When is The Carnival Of Dance Coming To Melbourne 2022

The Carnival Of Dance Coming To Melbourne

      SAT JUN 18 2022 AT 08:00 PM UTC+10:00

                                      Melbourne | Melbourne

To Celebrate Carnival, dancers swarm into the streets, moving their bodies to the passionate sounds of the samba. Whether you’re a dance student, an expert artist, or a non-artist who simply loves to watch dance, the Australian Dance Festival has something for everybody.

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Psycho Circus                          https://forms.gle/ezHbGzRRdSrshTi97


64, Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


An immersive theatrical party experience like no other. An idea like no other, consolidating a range of amazing lights, lamps, impacts, and live exhibitions to an awe-inspiring soundtrack.

∞ Monster mesmerizing lamp installments

∞ Marches through the venue

∞ Lasers, CO2 and Confetti

∞ Light propelled puppets and characters

∞ Balloon Drop

∞ Amazing Dancers and Acrobats

∞ Psychedelic body paint dips

∞ Proficient sparkle painters

All visitors are urged to come in light-propelled outfits.

Music Genres include:

house                  bass         garage                      techno

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Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
Dare to dream, then run towards it.


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