Top 10 Tips: Do Not Panic If You Do Not Have Tissue Roll

Follow These Top 10 Tips When You Run Out Of A Tissue Roll

Top 10 Tips: Do not panic if you do not have tissue roll. Even if any katzenjammer struck you, you can skip your meals and daily routines. But if nature calls you, listen to it. Don’t even try to abuse nature. One of my teachers once said to me:

“In case you chose to hurt nature, you are just hurting yourself”

And she is right, especially in this context. So do not panic, we all are in a state of immense confusion and toilet paper’s availability decreased because of the recent global pandemic. There are many traditional cultural and sometimes religious ways to make yourself clean, and there are many methods that don’t even require these toilet papers.

Just think about this. There was a time when there were no toilet papers. What happened during then? So, it is possible to naturally clean your bottom without purchasing those toilet papers. This article is not only going to provide you with some easy methods of purification, but it might also help you with knowledge and creativity about your butts.

1. Do Not Panic: Use a Kettle or Ewer Instead of Tissue Rolls

Do not panic if you run out of toilet roll. Use a kettle or fewer if you do not have tissue roll. Let’s start our article considering a traditional method that is still prevalent in India. There are no toilet papers in most of the places and sometimes no toilets at all. What do they do then? They use a kettle or an ewer and pour water into it. After using the squat toilet or relaxing them with their natural tendencies, they will just cleanse their bottom using this ewer.

This is the simple, easy and traditional method. They use this method not only in India but in many other places in Asia, China, and especially the Muslim world. It is simpler than a bidet shower and cleaner than a toilet paper. If you have an unused kettle, you may use it for these purposes (but make sure those kettles are not in use). You can check out all the necessary items and alternatives like bidet converter kit, bidet shower tissues, wipes etc.

2. Bidet Shower Instead of Tissue Rolls

All of us know about bidet showers. It is used to wipe your butt with water. According to various cultures, anal hygiene requires water for proper methods of cleaning. It is, therefore, used in Muslim countries and many African nations for cleansing. Bidet showers are practically less costly than toilet papers and it is more convenient and natural to use them. They do not cut thousands of trees to make them. They are not only less costly but sometimes good for your hygiene scientifically. It is also called a bum gun and it feels good.

3. Grow Your Tissue Rolls

Tissue Rolls are not always manufactured, nature gives some natural toilet papers too. The options for washing don’t end here, and you may grow your toilet paper too. Some plants in Australia can conveniently and comfortably clean your bottom and listed here:

  • Thimbleberry, known as Rubus parviflorus, consist of very soft leaves with bright flowers. It also provides berries and many byproducts, but because of their soft nature, we may use them as toilet papers. We can find this plant on the east coast of Australia and Tasmania.
  • What about Native Rosella? We also know this plant as Toilet Paper Bush because it may act as a toilet paper and it is available in various parts of Australia.
  • Mullein grows in some parts of Australia and we know this plant as “cowboy toilet paper”. Its large velvety leaves can surely help you during your travels.
  • Plectranthus argentatus, known as silver spur-flower, may be used as an alternative too.
  • Wooly Lambs Ear is very soft, and they can clean your buttocks in a very pleasing way.
  • Bushman’s friend may help you when you cannot meet your other friends in isolation. This friend is a shrub whose large flowers are so soft delightful that we may use them as a toilet paper. They are, hence named “bushman’s toilet paper”.
  • Panda plant has leaves comparable to a bear’s ear. They are, therefore, soft, and hence, can be used as toilet papers too.

There are many similar plants in Australia that you may have read on the internet in the articles. This is a whole topic to which you may dedicate yourself. You can grow your plants if you learn nursery techniques of growing them. This is also a good option for keeping you busy during the frustration of isolation.

4. Use Cloth Wipes as Tissue Rolls

It may seem to you an idea in vain, but you must think about it. Why not make your toilet paper with old t-shirts and then use and wash them? It is very natural and there is nothing wrong with trying this out. There are many unused clothes in almost all houses in the world. You just need to simply make a toilet paper with the help of them, you may cut them in a way that feels convenient to you and use it as an alternative during these days.

5. Newspapers and Other Unused Papers

Top 10 Tips: Do not panic if you do not have tissue roll. When you start to worry about tissue rolls, alternatives exist. You may still use newspaper, old or new. If you have no other option, you can try out other papers that are not in your use and newspapers a good alternative too. It doesn’t seem good to use those newspapers to do this job, but what’s wrong in doing so these days? It is a simpler idea. Isn’t it? Well, you may use your seven-year-old tax return as a substitute, but only if you consult your accountant before doing any such thing.

6. Do Not Panic Use Smooth Stones

Our ancestors never worried about tissue role. In the stone ages, they used stones to clean their butts. The great Greek society also used stones. Stones have a relation with the poop historically. Although not a great option, you can pick some stones in your garden (if present) and use them along with a little water. It may not feel good for some people, but it helps. If you are in woods or similar places, you use these alternatives. You may use them in your home too if you have such stones present.

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7. Shower After The Poop

Another top 10 tips: do not panic if you do not have tissue roll. If your circadian rhythms have directed you to poop once a day and that too in the morning, you may take the shower right after your poop. It does feel good if tried, and it’s a comfortable option for feeling clean and content. It is not unhygienic, and it saves water too. A good option for those who poop once or twice, but not a good choice if you are feeling diarrhea and pooping five times a day.

8. Xylospongium

Do not panic when you notice your tissue roll start to decrease. It is a way to wipe yourself and used in ancient Rome. We may credit them with inventing first toilets without flush and it was common during that era to sitting on a shared toilet in an open room full of people. Historically, this thing called tersorium consisted of a sea sponge along with a stick, but we may reuse it in a modern form. If you have a sponge and a stick, you can make this thing at your home reviving the Roman tradition. It doesn’t seem to be a difficult idea to make this interesting tool.

9. Do Not Panic Use a Shit Stick

You may simply use only a stick too when you start to panic. Japanese and Chinese have a history too about anal purity. It is said that they adopt this from Indian culture when Buddhists brought Indian techniques to China. This means that Indians used it once too. They used a stick along with some water for their anal hygiene. It was known as chóu in Chinese language or chū in the Japanese language, and they used it before the invention of paper in the 6th century. It seems disgusting, but people used it once, and we may use them too in difficult times.

10. Corn Cobs and Tissue Rolls

Another Top 10 Tip if you do not have tissue roll, do not panic and use corn cobs. We all have used corn in many recipes, and corncobs can be directly used for eating too. After eating, what do we do with the dried corn cubs? You may use them to clean your butt, some societies used in the past. It also appears painful and disgusting, but it was used once and can be used now too. We cannot guarantee it that it is a good idea, but it is acceptable as an alternative.


Top 10 Tips: do not panic if you do not have tissue toll. So, we have mentioned all the probable alternatives about science, engineering, biology, botany and all things related to cleaning your buttocks. These shameful parts of our body contribute to many vital functions in life and despite their immense importance, we do not give our buttocks the tribute they deserve.

We care about our buttocks much less and we have only a limited list of inventions about the purification of our anal hygiene. But this article doesn’t disappoint your buttocks and presented you with many ancient and modern techniques of helping you in your difficult days. In the problematic days where toilet papers run out, try such methods too for creativity and increase your experience.

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Top 10 Tips: Do Not Panic If You Do Not Have Tissue Roll

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