Instilling Social Consciousness Is A Priority For Australian Parents

Why Is It Important To Establish Social Consciousness For Australian Parents?

A sense of social responsibility is becoming ever more important for Australian families. According to a report by ABC News, more and more parents are becoming acutely aware of economic and social issues and are pushing themselves, and their employers, to recognise this. Just like everything else in life, the conduct of parents filters through to how they raise their children and the adults they become. Today, social consciousness is being impressed upon the next generation with everything from environmentally friendly newborns to feminism first teens.

Driving Towards Green

Environmentalism is a progressive agenda that is finding more and more traction in Australia. As the HuffPo point out, plastic free July was invented in Australia back in 2011, and now, according to, more and more parents are focusing on ‘plastic free parenting’. Taking this one step further, many parents are looking to establish a standard with their newborns. Newborn babies take up a lot of material; nappies, disposable sterile equipment, bottle steamers, clothes and wraps are very quickly disposed of as a baby grows. However, these items are often essential for a newborn baby. Moving towards items that are not easily thrown away will have a big impact, and help to impress on kids right from day 1 that it’s important to reduce waste.

Treating The Planet Better

In the same vein as measures taken to reduce waste are eco-holidays. Australia has been a trend setter when it comes to identifying and accrediting green tourism locations, and some of the best in Australia itself are family friendly and seeing huge interest as a result. Rottnest Island, near Perth, is a very family-friendly location that families are seeing in their droves. Australia has always been a great place to learn about nature, with it’s varied climates and huge array of flora and fauna. Parents are using this natural bounty to provide important lessons to children.

Well Rounded And Aware

The lessons impressed upon children at a young age are being carried through to education both at home and at school. According to The Guardian, a study conducted in 2017 found that most parents and schools wished children were bestowed with more social and independent skills, including developing empathy and a sense of justice. It follows that parents are increasingly doing all they can to give their children a well-rounded and ‘woke’ view of the world. This is shown by trusting children with a little more knowledge about themselves and the world around them, and how they can be a good member of society when they grow up and have their own career and family.

Social responsibility is a virtue and it is becoming a primary concern of Australian parents. As a result, parenting methods and tools are starting to encompass ways to help children be responsible from the earliest possible age. Expect parenting trends to continue to move progressively in this manner as parents become more interested and more involved with helping their kids to do a little good.

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