How Flippa Helps Bloggers to Find Best Keyword?

 What is Flippa?

It is a marketplace to buy and sell websites, domains and apps etc. Usually, people browse this website for either buying or selling. There are number of filters which help to choose best product as per one’s budget.

Did you know that Flippa helps in keyword research? If not yet, learn now! How flippa helps bloggers to find best keyword to generate dreamed revenue. 

There are also tools to calculate and validate products’ worth.

How Flippa helps Bloggers

Being blogger, you might not be interested in buying or selling anything on flippa at the moment. Specially, if you are just going to start your blog with low budget. For starting a blog, you would require a domain so why you don’t give it a shot, such as get a best domain idea to start your next blog?

Note: This article would be helpful for bloggers making money via adsense or affiliate programs.

Does Flippa Help an Already Established Adsense Website?

Yes, is an established multi-niche blog. We can implement this keyword research strategy on already established adsense websites to generate good income.

So, if you already have an established blog. Still, this article will be equally helpful, hopefully. It depends on your chosen niche. For multi-niche, surely you can follow the guides.

Step by Step Guide for Getting Dreamed Keyword Ideas From Flippa

  • Login to your account (Signup if you don’t have account yet)
  • Click on websites >> Established Websites
Established websites for sale on flippa
Established websites for sale on flippa

Note: If you have niche website or looking for building niche website, use keyword filter accordingly. Even if you have multi-niche website and looking for a good keyword to write your next article, still you can type different keywords to analyse the worth. 

  • Enter random keywords in search bar and check the list.
  • Don’t forget to choose monetization method such as Adsense.

There are few other filters for narrowing down your search.

Suppose, I have a keyword in my mind “Nail”.

Here are screenshots of my research about established websites using “Nail” keyword sold recently.

  • Choose sort by highest price as you can see in my screenshot.
  • Make a list of top 5 websites.

Alright, in my case list is:

  • Check the further insights of each of the website on flippa

Unfortunately, due to some reasons 4 aren’t working now. And, the 5th one has too old articles. So, Let’s change our filter to check other results. Such as; earlier I have chosen website status as “won” websites, so now this time uncheck that and select another.

  • Select website status as “Open”.

Note: There are three types of websites statuses on flippa. “Won” means websites sold already, “Open” means open for bidding. You already know “unsold” means the websites couldn’t sell by anyway. 🙂

After changing my filter, following is my search result.

So by name above sites seem Multi-fashion niche websites? Non of these having “Nail” in domain name.

Let’s check with highest worth website first. has 36 bids, making $273 monthly from content ads. Approx. 25k uniques per month. It got bids round about $7500.

One by one, you have to check other websites, and change your search filters to check results differently.

First, you need to analyse any website on flippa, and after validating details and worth. Go to the website URL. If it is multi-niche website, search your desired keyword and check the content.

Tips for Bloggers

Even if you couldn’t find good results for the keyword in your mind, still it doesn’t mean that keyword isn’t worthy. There can be reasons such as nail, nails, nailart are right now in trends so people must be making good monthly income, then, what’s need to sell ha ha

#1 – Use flippa Keyword Search with Google Keyword Planner

This mixed recipe will make very delicious food for you. Simply, do your keyword research via google keyword planner. Each keyword must have 1,000-10,000 monthly searches. Make a list of 10-15 relevant keywords from same niche. Such as “auto insurance” in your mind, all of your related keywords should be similar. That is really important.

Once your list will be ready in hand. You can try different searches in flippa easily. Thinking about 2-3 niches at same time will make your process easier and quicker.

#2 – Checking Insights Carefully

Don’t skip, unsold websites even. Check insights of all the searched website to get the idea. It will help you to understand their strategy too. Such as having good aged domain is one factor of making good income. Having strong social media presence is another factor.

But, what else? You need to check all the positive and negative aspects of your desired keywords. No doubt, it will be a time consuming task but it will help you to choose a worth using keyword.

#3- Compare

If you have content website, choose only content websites. If you have eCommerce website, choose only eCommerce website. Compare all of the shortlisted websites. To find the final shortest list to be checked further.

If you already have an established website. Compare, yours too. This will not only be helpful for keyword research but will also help you to find right direction.

Final Notes:

There are the bloggers, publishing thousands of articles and aren’t making good while there are the bloggers making enough by posting only few posts. Question is; are you on right path? If not, take a U-Turn Now!

I have written this article without any proper research but I thought, I should share this precious idea with my fellow bloggers/friends. I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendation, edits in above article. Also, if you have any question; feel free to ask, so together we can find solution of your problem.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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