attract your attention even if you are not much into fine arts.

Reaching there

The theatre is in the city’s center and you may just walk down a few blocks to reach the theatre if you are at the popular hotels like the Parmelia Hilton or the Hyatt Regency. From the Airport, a journey to the theatre will take about 30 minutes via a cab and cost about $60.

  1. Scitech Discovery Center

Since Perth has something for everyone, science and tech geeks needn’t be worried. The Scitech Discovery Center is totally dedicated to numerous science shows, exhibits and activities that will undoubtedly be popular amongst kids as well as those interested in various sciences and are always willing to learn something or the other. From astrophysics to general physics, the Scitech Center offers numerous activities that can interest people of all ages.

Reaching there

The Discovery Center is located conveniently in the city’s center and can be reached by a short cab ride of about 5-10 minutes that cost around $5-$10. You may also walk down to the center if you are in the nearby King’s Park.

  1. The Perth Mint

The Mint provides a unique experience to all visitors. You can tour the mint and see how the coins are struck and the gold bars are cast.

Reaching there

The Mint is located on the Hay Street, close to the His Majesty’s Theatre and is at a walking distance if you are located in the city’s center.

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