Top Three Attractions in Ainslie, Canberra Central

3 Major Tourist Attractions You Can Enjoy With Your Friends in Ainslie, Canberra Central

Ainslie is a great place that provides a meld of locally owned shops with homemade food, luxury living, and plenty of parks with activities for people of any age. The suburb is known for its many parks and playgrounds for children. It’s a fantastic place for families to enjoy and have a relaxing time. The family-friendly suburb is filled with many beautiful views and facilities to boost your energy.

1. Edger’s

Super friendly staff, great food, and great coffee. It’s a fabulous spot with really great night lighting, the chips and riesling are highly recommended! From a warm pleasant venue to eat, that is dog friendly, Edger’s is heard to beat. They also have extensive choices of interesting beer and alcohol with an endless menu for food to choose from. The Edger’s cafe has incredible value for food.

2. Canberra Remedial Massage

Highly recommended. Monty, who works in Canberra Remedial Massage, is an experienced therapist with wonderful healing hands and heart. You are guaranteed to be reassured with her hygiene and professional approach. She is an excellent massagist who’ll listen to any of your requests! Want to get some relaxing time? The Canberra Remedial Massage center is the perfect place.

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3. Ainslie Tennis Club

Great courts and vast spaces, with just the right amount of sand, with a little clubhouse available. This is the perfect place to hit around with a friend. If you love trying out new things, this is just right for you. Visit the Ainslie Tennis Club to burn off some energy and have some fun with friends and family! Witness the stunningly realistic panorama and views of the Ainslie Tennis Club Take a break and come to the Ainslie Tennis Club to relax by the quiet views and let your kids play on the grounds!

Fun Fact!

Mount Ainslie, located in the northeast suburbs of Canberra in Ainslie, is a hill with an elevation of 834 meters (2766 ft)!

See Ainslie Differently

It has a great community vibe. The plenty of parks and walking areas and superb places to have a meal makes it the downtown’s most significant asset! If you enjoy staying in a quiet and nature-filled place to relax and enjoy, Ainslie is the perfect fit! The suburb has much to offer while being under the radar. If you love having a peaceful but enjoyable time, Ainslie should be at the top of your bucket list!

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