Best Places to Live in Toronto for Singles and Families

Toronto is well known for its multiculturalism, thriving art culture, tech prospects, plenty of transportation options, and great career opportunities. It is Canada’s largest and most populated city and gives apartment renters as well as potential homeowners a wide scope of neighborhood options to choose from. These range from car-friendly suburbs to historic, established cities with brick-clad housing stock and so much more. The rent and home purchase price points are similarly diverse.

Looking to find the perfect place to live in Toronto? Below is a breakdown of places, collected by high skilled local movers in Toronto, to consider if you’re a single student or young professional or if you’re looking for a kid-friendly place to raise your family. We have done the homework for you and put together this list of the hottest spots. Keep reading to find the neighborhood of your dreams before your big move.

Top Neighborhoods in Toronto for Singles

Most single people looking to move to Toronto hope to make the most of the urban experience. They often prefer neighborhoods with lively social scenes and proximity to work or school. It means that the more family-oriented neighborhoods are less of a focus to them. If you fit the criteria that we just described above then the list below is carefully curated with your needs in mind. Let’s dive right into it…

1. Yonge & Eglinton (Young & Eligible)

  • Vibrant
  • Centrally located

This midtown neighborhood is a popular choice for young professionals. The neighborhood offers many restaurants, bars, and shops making it so full of life.

Based on a 2017 survey by Toronto Life, this neighbourhood was the top-rated one in Greater Toronto considering factors such as housing, crime rate, transit, health, entertainment, demographics, and employment.

2. Liberty Village

  • Work/life balance
  • Trendy hip atmosphere
  • The former industrial area is now a hotbed of tech startups

Liberty Village boasts a mix of modern condos, cafes, local boutiques, nightclubs and gyms. The proximity to the center, yet the emphasis on pedestrian areas in the neighborhood makes it attractive to active people.

There are also several bike lanes and bike racks, making it easy to get around by bike.

3. Brocton Village

  • Thriving arts & culture
  • Accepting to the queer community
  • Life is more affordable compared to other neighborhoods

Brockton Village was once a separate city but is now a neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It includes part of the old town of Brockton, which was annexed into the city of Toronto in 1884.

The neighborhood has a large Portuguese immigrant population, which is why it is also called Little Portugal. Thanks to them, the neighborhood is steeped in family values.

4. Yorkville

  • Posh and luxurious
  • In the heart of the city

Yorkville is often referred to as the city with a “river in its heart.” The Fox River that runs through it provides many recreational opportunities for townspeople: outdoor eating, canoeing and kayaking.

5. King West

  • Energetic hood
  • Urban yet walkable, making it look like a fashion runway

King West is a fast-growing Toronto neighborhood that is often compared to New York’s trendy Soho district. Over the past twenty years, new skyscrapers have been built in King West every year. It is definitely a dynamic neighborhood and not just because of its growth: it is also known for its vibrant nightlife and rich selection of restaurants. This has made it popular with young people and people with a fast pace of life.

Top Neighborhoods in Toronto for Families

One of the most appealing aspects of Toronto is the diversity of neighborhoods that cater to the needs and preferences of families. Whether you’re looking for a safe environment to call home, excellent schools, and parks, you are covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young growing family or have your first baby on the way, here are some of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Toronto:

1. Riverdale 

  • Century homes
  • Known for its multiculturalism
  • Features numerous art galleries

Located east of Toronto’s downtown, Riverdale has plenty to offer hip parents with kids of all ages. This neighborhood is surrounded by tree-lined streetscapes and two and three-story Victorian homes renovated into perfect, reasonably priced homes for young families. There are colorful shopping districts and open green spaces to enjoy.

2. Roncesvalles

  • A mix of culture and adventure
  • Well-built old-character apartments

Better known as Roncy for those who can’t pronounce it, Roncesvalles is an up-and-coming kid haven as there’s no shortage of wholesome outdoor activities. Dogs, too, have access to the pet-friendly green spaces. There are dozens of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, daycares, and shops selling children’s toys, books, and clothes.

3. Willowdale

  • Affluent
  • Charming suburb
  • Plethora of green spaces
  • A blend of housing amenities

Located at the center of North York, Willowdale has cafes, clustered restaurants, shopping centers, parks, libraries, community centers, and convenient access to transit and major highways. This neighborhood offers a diverse community and boasts a blend of housing options like detached homes and high-end condos.

4. Leslieville

  • Hip
  • Houses have lots of character
  • Youthful with options for kids

A while back, Leslieville was an area that very few Torontonians wanted to live in as it was considered ‘too far’ from downtown. It’s now seen as a vibrant and engaging area with many modern condos full of families. This means that on Sundays the streets are usually filled with strollers as families go out in search of good brunch joints.

5. Bedford Park

  • Quiet
  • Safe and peaceful haven

This family-friendly neighborhood has excellent schools and local parks. It’s one of the few neighborhoods in Toronto where you can walk in any direction and feel safe. The park system is fantastic. This makes it an ideal place to live for families seeking a suburban feel within the city.


Toronto features every type of neighborhood you can think of and this makes narrowing down to a single neighborhood a bit challenging. Each neighborhood has a unique charm and caters to various preferences.

We hope that this guide helps you find an ideal place to live that suits your lifestyle regardless of what you’re looking for, be it a strong sense of community, diverse amenities, an artistic vibe, etc.

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