Ways of monetising a blog without adsense

Many of us (bloggers) think that there is no life of a blogger without google adsense. Because, monetising with adsense is most popular and easy way for bloggers. But what if your adsense account get banned?

In this Article, we will be discussing the opportunities for a blog or blogger for making money without using adsense.

Ways of monetising a blog without Adsense

Hey friends, don’t get disappointed if your adsense isn’t getting approved or it get recently banned for any reason. Even everything is fine in your case, still depending on single source is a big mistake as we shared in story of Australia Unwrapped.  Moreover, you would need to take care about keyword research and on-page SEO to get and stay approved by google as it has very strict rules.

#1: Selling Premium Content Writing Services

You have started a blog. Getting a huge daily traffic. There are the returning visitors who love to read your blog posts. Why not to offer premium content writing services to your valued readers?

There are the different websites, where you can create the account with the same name as your domain name is: Such as AustraliaUnwrapped is our domain name so we should create the same username on different freelancing websites to sell our premium writing services.

Such as:

As people consider these websites to find a professional writer. Most probably, potential clients will find you and will google your username to know more. Landing on your blog will boost their confidence to hire you. You can make easily from $5 to $50 per piece. Depending on quality service and client’s budget.


#2: Selling niche specified products or services

If you start a blog relevant to your skillset. You can easily make it a source of selling personal services as per your best skills. Such as if you are a wordpress developer. you can start a blog about tips and tricks of wordpress development so you can promote and attract potential clients. Such as if you want to sell your developed themes & plugins as products or your web development services etc. Say for example you want to market specialised development services, this option provides the instrument you need.

In our case, we are covering up everything about Australia and little bit about abroad too. But mainly travel around Australia. We have following opportunities:

  • Selling high quality premium images of Australia as our own product.
  • Publishing premium reviews / articles for others’ promotion such as hotel review or some fashion brand review etc.
  • Becoming a tourists’ guide

Everyone of us love to capture pictures and having professional camera is a great blessing as you can sell your captured pictures for a very good amount. There are the companies who want to promote their product or services on relevant blogs as guests. So, writing a review for them can give you a good return.

Note: Recommending everything wouldn’t be liked by google. So, try to write natural reviews only.

Being a tourist guide is itself a good business and you will get very good income than from adsense.


#3- Setting up online store

You have a blog about cats’ training guide and other helpful stuff about cats and kittens. Most probably you have potential to start a successful online store for cats’ supplies such as cat food, cat litter, cat toys, bedding and houses etc. Your readers might be interested in relevant linked products too. This is also a great way to make money online without adsense. all you need to buy products in bulk at wholesale rate and sell it on market rate so earn per sale profit which will be way more than adsense earning.

#4- Affiliate Marketing

You don’t want to start your own store. Also follow white hat SEO tips with affiliated marketing to reach your successes. You can promote others products to increase their sale. Such as if you have a blog about website development related stuff. You can share different hosting coupons or discount offers and can make passive income in return. Or suppose you have blog posts related to cats and kittens and seen some very good products on Amazon. Why not to join amazon affiliate program? Simply, add your affiliate link while writing any product review or recommending any product in your general article.

There are various types of affiliate marketing, you have to check what suits you best. Believe or not, but you can make much more money from affiliate marketing, if we compare it with adsense. But learning latest techniques is essential while in making money from adsense is really simple.

#5- Flipping blogs and websites

You must know about flippa. flipping blogs and websites means creating, establishing and selling to generate quick money. If you don’t have any plan to keep your blogs for long term. And, flippa is very popular marketplace for such activity.

If you have any big goal to launch your dream website and don’t have enough money to go for that. creating simple and small websites and selling them to arrange money for dream plan is considered superb idea.

#6- Offering consultancy services

You can offer consultancy services according to your best skillset or as per your team’s skills. Such as professional content writing consultancy, being SEO consultant or even offering paid social media consultancy services.

If you were making $400 per month from your adsense or even still making beside, then launching your own services would give you extra $400 per head. It means if you would find 10 customers per month paying $400 per each, you can make $4,000 easily. All you need to add value to your readers.


#7- Selling or renting internal pages

You might never heard about this term but believe me, many famous blogs are making money by this way.

#8- Infolinks

It consider alternate of adsense and works about same way. The only different between both is; infolinks advertisements aren’t as high converting as adsense ads are. Moreover, adsense is good paying network comparatively.

End Notes:

No doubt, Adsense is the most popular way of income among bloggers but it isn’t the only way to generate income. And, one shouldn’t rely only on one source of income. Above were few other ways to make money online from your blog or website.

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