Snoring Can be Irritating, Here’s How to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring?

Ooh poor us who keep on suffering from interrupted sleep courtesy of snoring. Snoring isn’t anything fun; it has spoilt relationships, destroyed people’s careers and in the worst case scenario, led to death. That makes it vital for us to wake up and learn how to stop snoring.

This epidemic is a public health menace. Failing to treat it will lead to sleep apnoea that causes an escalation in blood oxygen levels. That results into impotence, hypertension, and diabetes, loss of concentration, poor memory and worst of them all – a heart attack deep asleep. You can codename it a not-so-silent killer. Many reasons exist why we snore, including exposure to pet hair. 

Men and Women Snore

Research indicates that of all the men aged 30 and above, 40% of them snore. Of these, 2% have reported to have sleep apnoea. Men aged 65 and more have snore rate of two thirds and 10% of them have sleep apnoea.

But the problem isn’t just concentrated just amongst the male population. A fifth of women snore and that number could even be higher because stigma silences snorers.

But the case shouldn’t be so. Snoring isn’t something worth being stigmatized for. It is a voluntary act – much like drinking and smoking. This is an habit you are at liberty to choose whether to have it or not.

Thus, there are a number of techniques that can help you get over it. Read on to find out…

Open Nasal Passages

For the guys whose snoring begins in the nose, one quick remedy would be to clean up the nasal passages. A clogged nasal passage makes the air to move in at a slower pace. Think of it this way, you have a narrow garden hose through which water passes. The narrower the hose pipe, the faster the speed of water.

The nasal passages have a similar method of operation. A clogged nose as a result of a cold or any blockage produces a sound once fast moving air gets in.

So how do you keep the nasal passage clear? One way is to take a hot shower before bed. A bottle of saltwater can also be used to rinse your nose as you shower to open up the passages.

Nasal strips are also useful when you want to lift nasal passages and open them. That is, if the problem is found within the nose and not the soft palate.

But besides opening the passages, doing a nose test to find if you are suffering from stuffiness may do. Close your mouth and then attempt to breathe through the nose. If you cannot breathe well, then you are suffering from stuffiness, an allergy condition.

If that is the case, try to look at some possible causes including pet hair, allergic rhinitis, perfumes and body lotions, house dust mite and household cleansers like bleach.

Cut-Out on Excess Weight

Weight loss is beneficial to some people but not all. Remember slim people also snore. Just try to analyze your personal life – if you were not snoring and then begin doing so after gaining weight, then you has your solution.

The additional weight squeezes your throat and increases the possibilities of collapsing as you sleep, resulting into a snore.

Taking part in exercises and losing weight may be all the answer to your question on how to stop snoring.

Keep off Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and excessive alcohol at times lead to muscle relaxation at the back of your throat triggering a snore. Your snore may get much worse if you drink alcohol four to five hours before going to bed.

Typically, people who do not snore may start to do so when they begin taking alcohol. Read here if you are planning to quit alcohol.

Besides alcohol and smoking, medications such as tranquillizers like lorazepam (Ativan) and diazepam (Valium) are also said to be causatives. You may want to consult with your doctor for some good alternatives.

Get a new pillow

Some snoring is as a result of allergens within your pillow. When was the last time you cleaned your bedroom’s ceiling? What about the pillows? You may consider changing these for the better.

But again if you just replaced your pillow and started to snore, it may be the problem. Probably it has fur that triggers nasal passage clotting.

Good Sleep Hygiene will do

Just like drinking alcohol, poor sleep habits or rather, poor sleep pattern, are known to affect one’s sleep. For instance, overworking to the extend you eat into some of your sleep time may make you hit the sack once you retire to bed.

In that case, you will sleep hard and deeper than before and the muscles become floppier to create snoring.

Adjust Your Sleep Position


If you lie on your back, the soft palate and base of the tongue are bound to collapse to the throat’s back wall. This triggers a vibration during sleep.

Try sleeping on your side and see how that works out for you.

An easy fix for this would be a body pillow. It will help you maintain sleeping on your side and the results may be dramatically amazing.

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