Top Three Attractions in Canberra Airport, Majura

Don’t Miss These 3 Best Attractions When You Visit Canberra Airport, Majura

One of the most significant domestic airports with the most beautiful glass views and is easy to move through. You can catch glimpses of artworks and sculptures throughout your walk-in.

1. Cityhill Coffee

Definitely don’t miss out on one of the best tasting coffee houses in the airport. It would certainly help to get a sip of hot piping cocoa down your throat as you wait in the terminal for your flight, or of course, you could dine in with a quick bite. Definitely recommend stopping by when at the Canberra airport.

2. Capital Brewing

The airport surprisingly also offers airport taprooms. It would definitely be thrilling and exciting to any adult, knowing you can get refreshing and one of the best beers in Canberra. Definitely, one of the most excellent relaxing ways to start your holidays is hitting up the brew bar. They have a variety of popular beers ranging from XPA and rockhopper IPA.

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3. Noodles XO

Feeling a little hungry and craving some Asian cuisine? Don’t worry. They’ve got you covered as dishes ranging from Laksa, wonton soup, and sushi can all be obtained at one place. We definitely recommend you try their dumplings; they are too die for. They also sell a range of tasty drinks you should check out. All their food is freshly cooked and made in brisk timings.

Canberra Airport!

The Canberra airport has a power outlet on every corner for you to get some work done or charge your device. It’s modern, clean, and has nearly everything to offer, from banking facilities, bakery, convenient shops, and various food options to pick from.

In addition, it’s pretty close to many places, which is pretty convenient as you can find a fast-food restaurant and shopping centre about 5 to 10 minutes away from the airport.

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