Top 10 Markets in Australia to Visit in 2023

Ten Best Markets in Australia That You Must Visit

Exploring the markets in Australia can be a uniquely captivating experience. The markets act as a source to connect the community with sellers, farmers, and artists. Moreover, these markets also promote and support the emerging and dedicated designers who seek an opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Apart from offering the routinely everyday products such as food, bakery, poultry, and crockery products, these markets also feature top-notch cosmetics, artefacts, sculptures, arts, and home-wares. Thus, the Australian markets attract a large mass of people from all over the world to make the most of their large collection of stalls, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Here, we have assembled for you the top 10 best markets in Australia that you must visit whenever in Australia as they are worth your time, money, and happiness.

1. Queen Victoria Market

One of the major landmarks in Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market stretches to about 7 hectares making it Southern Hemisphere’s largest open market. It is the largest market from 19 century of Melbourne that is still intact and surviving.

Queen Victoria Market has a unique significance due to its architectural, social, and historical values. Therefore, it is also counted and stated in the Victorian Heritage Register. While roaming through its historic sheds, the market indulges you with souvenirs, beautiful architectural buildings, gourmet delights, and much more.

2. Paddington Market

Since 1973, the iconic Paddington market on every Saturday has been opening its doors for visitors despite whatever the weather. Over the years, it has solidified itself as a top attraction in Sydney.

Featuring more than 150 stalls offering unique creations, this market is dedicated to promote and support local artists and designers The Paddington Market takes pride for being the centre for uniting the art lovers with the art makers. So, this market has hosted many popular designers and artists.

3. Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Mindil Beach Market, located in Darwin, has a wide range of stalls providing its visitors with international cuisines, crafts, entertainment, and arts. The diverse combination of delicious food and a lively atmosphere makes this market a must-visit site.

On Thursday, the market opens up with more than 60 food corners featuring dishes and cuisines from various countries like Turkey, Sri Lanka, Greece, India, North Africa, and many others. Enjoying dinner on its beach while spectating the splendid tropical sunset adds in the name of this market. Also, VIP lounges are available for a premium private sunset experience.

4. Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market offers an array of fresh food like vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, seafood, and bakery. Moreover, Adelaide is home to some of the popular cafes, eateries, and high-end restaurants. Every year over 9 million local and international visitors visit Adelaide Central Market. It has earned the title of ‘food Mecca’ for its diverse multicultural food and fresh produce dating back to almost 150 years.

The market has been a central point of the South Australian food culture. It has over 80 shops and stalls offering a large collection of goods ranging from everyday food products to lavish bakeries.

5. Salamanca Market

Salamanca market is situated in Hobart’s waterfront and is in close vicinity to Hobart’s picturesque waterfront. It is regarded as the most vibrant and largest outdoor markets in Australia. Every Saturday, over 300 vendors and stalls open up along the famed Salamanca Place to depict crafts, artifacts, art jewellery, home-wares, and collectibles.

For the past 45 years, this market has been among the top popular attractions in Tasmania. It is an ideal location for history and art lovers.

6. The Finders Keepers

Founded in 2008, the Finder Keepers is the most prominent design market in Australia formed to encourage emerging and independent designers. It is a great three-day event that features more than 270 design and independent art stalls.

In this market, you are likely to find talented local makers from all over Australia with their piece of creativity to showcase. It features new talent and amazing debut stalls throughout the event. Furthermore, you’ll also find food and beverages stalls, bars, cafes, and lively music to keep you entertained.

7. E Shed Markets

E Shed Market is the lone waterfront market in Western Australia. It is situated in the Victoria’s Quay historic yet fascinating E Shed in Fremantle. The market offers international cuisines, local handicrafts, lively music, new fashion artifacts, antiques, and much more.

You can roam around the market exploring the stalls and enjoy the passing by ships. He market welcomes its visitors with relaxing yet amazing shopping opportunities.

8. Camberwell Market

Founded in 1976 by Balwyn Rotary, the Camberwell Rotary market began with 48 stalls which have now grown to around 400 stalls. The market is an ideal spot for treasure hunters looking for second-hand antiques, clothes, toys, artwork, and jewellery. There is a variety of odd goods and rare gems that attracts thousands of visitors.

The Camberwell Market is one of the central parts of the city’s community for a long time. Starting at around 6:30 am on Sunday, the market features stalls offering vintage records, trinkets, and much more.

9. The Original Eumundi Markets

The Original Eumundi Market has always to offer something different to its visitors. The market was formed in 1979. Its primary target was handmade products and artifacts. Since then, the market has transformed into a premium artisan centre in Australia.

The market opens up on Saturdays and Wednesdays and features more than 600 shops and stalls. Here, you’ll find original artwork, home-wares, sculptures, handmade toys, and jewellery designed by the Queensland designers. Foodies can also get their hands full by various eateries located here.

10. The Big Design Market

The Big Design Market is ideal for those who look for new and trendy artifacts to buy for Christmas. In November, a three-day event is set up in Sydney Royal Hall of Industries were more than 230 shops and stalls are waiting for you to explore.

The market host stalls for lifestyle, home-wares, fashion, textiles, kid’s products, and furniture. Moreover, the market hosts artistic and creative workshops along with a lot of kid’s activities corner. Visitors will also be provided with various bars, cafes, restaurants offering delicious sweets, treats, beers, and special teas.

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