List Of Places Where Authors Can Promote Their Books for Free

2020 List of Places to Advertise Books for Free

As an author, you might have a great piece of content in the form of a book that you’d like to get out there for people to read. This might not be as easy as it sounds. Several websites out there require you to pay money to advertise your book on their site.

The bad thing is that most of these websites charge high fees. When you evaluate the cost of advertising a book and the returns you’re getting you to get discouraged and think that your work will never reach people as you wish. The good news is that we have done intensive research and have come up with a list of places where you can advertise your book for free or at a very low cost.

If you are an author who wants to get the book out there but you don’t have enough money to do so, this list will be very helpful to you.

If you are wondering where to start promoting in your book, then the following list will get you started because you do not have to pay anything.

List of Places to Advertise Your Book at Zero Cost

In this section, we shall look at 25 best platforms to promote your book as an author for free. Assuming you want to give your book for free so why should you pay to promote it. These sites will really help you to get your work out there and reach thousands of readers around the world at no cost.

1.   Frugal Tips and Free Bies

This is the best place to promote your book on a personal level because you get to deal with an individual. Frugal freebies have a huge audience with its blog having over 4.5 million views. The social accounts also have high viewership with a Facebook page having over 91000 fans.

This means that when you promote your book through Frugal Tips and Free Bies, your book will get a lot of exposure at no cost. Unlike other free book posting website that requires users to have reviews and high rating, this one does not restrict the book authors. This is a great way to realise success at the minimum cost.

2.   Read

This book posting website is more of a newsletter site. The website has been promoting authors’ content since 2012. This has made them come up with various services and options for book authors to choose from. This offers flexibility to the creators because they are able to choose something that suits their needs and budget.Their book promotion services fall under 6 categories. These include website and newsletter promotion, newsletter promotion bundles, focus on series, reviewers club, author’s interviews, and book of the month. Most of these options are free making it useful for an upcoming author to promote their work.

3.   The eReader Café

This is another exciting place to promote your book for free as an author. The site uses the feature promotion model. This platform is suitable for the promotion of your free book. The site has over 87K Facebook fans, 56K email subscribers, and many more social followers. This means that your book will have a lot of viewership.

It is important to realise that there are some requirements to meet. Your book needs to be over 100 pages, have at least 3 reviews, and have a rating of 4 stars and above. The eReader Café also provides additional paid options for people willing to go a step further to promote their book.

4.   The Book Circle

This is yet another efficient way to promote your free book. The site tries to answer the most frequently asked question; “how do I effectively market my eBook?” The Book Circle aims at partnering with new and upcoming book authors in order to give them a head start in their writing career.

Just like other eBook promotion websites, The Book Circle offers three options for you to choose from. These options include; basic promo, premium promo, and professional. I know you’ll be starting out at a budget and therefore the basic promo is the best option for you because it is free. In this plan, your work will be listed on this website’s homepage that has lots of views. One exception is sexual or explicit content which is not accepted in this site.

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5.   Reading Deals

This is another free listing site for eBooks. The website offers an easy way for you to upload and submit your book for promotion. Reading Deals offers two options for you to choose from. As a beginner, you will have a free submission option. This exposes your work to over that 36000 readers. In this plan, they accept free and bargain books.

It is important to realise that Reading Deals do not guarantee free submission. However, you should give it a try because most of the time the books get submitted and published. The best thing about the guaranteed submission is that it is not costly and if you are in a position to spend some cash on your book promotion then this is the plan to choose.

6.   Book Angel

This is another great place to submit your book for free. They accept books that are free or have a discount of under £1. The best thing about Book Angels is that they do not restrict the submission based on the number of reviews and ratings. The restriction is that your book should be on both and

Another interesting thing is that if you have a book on bargain you can submit it here. This site has partnered with BargainBookAngel making it easier for you to advertise your bargain books. By submitting a book on the Book Angel website you need to know that it is subject to review and if it doesn’t meet the requirements, it can be removed.

7.   E-Reader News

The EReader News is another listing promotional site that you can try. It creates an easy way for you to promote your book because all you need to do is fill in the details of your book on the website. There are however some requirements that you need to meet. Some of these include having your book on, the book needs to be on sale or free and it should be at least 125 pages full length.

The book cover also needs to look professional and it should be professionally edited. The best thing about eReader News is that they don’t require you to have a minimum number of reviews. This opens doors for new and upcoming book creators. After submitting your book details they will get back to you within 7 days.

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8.    EBook Korner Kafe

This is another interesting website where you can promote your book. The website offers free promotion that focuses on Indie Authors as well as general authors. The process of submitting your book is as simple as filling a form and they will promote your book. Some other interesting things about an eBook Korner Kafe is that they allow you to submit several books.

However, it is important to note that you can submit the books at irregular intervals. You’ll also be required to fill in details about the links to your books, especially in Amazon. This provides a personal connection because you’ll be dealing with an individual and your boom will be getting a lot of exposure because the site has huge viewership and followers.

9.   Goodreads

This is another interesting website to promote your books. This is a place where you will get a lot of exposure. This is due to their huge numbers of members and readers. Goodreads has over 90 million members. This shows that if you advertise on this platform, you are likely to realize success in a short time.

Goodreads allows you to join their free membership in order to promote your work. It is important to note that you will require to have good reviews and ratings in order for your work to stand out among the millions of readers who use this site. If you have a book with good reviews and high ratings it is a good chance for you to try Goodreads.

10. Wattpad

Wattpad is an awesome place that features over 18 million readers. This site is a great place to market your work for free. The site also presents additional features that can help you to further grow your reach through writing contests, Wattpad picks, and the Wattys features.

The best thing about the site is that it has recently experienced high growth since it was created. It is among the most loved destination to read and publish books. There are several books created by authors across the world. It is also a very active site ensuring that your work reaches out to many people as possible. There is no limit to the content you can publish here. You can be assured of steady growth if you have many good quality books.

11. eReader Love

eReader Love is it another place to market your work. The site has over 2000 daily readers. This is a huge number so you can be assured of maximum exposure. If you have work to submit especially a free book, this is the site to visit. They offer a cheap option to advertise your book. If you’re on a budget you can be assured that this place will save you money.

eReader Love is a place to create a personal connection. You will personally contact them with the details of the book, from there they will advise you on what next. This is a great place because you are sure that you are dealing with real people who are ready to help you. Try this site today to promote your book.

12. Content Mo

Content Mo can allow you to submit your free book to be viewed by thousands of book readers and followers. They promote a book on their blog which they update on a daily basis. They have thousands of followers on social media such as Twitter and Facebook where they also post every day.

One interesting thing about Content Mo is that they will notify you by email when they promote your book. Unlike other sites that will not notify you when they are about to promote your book, this website will notify you. This is a great move so that you can be able to track the progress of the promotion and see whether you’re going to get results.

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13. Armadillo

This is another site that allows you to submit bargain eBooks or free eBooks. Your book will be promoted on 15 different sites. Submitting your work on the site is also very simple; all you need to do is to fill the online form with details about your book and the day you want to start promotion.

They support hundreds of book categories so you can be assured that your work will fit well in their requirements. This site also gives you an option to upgrade your book promotion by paying a small fee. If you are comfortable or you have a budget for this, you can go ahead and upgrade your listing so that it can reach thousands of readers and this is a guaranteed way to get success on this site.

14. Ask David

This is an all-in-one website for book promotion. Ask David offer book promotion services both paid and free services. In addition to this, they offer Twitter promotion services using their free book submission tool. When you are on a budget you will opt for the free promotion services. The requirement is that you have to be enrolled with KDP select.

The site guarantee that your book will be available to over 57K followers. Once you sign a deal with them, they will continue to post your work on their social platforms every day. In addition to this, your book will be directly messaged to their followers using the link you choose as well as through their newsletter which they send out every day.

15. Author Den

This is a simple but functional website to promote your book for free. You will be able to reach millions of readers. It doesn’t matter the niche you are in, with them the work that you present will be promoted. You need to sign up and become a member of the Author’s Den to start promoting your work.

The website aims at providing personal discovery of the author’s book on the internet. They use innovative and advanced technology in order to promote the books of the authors. All promotions of authors’ books are done through the website where thousands of readers visit to read books.

16. Awesome Gang

This is the place where awesome authors meet awesome readers. You going to get a lot of exposure to your book on the front page of their website for 2 days. They also guarantee a spot in their daily newsletter which has 2000 followers. Awesome Gang has over 54k Facebook fans, 15k Twitter followers, and thousands of newsletter readers.

This shows you that your work will be shared among thousands of readers across the world giving you maximum exposure. Submitting your work require you to fill in the details about your book. Many people have testified about their success on this website so you can be assured that you too will succeed. Try Awesome Gang today to get your book out there in order to realize success in your career.

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17. Bargain Booksy

If you are an author who is planning to offer a discount on your book, or if your book is priced between $5 and $0.99 this is the best place to promote it. The only requirement is that your book should be available on Kindle. The website offers promotional services that have great reach.

They have 185k active readers. This is a huge number, therefore, you can be assured that you can get success in your work. The submission process is as simple as filling an online form and the team will consider your book for an editorial feature on their website. You should note that only 5% of the books that have been submitted will be promoted due to the high demand for their services. But there is a way out you can upgrade your promotion by paying a small fee and you can be assured that your book will be promoted.

18. Book Bongo

This is another book promotion site that offers a huge variety of options for Authors to choose from. They provide 7 packages for free to choose from. These packages include a free bongo boost where they post your book as well as post it on their Facebook page and website. You should note that they select their submissions based on quality and value. You cannot be guaranteed promotion but to increase the chances, make sure that your work is good.

If you want your work to reach more people using this site there are several other paid marketing options. The payments for these options are friendly because the book will be getting exposure to thousands of followers and readers. Depending on your budget you have several options to choose from. Leverage their daily newsletters Facebook and Twitter posts as well as thousands of website visitors.

19. BookTalk

BookTalk is an interesting website where you’re going to get book discussion forums that can help you discover thousands of readers and their interests. Using this platform you’ll be able to reach thousands of book readers. The best thing about this website is that it ranks number 5 on Google, has 15k active members, and its website receives over 700k views every month.

This is a huge number of readers and this sets your book up for success. This site is open for everyone; whether you are a fictional book writer or a non-fiction book writer; this site hosts all these book forums. The book will be promoted on the website for 15 to 30 days as well as permanently on the Features Book suggestion. Please provide your maximum exposure and help you reach your targeted readers.

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20. Library Thing

This a great website to promote your blog. It contains social networking and forums for book lovers. This means that there are thousands of people looking for fresh content in various book categories and niches. To join this website you need to create a free account and from there you can submit your work.

This site has a community of 2.3 million book readers. The best thing about the followers on this website is that they are active readers. This means that your work will be exposed to thousands of readers across the world and this will give you great exposure. There are also additional features such as lending your books and all are free. The website is available in several languages across the world.

21. WritersNet

This is a great place to promote yourself as a writer. It is an Author directory that lists popular and upcoming book writers. This is the best place to start your career as a writer. There are other categories such as unpublished authors.

They are several members available in this forum and this increases the chances of getting known by many people which will help you to easily promote your book. Another interesting feature of this site is that it will give you a platform to promote yourself as an individual. This list is sorted by location or genres making it suitable for writers, agents, and publishers.

22. Nothing Binding

This is a platform that allows you to upload and manage your book, promotional materials, and book cover images. You will be able to showcase your work for free. This is great if you are starting out as a new author. It also opens up doors for people who write content such as books, poems, short stories and more.

They will be able to promote your book to reach thousands of the viewership and readers across the world. This will set you up for success and boost your work.

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23. Books on the Knob

For bargains and discounted books, this is the best site to promote these deals. If your book will be free or discounted you can submit it on this site so that it can reach thousands of followers and readers. The site also supports new titles as well as backlist titles. This makes it a great option for new and small publishers.

There are several other requirements that you need to fulfil in order for your work to be accepted to the site but the key is to make sure that you are submitting quality work by correctly filling the form on the website to submit your work.

24. New In Books

This is a great site to launch a new book. If you are starting out as a book publisher. This website gives you the potential to reach up to 576K readers. This is a great way to give your work a head start. You are going to be given a dedicated specialist who will manage your books and answer your doubts.

Your book will be shared through the weekly newsletter that has over 80k subscribers. This is more of a premium book promotion site. So if you are on a budget you can spend some money on this site and have your work reach out to thousands of readers across the world.

25. Inkitt

This closes our list of sites to promote your book for free. It is a great platform to promote your book as an author. Your book shall be promoted and introduced to thousands of people across the world. The only downside to this website is that it’s only for fiction books.

There are also other entitlements such as publishing deals that you can get into. The most important thing is that promotion of this website is free and your book gets thousands of readers reading your book.

Inkitt offers a simple way to submit your work. You just need to fill in the details of your work including the cover page of your book and they will promote your book to their list of readers for free. If you get success in this and readers start to love your work they will offer a publishing deal where you can further increase your exposure.

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Conclusion: Where Authors Can Promote Their Books for Free

This is not an exhaustive list of where you can get your books to be published. However, these 25 platforms are a great place to start advertising your book to readers around the world.

There should be nothing holding you back from attaining your success and from promoting your book. These platforms will get you started without spending a penny.

It is your time to take action and start promoting your work in these highlighted free book promotional platforms and websites. Go through these platforms, select the ones that really pleases you, and publish your work. I can assure you that after doing this success will come knocking at your door.

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List Of Places Where Authors Can Promote Their Books for Free

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