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Best Freelancing Websites to Find Work From Home:- 

In this tech era, the internet is not only changing the lives rapidly but also there are day-to-day advancements due to the internet. The things which are totally impossible in past are now easily possible and became part of our routine life.

In past, people must have to walk/travel miles for earning bread but the internet has totally changed the working style for skilled and talented people by introducing work from home. One required an avg. speed internet connection at home for starting work. As there are a number of advantages of becoming a freelancer.

Top 10 Freelancing Websites to Find Online Work From Home

There are various ways to make money online but for a skilled person there are few verified, reliable and trusted top freelancing websites to find work online from home.

The expansion of the freelance economy is perceptible. Coffee shops are stuffed with freelancers busy on their laptops. Offices are getting empty as professionals are switching to freelancing to gain flexibility and autonomy in the work.

Whether you want to encash the personal hobby, earn some extra bucks or being a full-time freelancer, you can find a significant number of resources online. In this article, we have mentioned top freelancing websites for finding work online. Let’s have a brief intro with top 10 freelancing websites to get started.

#1- Toptal

Toptal is a famous freelance platform and considered one of the best freelancing websites, specially designed for top class digital designers and engineers. It harbours the talented individuals from over a hundred countries around the globe.

The screening process of Toptal is pretty strict. Being an expert in your field is the only way to get accepted on this site. The platform weeds out all applications and selects only 3% talent of total pool in different categories. Once you have been accepted, your chance of working with experts will be guaranteed.

You have the freedom to work hourly, part or full time by setting out the personal rates. This way, you don’t have to fight in an extraneous bidding war.

Screening is not confined to freelancers only. Toptal carefully chooses its clients too. This is the reason why you get to work with professionals from Airbnb, JP Morgan, and IDEO. Not only it ensures a continuous supply of projects but you will also gain the appreciation from clients for valued services.

#2- Freelancer

We can’t ignore the influence of among the best freelancing websites when we are talking about diverse freelance job opportunities. Unlike Toptal, Freelancer entertains clients and freelance workers of every category. Whether you are a photographer, software engineer or 3D artist, a client must be waiting for you at Freelancer portal.

You can choose to work on an hourly basis or a fixed rate per project. If you want to test your skillset, a vast variety of contests are waiting for you with a guaranteed prize.

Rest, all you need to learn the best bidding tips to get noticed on these freelancing websites.

#3- Upwork

Back in 2014, two leading platforms; oDesk and Elance decided to merge to form Upwork. Today, this freelancing site is considered as the biggest workplace for freelance. It lodges over four million clients, 10 million users and three million jobs per year. From writers & designers to lawyers & accountants, it has something to offer to everyone.

Just like Toptal, you have the choice to work on an hourly rate or fixed rate per project. Moreover, you can find short and long term projects as per your needs. Upwork is a user-friendly but efficient platform. The clients and freelancers can communicate easily using the chat feature. The website also has time tracker and payment protection plan to ensure work security for both clients and freelancers.

#4- 99Designs

99 Designs is a unique freelancing website specifically for designers. The platform works with a twist. Unlike other sites, every job is offered in the form of a contest.

This is done to accommodate clients. Nothing is more irritating than browsing through hundreds of portfolios and still, you end up with the wrong person for the job. Instead, the client can crowdsource the project, offer a fixed price and instructions, then let the freelancers show their magic. The client checks out the proposed designs and picks the best one at the end of the week. Of course, the winner will get paid. If you are an enthusiastic designer who wants to evaluate the skills, this site is made for you.

#5- PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is an emerging freelancing portal focused on web designers, software engineers, SEO professionals, digital designers, and marketers.

Workstream is the specialized feature of this site. This tool organizes the payment, communication, and management at one place making things easier to work. You can go through hundreds of jobs to get the best project as per your skill set. You will receive notifications for new job openings right in your inbox. It is better to get a premium plan, but newbies can send up to 15 proposals to clients for free.

#6- LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn Profinder is the largest pool of professionals with more than 420 million members from 200 countries around the world. When you have to find information related to work, this platform is the best source.

Recently, LinkedIn made the major move by silently launching LinkedIn Profinder. It is another contender in the freelance market which is assisting professionals to land on their next online project.

LinkedIn Profinder has a competitive edge in the shape of a gigantic pool of user data. That’s why this platform connected the freelancers with potential clients within no time. The website used the keyword searches made by workers and companies to integrate both parties. Honestly, it is a great platform for experts who are willing to provide services in countless fields.

#7- SimplyHired

When it comes to a variety of jobs, we cannot ignore SimplyHired.

You can find any type of job on this platform. Whether it is related to construction or concierge, this site has always something to offer.

You can find work opportunities from 24 different countries. If English is not your native language, don’t you worry. Because SimplyHired supports 12 different languages other than English too. You can find jobs in those languages too.

#8- Freelance Writing Gigs

Do you want to be a professional freelance writer? Freelance Writing Gigs is the site you need to visit. The job board of this platform gets updated with new projects every day. You will have tons of opportunities related to writing and blogging jobs. The variety of jobs is countless including technical writing, writing recipes or in-depth posts about healthcare & lifestyle. In simple words, this platform is the best deal for writers who want to test their talent in different styles of professional writing.

#9- College Recruiter

It is not easy to get a freelancing project if you are a college student or recent graduate. Fortunately, College Recruiter is the place where you must check-in. This platform was launched for students specifically. So, if you need to do part time work for extra pocket money, College Recruiter is here to help.

#10- Guru

Guru offers you hundreds of lucrative offers by using job matching feature based on your skillset and past work experience. With the help of Guru Work Room, you can manage all the work affairs like a breeze.

From programmer to amateur photographer, you will find something significant on the freelancing websites cited above. Before starting out work, you must define your skillset properly and add some portfolio (if possible) on your profile. This way, you are going to get the right project at the right price on these freelancing websites. Also, don’t forget there is negativity everywhere along with the positivity so you must learn to identify the fraudulent client to be on safe side. For what you are waiting, it is not late to become part of the rapidly growing freelance community!

Utilize your leisure time to generate a passive income by doing work from home online.

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