Top 10 Reasons to Visit Darwin in 2020

Ten Ideas for Your 2020 Darwin Visit

Darwin is the main port and capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. Darwin is one of Larrakia’s traditional lands and feels dislocated from the rest of Australia. The Darwin locals love their city where weekends are for fishing for barramundi in a small boat.
Darwin is part of the nature surrounding it with the Tiwi Islands a short boat ride away and the famous national parks of Litchfield and Kakadu a few hours’ drive from Darwin. Innovative museums and galleries showcase the Indigenous art of Darwin and its region with tables spilling out on street-side bars and restaurants. More than fifty nationalities live in this outstanding cosmopolitan city.

Why Should You Visit Darwin in 2020

1. 2020 Darwin Triple Crown Supercars

On top of our list and a date, you must certainly save and ensure you are in the Darwin region is 17 to 19 July 2020. While it might not be a top tourist attraction, you will find all the locals from far across Australia and sports enthusiasts from other countries saving the dates.
This event is in its 23rd year already with 2020 offering a brand-new addition to the program. This supercars racing event is at the Hidden Valley racetrack which includes a rock concert and other entertainment for the entire family. Each year more than 36, 000 attendees gather in Darwin and you can be part of it in 2020.

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2. 2020 Darwin Fringe Festival

From the beginning of July 2020 until 12 July 2020 you must make sure that you are in Darwin for a festival of a lifetime. The Darwin Fringe is a free festival that supports the arts community of Darwin. It is an opportunity for established and new artists to showcase their work and talent. Eleven art genres are covered and more than 100 shows will be held, and this is an event that needs to be on your calendar.

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3. 2020 Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta

Since 1974 Darwin hosts an iconic family event that attracts young and old from around the country and any tourist that is in the country in July make sure that they are in the area too. the idea is to design a floating vessel using anything from milk cartons to plastic bottles and obviously beer cans.
Anything as long as it can float. It happens on the glorious Mindil beach with great prizes to be won. Your boat must float, and you will be judged according to design, types of cans, and obviously how long and how much weight your boat can take.
During this regatta that is from 19 July, 2020 other fun activities include team events, kayaking races, thong throwing competitions, sandcastle competitions and the major beer can race. Be sure that you mark your calendar for July 2020 and get your beer can boat ready!

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4. Great Northern Darwin Cup Carnival

It is amazing that a race that takes only two minutes takes a year and longer to plan and prepare for and people saving this date as one of the main dates every year. It is no different for 2020 either. The Northern Territory’s largest social and sporting event is the Great Northern Darwin Cup which is broadcast to more than forty nations globally.
More than 20, 000 locals and international travellers get together at Fannie Bay for a day of racing, unsurpassed hospitality, entertainment and fashion. You need to save the date on your calendar as 3rd August 2020.

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5. Street Art Festival

September 2020 is a month that you want to be in Darwin as well as it is the time when some of the best artists in the world descend on Darwin. They transform the walls in West and Austin Lane int massive art galleries. A huge amount of industry giants are the sponsors of the event and used from top artwork will there be loads of stalls, entertainment and more for everybody for a ten-day period.

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6. 2020 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Art Awards

Every year the nation is captured by the most prestigious Indigenous art awards which are also Australia’s longest-running awards. The event is at the MAGNT – Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory. The event increases each year with more media and art forms introduced. The opening ceremony starts with outstanding live performances on the lawns of the Museum. This event starts on August 11 through to the 3rd of November 2020.

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7. Crocosaurus Cove

In the Northern Territory crocodiles are an icon with the only downside being that the beaches and waters are rather unsafe in the region. Some of the beaches are deemed unsafe but there is an excellent way to get up close and personal with crocodiles without the risk of losing a limb or your life.
It is the Crocosaurus Cove which even has a Cage of Death where you get into a cage and lowered into croc-infested waters. Nearby is also the Crocodylus Park which you should also include in your trip.

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8. Chinese Temple and Museum Chung Wah

As a highly cosmopolitan city, the Chinese population has outnumbered the European nationalities back in the 1870s. The Chinese population is still strong but the influences are still high with the Chinese Temple and Museum evidence thereof. The magnificent temple was built in 887 and it is one of the top places that you should include in your visit to Darwin.

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9. Douglas Hot Springs

Unwind and chill in the gorgeous oasis which is the Douglas Hot Springs which is a lush oasis in the middle of dry woodlands. The region is rich in fauna and flora with various pools some of which are even too hot to enter. Here are thousands of butterflies and more than 100 bird species for birdwatchers.

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10. Darwin Casino

After all the history and culture and getting close to crocodiles do not neglect to visit the glitz and glamour of the Darwin Casino. It is part of the Skycity casino chain and aside from the only casino in Darwin, it is the second Australian casino to open. Here you have an excellent collection of machines and tables, elegant bars and world-class restaurants which include resort-style accommodation.

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Darwin is a true paradise with year-round top festivals and activities and we only barely scraped the bottom of the barrel of things to do and see when you visit Darwin in 2020. While you are there take a relaxing cruise from Darwin Harbour too, and enjoy the man-made and natural attractions, local onboard cuisine while enjoying sunset views of Darwin down the waterways of Darwin.



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