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Survival Diaries is an upcoming novel that deals with individuality in a totalitarian state, a state in which everyone is completely equal, well that the mantra anyway. Living in Ralph’s dystopian nightmare are a group of rebels called the Eureka’s, in the early days post Transition day they broadcast across FM and AM networks in hope of finding others that knew something was wrong, very wrong.

Eureka Resist Radio Podcast Part 3

Numbness by Design Podcast Transcript

What do you feel when you wake up?

Well, besides something uncomfortable in your pants if you’re a guy, you most certainly feel little to nothing. Have you ever stopped to think about why that might be?

Oh, right.

Thinking, huh?

It’s become a weird concept, come to think of it.

The more you think about it, the further away it gets.

Have you stopped to ask yourself whether your thoughts are your own? It’s ridiculous that they might belong to someone else, right?

And yet… That might just be the case.

Now, before you change the station and go back to being a mindless slave of invisible masters, I’ll need you to listen to me.

You are better than this.

You are a strong human being – a result of millions of years of evolution. Will you let nature’s hard and unrelenting work go to waste?

The human consciousness has evolved amongst creatures between predators and prey, and has become the wielding force of the universe. Why do you let yourself be manipulated? Why do you not want to take your fate in your own hands?

You have the needed power to control life around you and yet you have given yourself up to become a simple slave without dreams and ambitions. If you feel empty and dead inside, we are here to help.

We are Eureka and we are always with you.

We have broken free from what was once a useless existence and now fight for what is right. We fight for you and your freedom. Join us in our task and we will help you see the truth hidden behind the lies of the government.

Eureka Resist Radio Set Your Mind Free

10 podcast series as part of pre-release material by Ralph Jones for his upcoming nightmarish tale The World You Think You Know. Sit back, close your eyes and be ready for one hell of a ride.

Part 2 HERE

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