Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Gold Rush Town of Kalgoorlie

Ten Things to do in Kalgoorlie in 2020

It would be difficult to find a place quite like the gold mining town, Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Where other mining towns hardly lasted a couple of years, Kalgoorlie has a thriving community and economy since 1893. The town is evidence of the wealth generated by wealth brought through gold mining. It is 595 kilometres east of Perth and an interesting and worthy town to explore in 2020.

Here are the following list of 10 things you can do in Kalgoorlie.

1. Kalgoorlie-Boulder Saint Barbara Festival

Every year there is an annual festival that celebrates the mining region. It includes a Miners Memorial Service that is held to honour people who lost lives during the mining industry. The highlight of the festival is a fun-filled parade and extravaganza that includes the entire family. The festival is across various locations in Kalgoorlie from November to the 2nd of December 2020.

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2. Lorna Mitchell Spring Festival

The annual festival is every year on Sunday, October 13 and an event that you should include when you are in the area in 2020. It is located in the huge Hammond Park with live entertainment, arts and crafts stalls and fun activities.

3. Super Pit

On the edge of Kalgoorlie is a mammoth, gargantuan open cut gold mine which is called the Super Pit. This pit is on the exact spot where the initial gold was found and drew thousands of people from across the globe to earn a fortune. While there used to be several pits, today all the mines are consolidated into the Super Pit which has to be seen to believe and understood. It is 1.5 kilometers wide, 3.5 km long and presently more than 500 meters deep and getting deeper daily. It still works round the clock with trucks and people milling in and out as gold is still mined.

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4. The Longest Golf Course in the World

When we say you can play golf at the longest golf course in the world, we mean that literally. That is the Nullarbor Links even though it still has 18 holes, it stretches across the remote Australian outback. It stretches across Nullarbor Plain which starts at Western Australia right through to Southern Australia. This golf course has a 365 kilometres distance with remote stations and roadhouses at each one of the golfing holes. Depending on which way you play from, the 18th hole of the golf course ends right here in Kalgoorlie.

5. Goldfields Wildflowers

Each year from August to October is the wildflower season. This is a great time to plan your 2020 Kalgoorlie visit. This region is one of the only where you can find the aromatic sandalwood tree and nature and flower lovers will have exquisite views of breath-taking native flowers ranging from dainty paper daisies, white, yellow and pink everlastings, Sturt’s Desert Pea, bright orange greviea and thousands more.

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6. Lake Ballard

While Lake Ballard is beautiful throughout the year, plan your visit around Spring 2020 with the most perfect weather conditions with dry ground and the salt turning a shimmering white. The largest outdoor art installation with 51 steel statues will be scattered over the salt lake. Something worth mentioning is that this town is in particular RV friendly with an abundance of RV camping spots making it possible to set up wherever you wish to overnight in a very economical fashion.

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7. Fossicking

Kalgoorlie has a number of fossicking tours to locals and tourists and it is one of the only places in Australia where you can actually go out and seek your fortune. You are provided with everything you need, from permits to gold detectors. It is a great family-friendly trip.

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8. Race Round

Plan your Kalgoorlie 2020 trip around September to participate and be part of the biggest Australian party. The Round as it is called is a week-long racing extravaganza which includes the Boulder Cup and the XXXX Gold Kalgoorlie Cup. Events and attractions include ladies’ luncheons, charity dinners, cocktail parties and of course all the races.

9. Questa Casa

It might appear strange that on the 10 Reasons to Visit the Gold Rush Town of Kalgoorlie we include a brothel, but yes! You simply have to check it out. It is still operational but one of the town’s top tourist attractions. It is one of the only original gold-rush era brothels and during the day the owner shows off the interiors, rooms and discus the clandestine trade of days gone by.

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10. Goldfields Aboriginal Art Gallery

A must-see is the Goldfields Aboriginal Art gallery with the extensive collection of Aboriginal art from all over the region. On sale here includes clapping sticks, original aboriginal spear throwers, boomerangs and art.

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Make no mistake, Kalgoorlie isn’t Sydney and you will not attend the Opera House or dine at the finest restaurant or see extraordinary beaches, but here you will witness one of the most significant and important parts of Australia history and culture of an era gone by that is still preserved. To think that other gold towns disappeared off the map, but this one thrived and is still the gold mecca of western Australia. It is well worth a visit and you might even prospect your own gold and find a fortune when you do your own fossicking.



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