Top 10 Bays in Australia to Relax in 2023

Ten Relaxing Australian Bays to spend 2023 Relaxing in

Lying in the middle of summer in Oz, the country Continent of Australia is all about bays and beaches. If you are planning your trip to Australia in 2023 then you should know about the best bays to relax in Australia to find the perfect beaches to be visited. We agree, that the country has cosmopolitan cities as well as charming country towns, but it is the awesome beach lifestyle which makes it different from other countries of the world. The coastline of Australia is spread over 50,000 kilometres and has more than 10,000 beaches. While you are in Australia, you will feel the smell and taste of saltwater, the rays of sun on your back, and the sand between your toes, which would be among the best feelings in the world.

1. Coral Bay

Coral Bay, Australia, Top 10 Bays in Australia to Relax in 2020

One of the most tourist attractive spots in Western Australia the coral bay and going into the details, you will come to know why, in a while. So get ready and find your snorkelling gear, because this bay offers you the best snorkelling opportunities. As it is the part of the Ningaloo reef region, there is immense natural beauty just a few meters away from the shore. Set your camp on the beach, enjoy the sunset as well as sunrise on the beach. You cannot only snorkel, but also relax in the calmness of the bay. You can also enjoy a quad biking adventure in the Quadtrek which is one of the best quad biking tracks. The coral bay is particular in its sceneries, sand dunes and snorkelling. And if you are lucky enough, you can even spot turtles on the Turtle Cliffs.

2. Sandy Bay

Have you ever heard of a paradise on earth, it is this place, Sandy Bay, which is among the best bays to relax in Australia. The Sandy Bay is famous for its white stunning sand, crystal clear wonderful waters and dark blue brilliant skies. This bay is an excellent beach to relax with your family because of its shallow waters. The bay is located in the Ningaloo Marine Park. Due to its location in the Ningaloo Marine Park, it is an incredible place for snorkelling, so get your snorkelling gear ready. If you want to enjoy lunch on the beach then there is a picnic table with shade which is positioned as such that you can look at the beach while enjoying your food.

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3. Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo

As the name says, the Turquoise Bay is famous for its turquoise coloured clear waters. The bay, located in the Ningaloo region is a perfect place to swim and experience the beauty of Ningaloo reef that is just in few meters vicinity. We have found a perfect place for you, if you want to swim, snorkel or just relax, yes we are talking about the Turquoise Bay. You can enjoy one of the coolest snorkelling experiences in the famous ‘drift snorkel’ on the bay. If you are not an expert, then you just have to swim a few meters after which currents will carry you, but remember to exit before the sand bar, which is very famous for producing strong currents.

4. Byron Bay

Top 10 Bays in Australia to Relax in 2020, Cape Byron Lighthouse
The beachside town of Byron Bay is located at the North Coast of New South Wales. The bay is known for offering best-surfing conditions with perfect waves. It is one of the best bays to relax in Australia. On Byron Bay, you can choose five beaches depending upon your priorities. The bay is very famous for its beautiful beaches and different lifestyle. Do not mind us saying that it can be an incredible next holiday destination for your family. The bay hosts surfers, backpackers, spirituals, yogis and spa lovers. The Main Beach, Wategos Beach and the Pass on Byron bay offer clean surf beaks which are meant for learning and building confidence. Another amazing thing about Byron Bay is the best pancakes in the world, which are offered by Macadamia Castle located near the place. It is a calm and fascinating place to spend your time. The Main Beach of Byron also hosts a few fires throwing shows by locals at night for kids. At the Main Beach, you can also walk to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. If you tend to go there in season, you might get to see dolphins and whales along the way. You can also explore many cafes and restaurants at the Byron Bay.

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5. Binalong Bay

If you have not been to Binalong Bay, then you are missing big time. This bay is located as the South of Bays of Fires. The Binalong Bay cafe serves awesome coffee and yummilicious cakes. You can relax and walk on the bay and enjoy the perfect coffee with the perfect environment. Binalong Bay is basically a small coastal town in northeast of Tasmania. It was originally a fishing hamlet but is now converted into a village. People from around the world, visit Binalong Bay making it an incredible tourist destination. The place constitutes of a beach, a small harbour and a cafe. It is a peaceful place, where you can keep on relaxing on the bay for your holidays.

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6. Bay of Fires

When you are in Launceston and you want to relax on a beach, away from the hustle and bustle, the Bay of Fires should be your go-to place. The Bay of Fires is a 2.5 hours drive from Launceston. Situated in the northeast of Tasmania, this bay is all about white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and wonderful rock formations. It is known as Bay of Fires because of these orange-hued granite rock formations. The orange colour of these rocks is due to lichens. The mesmerizing colours of rocks, while you climb on them, looks like a miracle. It is the kind of place where you can just relax, take pictures and walk on the sand. The time spent here will bring you so many memories that you will keep on cherishing for life. Check online (

7. Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia Top 10 Bays in Australia to Relax in 2020

One of the most addictive places in Tasmania is the Wineglass Bay located in the Freycinet National Park. This bay has so much to offer in the form of white sand crystals and turquoise-coloured waters. If you are in Tasmania, then you must visit this place and thank us later. Walk to the Lookout on the beach and experience the most pristine sunrise. Although it is a climb of 45 minutes, it is worth the spectacular view of the rising sun on Wineglass bay. From the Lookout, it is a 20 minute steep walk to the beach. One thing is for sure, it would be your most picturesque walk of a lifetime. You can relax on the beach and can also walk down to the nearby beaches including the Hazards Beach. If you are into adventures the Wineglass Bay/Hazard Beach circuit has to offer you something. It is a 4 to 5 hours track from the Hazard beach and it is a miracle itself.

8. Oberon Bay

A few kilometres away from the Tidal River in Victoria, lies the Oberon Bay. It is at a walking distance of 2 to 3 hours from the Tidal River or Telegraph Junction and can only be accessed by foot or by boat. The bay is basically a bush campsite which is situated on the west side of Prom. Spend the night at the bay and experience the calmness of mesmerizing sunrise. Besides the pristine and serene bay, the track from Tidal Rivers offers beautiful coastal views, rock outcrops, eucalyptus and coast tea-tree scrub.

9. Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay is one of the prettiest towns in the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Tumby bay will offer you a crowd-free experience. The bay’s main street follows the curve of the bay. On the bay, you can fish with a local on a wooden jetty. But if you are unable to catch any fish, you can still enjoy delicious seafood at the two pubs in the town. The Whiting and the local oysters of Eyre Peninsula are world-famous. Seafood cafes in the town also offer the best fish and chips you will ever have. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a leafy seadragon on Tumby bay, which is only found here. You can dive as well as relax on the bay and spend quality time.

10. Stokes Bay

Kangaroo Island, Australia, Cave, Sunset Top 10 Bays in Australia to Relax in 2020

Stokes Bay at the north coast of Kangaroo Island is known for its amazing crystal clear waters. The rocks on the Stokes bay are arranged such that they create a giant natural pool, thus protecting the swimmers from waves of the beach. This bay is a calm inlet for people who want to swim around. On the shore of the beach, you can spot kangaroos, native birds and little penguins.


Visit Australia and experience the cool breeze of beaches, the beach barbecues and picnics and most importantly your alone time on the beach. A little tanned skin is not a problem, when you have a smile on your face. The beaches with long stretches of golden sand and pristine blue waters are waiting for you to seek relaxation and enjoyment. Snorkelling, diving, swimming and surfing are just a few adventures which you can enjoy on these bays.



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