Top Three Attractions in Pialligo, Majura

Don’t Miss These 3 Best Attractions When You Visit Pialligo, Majura

Pialligo is a little slice of the country. There are many gift stores, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy. Pialligo is a peaceful, friendly, and enjoyable suburb.

1. Balloon Aloft Canberra

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Amicable staff and incredible views. Do yourself a favour and visit the Balloon Aloft Canberra to wake up with stunning views in the air while taking off at sunset and drifting gently with the winds.

In Addition!

The CSU Alumni 2014 offer a package that comes with breakfast in Hyatt Hotel!

2. Rodney’s Garden Cafe

Easy going venture with leafy courtyards and a water feature, prepping inventive cafe meals. Delicious food, excellent customer service, and speedy services. The owners are just delightful and friendly and are dedicated to providing the best to everyone. This is an ideal spot for breakfast, with a calming and desirable atmosphere.

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  • Coffee
  • Prepared food
  • Healthy options
  • Vegetarian options

3. Tulips Cafe

The peacocks are a lovely sight to behold. The menu can be flexible, the food is tasty, and the services are friendly and fast. They also have a small playground to keep the little ones busy while the adults sit back and relax. Tulips cafe has a nostalgic vibe with its own comfort. Try out the Zucchini fritters with the dill yoghurt sauce; you won’t be disappointed!

See Pialligo differently

Pialligo is the perfect place to get mouth-watering meals and participate in various activities. Pialligo has many things to offer, ranging from a delicious, delightful meal to superb views and sceneries, as well as many fun activities.

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