Top 10 Things To Do in COVID-19 Lockdown

Top 10 Things You Can Do in COVID-19 Lockdown

Top 10 things to do in COVID-19 lockdown. The global pandemic of coronavirus struck the entire world and many countries experience lockdown in this abhorrent condition. A close to millions of people affected by the pandemic also experience constant panic. It remains puzzling and we do not understand what it can do now! Australia is also experiencing lockdown, and many business activities became suspended and people remain bored at home. Amidst this coronavirus lockdown, do something productive while staying at home because be safe and save others.

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Now, what to do? Here are the ten ways by which you can stop wasting your time and get out of your boredom.

A friendly reminder: Stay at home and don’t forget to wash your hands. Learn about the pandemic, and get reliable updates.

1. Freelancing

What about earning money in this lockdown? Work from home and follow your passion. Become a freelancer and choose the field you are passionate about. You are good at writing? Become a writer and write articles or become a content writer for different companies. Are you a grammar geek or can you just find the mistakes in a written text? Opt for online proofreading programs.

Freelancing is not always about writing. You can do anything. You can make designs and logos for companies and can incorporate your time and creativity without getting bored. Marketing, data entry, transcriptions or web programming are other options that you can do while you are at home and can earn a handsome amount by freelancing.

2. Blogging

Start a blog page and earn money through it. Affiliate your blog with marketing. Do product endorsements or sales and every time someone reads your blog you will get paid for it. Worrying about topics? There are many. Are you a travel geek? Start your blog about traveling. Tell the people about the destinations, tourist spots or expenses. Share your traveling experiences and let people enjoy it.

Interested in food? Start writing about food and cooking. Share your recipes or review food restaurants or products. Food is a wide area and gives you a lot of opportunities, and people love it. Or write about health, give your fitness advice and benefit people from it. Opt for technology, finance, or just anything else that you like. Do it your way and entertain your audience while following your passion and earn money through it.

3. Home Decoration

Top 10 things to do in COVID-19 lockdown allows your creative juices to flow. As they lock everyone inside their homes, give some time to your home. Clean your bedrooms, lounges, balconies or kitchen. Change the setting of your furniture as it makes a lot of difference and gives a new look to our rooms and collectively your home. Give them the customised look by decorating it yourself. You will love it. Print some family pictures, put them in old frames and find a cozy corner of your home and display them there.

You can also opt for mood cards, quotes, digital paintings or just whatever you like to display in your rooms. Paint your kitchen cabinets, lids of the spice jars or anything you like it. Make it the way you want them. Incorporate your time and creativity in your home and decorate your home with recycled art or by planting some flower pots.  

4. Games

Everybody loves playing video games or online games. Play your favorite games for free or earn money through it by competing for rewards. There are many online gaming sites in Australia which allow you to earn money.

You can also play online games for free in this lockdown and challenge your friends and family members. Make this time enjoyable for you and your family without worrying about ways to earn money and prizes. You can also opt for some board games or fun activities to engage yourself in this situation.

5. Home Chef

Are you a person who loves cooking or baking? Then what are you waiting for? Start your online business and become a home chef. Bake yummy cookies and food snacks and deliver it to your neighborhood with good packaging and don’t forget to take the precautions. A healthy home-made mouthwatering food is always a center of attraction.

Satisfy your and your family’s cravings by cooking or baking at home. Discover new recipes and add your twist to it. Make a blog and share your fusion recipes, and earn through it. There are e-books available for recipes, you can try them out, upgrade them and make your e-book out of them too.

6. Take Part in Surveys or Watch Movie Previews

Are you earning money while staying at home? A virtual assistant is a safe answer. Answer online surveys or test different products and make money online from home. Everybody loves watching videos, but very few know that you can also earn money by watching videos. Yes, you read it right, you can also get paid for watching videos.

Several websites pay you when you watch movie previews videos for an allotted time. Don’t let the scams fool you as you do not have to pay for signing up or before entering a survey. It’s a part-time activity and yes obviously it will not make you rich but you can opt for it while you are at home or bored.

7. Painting

Many people are good at painting and you can do this in the COVID-19 lockdown. You can also take part in design competitions and earn prizes. Make posters on awareness programs and donate them to a leading NGO or just post it on your social media account and boom!

You get new followers. Design your t-shirts and old stuff at your home and give them a new look. Paint your kitchen cabinets or any other place in your home and give them a customised look. Paint where you like, on a t-shirt, canvas or walls. Yes, no one will scold you now for painting on walls. 

8. Gardening

Top 10 things to do in COVID-19 lockdown. Who doesn’t love greenery? Plants are your true friends as they provide you with fresh oxygen. Plant some pots of flowers and make your balconies prettier and can have some fresh air. You can also opt for some fruits and vegetables.  Kitchen gardening is a healthy option. From the pot, right into your stomach and get rid of pre-stored vegetables and fruits. Keeping your house clean and tidy is such an effective to relieve stress and regain order make COVID cleaning part of your daily routine.

You can use gardening for managing your stress, frustration, and panic during these days since studies have found their efficiencies in these matters. Human being loves nature and gardening makes you close to nature, feeling naturally more happy and content with life and it’s changing and sometimes challenging moments. Being immersed in green is a pleasure in itself and you need to give a romantic dedication to their gardens. They deserve your time! They deserve you!

9. Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant and earn money from home. There are several tasks including social media management, formatting or editing content, scheduling appointments or travel. Virtual assistants are an amazing team member of websites or a celebrity who doesn’t have enough time to maintain and administer his work, accounts, and appointments.

As businesses all over the world are moving online, virtual assistants are in high demand. During this lockdown, learn about virtual assistants and increase your monthly payment and then don’t worry about cutting off your expenses. The work of Virtual assistants in Australia is much more flexible and if you join a website or company that based in Australia then you do not have to worry about the language barriers and time zone as well.

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10. Recycled Art

Open your store and bring out the old stuff that you will not use anymore. Recycle it and make a new thing out of it. Watch YouTube tutorials and recycle your old stuff like torn jeans into a bag, cereal boxes into beautiful holders for your stuff or old baskets and newspapers into a decoration piece.

Engage your children as well, it is a fun activity to do for every age group who is feeling like rotting at home in this lockdown. What about earning money by recycling? Sell your products into your neighbourhood or on Amazon and earn money as well.


Top 10 Things To Do in COVID-19 Lockdown. We all waste time and keep wasting time. It is impossible to use all your time effectively, and it is good to waste some time. But that should not be our main goal and purpose in your life. You should use your time exerting your efforts on some creative and productive moments in life.

This is very important since you will feel frustrated by not doing anything at all. In these days of the pandemic when the world has struck with a hidden enemy, you must not feel damaged and continue the activity that the homo-sapiens must do to live in this world but learn about the pandemic and take safety measures.

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Top 10 Things To Do in COVID-19 Lockdown

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